When it comes to water parks in Tenerife, the island offers some of the best in Europe and the world. Year after year the island's water parks are mentioned in the list of ones to visit.

One of the reasons for this popularity is the weather. The island's favorable climate, especially in the south, attracts more visitors from Europe and elsewhere every year. The water parks in Tenerife constantly improve their facilities and services to ensure they don’t lose out to their competitors.

We, the visitors, are the ones who benefit from that. There are huge water parks with excellent facilities in Tenerife, like Siam Park Tenerife and Aqualand. There's no need to feel like you can only go to one of them out of loyalty. That means that when you're in Tenerife, you should enjoy each of them – you won’t regret it. Also consider that each of those water parks in Tenerife has its own unique features. For instance, one park might be more suitable for families or for young people looking for adrenaline. Another might be quieter for a relaxing day, and so on.

Due to the demand for all of the water parks in Tenerife, you won't have a problem reaching them. Siam Park and Aqualand, for instance, have a bus service with few stops in the south of the island. The hotels often provide a transfer service to Tenerife's attractions (free or paid). The public transport network (run by TITSA) provides a good service to and from all four water parks in Tenerife (Aqualand, Siam Park Tenerife, Lago Martianez and Parque Maritimo Santa Cruz).

Best water parks in Tenerife

Below we list the major water parks in Tenerife, in no particular order. This should help you decide which is the most suitable for you, according to your budget, the location or simply what kind of mood you're in.


Parque Maritimo Cesar Manrique in Santa Cruz

Parque Maritimo Cesar Manrique is about 22,000 square metres of saltwater pools in Tenerife's capital, Santa Cruz. It's a posthumous work by the well-known artist Cesar Manrique, from Lanzarote. The volcanic nature and beauty of the buildings in the park show a mix of the elements. It's similar to another of the water parks in Tenerife, Costa Martianez or Lago Martianez, in Puerto de la Cruz.

Parque Maritimo Santa Cruz has everything visitors would expect at such a place. There's a restaurant, bars, toilets, showers, hammocks, a hot springs Jacuzzi, large facilities for groups and events, children’s play areas, etc. It is next to The Palmetum and close to the Auditorio de Tenerife.

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Aqualand Tenerife (former Octopus)

Aqualand is our favourite of the water parks in Tenerife for families. Group Aspro (the owner of Aqualand and Jungle Park) has invested quite a bit in recent years. They've therefore improved the facilities, added attractions and made it more comfortable for visitors. The result is a fantastic water park, formerly known as Octopus. It's a gigantic place where visitors of all ages can spend a relaxing day of fun.

There are waterfalls, water slides for different ages, terraces for sun bathing, amusement areas for babies and younger kids (such as the Mini Park), restaurants, bars, kiosks, etc.

But the park's main attraction is undoubtedly the Aqualand Dolphin Show - one of the best anywhere. We loved this attraction, which helps make this one of the best water parks in Tenerife.

The park is open all year from 10am to 5pm (6pm in July and August). There’s a free shuttle service from Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos.

Don’t miss our detailed guide to Aqualand Tenerife. It includes information about facilities, attractions, how to get there, prices, tickets, etc.

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Tenerife Travel Secret

The Dolphin Show at the Aqualand Tenerife is certainly the best part of the park. The interaction between these beautiful, charismatic animals and the general public and the instructors is amazing. It's also a great idea to have a Dolphin show in a water park. It feels great to watch the show and then jump in a pool afterwards.


Siam Park Tenerife

This is a fantastic place and one of the best water parks in the world. In fact, it was elected the best water park in the world by Tripadvisor in 2014 and 2015.

Actually, at the end of the day you'll feel that one day wasn't enough. There are so many attractions, all of which have their own features.

The park has lots of pools, fantastic slides, a huge wave pool – with the largest artificial waves in the world – restaurants and cafes.

Siam Park Tenerife has an oriental (Thai) theme, which explains the name of the park.

Like with Aqualand, there’s a free bus service from Los Cristianos, Playa de Las Americas and Costa Adeje.

To learn more about one of the best water parks in Tenerife and the world, click in our detailed guide of Siam Park Tenerife.

Tenerife Travel Secret

The park was elected the Trip Advisor Travellers' Choice best water park in the world in 2015. This gives visitors an idea of what they should expect in this huge water park in the south of Tenerife.


Costa Martianez - El Lago Martianez

Costa Martianez is a complex of sea-water pools and an open air museum in the north of Tenerife. It's also known as Lago Martianez or Lido Martianez and is in the town of Puerto de La Cruz.

The park was developed by Cesar Manrique from Lanzarote, among other great artists. It has so many beautiful sculptures that you'll have fun and amazed by the decoration.

Check out our detailed page for more information about Lago Martianez in Puerto de La Cruz.

Which is the best water park in Tenerife?

That’s a very difficult question to answer, and it really depends on the visitor's expectations. Not to sit on the fence, but we might have a different opinion of what’s best from visitors from Nordic countries, for example.

There are reputable companies that rate the parks based on several factors, such as facilities, number of visitors, etc., but opinions vary from one to another.

Trip Advisor has the Travellers’ Choice awards, which elected Siam Park Tenerife the best water park in the world. It's well deserved, and that gives you an idea of how amazing this park is. There are many great attractions and you won't be disappointed. Quite the contrary - you can go there with big expectations.


On the other hand, we find that Aqualand has fantastic potential for families. This was especially the case for us, with a small child. The facilities are getting better and bigger every day, just like the number of attractions, and the Dolphin show is the king of the park. It's great to watch one of the greatest Dolphin Shows and straight afterwards go in the pool again. And for those visitors and locals who visited the park when it was called Octopus, we can just say that the place has changed a lot…


But if you want to go to a more low-profile, quieter park to relax by the pool, Lago Martianez and Parque Maritimo are good choices too. As they were designed by the artist Cesar Manrique, among others, you might spend some time just appreciating the sculptures at Lago Martianez. But I must say that the weather is more in favour of Parque Maritimo.


The prices at Siam Park and Aqualand are also very different from Lago Martianez and Parque Maritimo. Your budget might therefore make the decision easier for you. On the other hand, even if you don’t have a problem spending more money, we know many people who would rather go to Martianez than Siam Park. Again, it's just a question of taste.

So if you have the chance to spend several days in Tenerife and budget isn't an issue, why not visit two or three of the water parks in Tenerife, to reach your own conclusions? If you have the chance, even go to all four… Then we’d be thrilled to hear your top choice and comments, to share with our readers.