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Weather in Tenerife - the island can be found among the islands of Gran Canaria, La Gomera and La Palma, close to the Tropic of Cancer and in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. With a varied mountainous terrain and warm coastal currents benefiting from the trade winds and the anticyclone of the Azores, the climate is ideal almost throughout the whole year

The climate on the island is sub-tropical, so the average annual temperature is around 20°c (south of the island is much warmer than the north), although you must remember that the islands are bathed in the Atlantic Ocean and its waters are ‘chilly’ during the winter, the temperature varies from 19°c to 22°c, but the south is warmer and sunnier.

Temperature, Seasons and What to Expect from the Weather in Tenerife

Average air temperature (°C)18.2191919.22023.525.526.525.42421.518.7
Average water temperature (°C)191818181920212223232120
Hours of sunlight / day66.677.78.89.810.69.88.5765.5
Days of rain555310011356

The climate in Tenerife is usually mild. Average temperatures on the island vary between 17°c and 18°c in the winter and more than 24°c or 25°c in the summer.  This indicates that the temperatures vary very little in the winter months because they are not cold and the summers are not too hot. Therefore it is not surprising that the Canary Islands in general and Tenerife in particular are known as the islands of Eternal Spring and every year Tenerife receives more than 5 million tourists. If you compare the average winter temperature in Europe of 8°c with the 18°c in the Canary Islands, doesn’t it make you want to spend the rest of your life there? :)

The high season in Tenerife (like on the other islands in the archipelago) is obviously in winter, as there is a big difference in terms of the temperature in continental Europe (which is considerably colder). In the summer (end of April to the first half of October) the island receives a lot of national and family tourism. Those who are able to travel in Spring can enjoy having the island ‘almost’ to themselves, as that is low season.

Being mountainous, Tenerife’s climate is different in the north and the south, which is why it is common to say that it is almost like a small continent thanks to its microclimates. For that reason if you are looking to get a tan you should head for the towns on the south of the island which tend to have more than 300 days of sunshine every year. Although we recommend that you don’t miss out on visiting the towns and beaches of the north, as they have an unbeatable beauty and character.

The rainy season is from November to February, particularly in the north, as the presence of rain is less frequent in the south of the island.

Even with this last detail about the rain, Tenerife (and the Canary Islands in general) is the geographic point in Europe with the most hours of sunshine – 4800 hours a year!! Thinking about the beneficial effects of the sun, like feeling constantly happy, as if every day were summer … Tempting, no? But don’t forget to protect yourself with high factor sun cream and avoid being out in the sun in the middle of the day ;) 

For the Weather in Tenerife, Don't Forget...

For these reasons, Tenerife’s climate is very important to consider when deciding what clothing to pack. There are lots of things to do in Tenerife, but to truly enjoy the island, don't forget:

  • Essentials: Sunglasses, shorts, t-shirts, skirts and a cardigan or light sweater in case you feel chilly.
  • If your intention is to go to the beach: swimwear, beach towel, sandals/flip flops, hat, a book (or a magazine or iPod) and sun cream (at least factor 15).
  • If you want to go out partying: makeup and plans to enjoy yourself and stay out late.
  • If you want to go hiking and enjoy nature: walking boots or sports trainers, hat, warm clothing and a rucksack with some food.
  • If you go between September and March: a jacket or warm sweater and long trousers are necessary, especially in the north of Tenerife, as the cold is wet and it doesn’t always feel like the temperature it is, especially if you are in the shade.

Weather in Tenerife - Final Comments

We believe that with this basic advice you will be prepared to be able to set off on your ideal holidays and if there is any problem, you will be ready to get past it without giving up on enjoying your holiday.

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