Zip wires in the moonlight ... With this enticing title, here's our description of this activity which only runs during the summer at Forestal Park Tenerife. You can do it individually with at least ten people, or you can book it for any Friday or Saturday from July to September. (scheduled from June 29 to September 29).

Once we'd got in touch with Carmen about doing an article on Forestal Park, our mouths were watering at the interesting and stimulating programme called 'Zip wires in the moonlight' (Tirolinas bajo la luna). They arranged the activity for the beginning of July, but for weather reasons (wind) it had to be cancelled ... We mistakenly turned up anyway but no-one was there, so we returned to La Orotava.


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Forestal Park is located on La Esperanza Mountain, in La Laguna, where the temperatures and winds can be extreme, so the activity is always dependent on these weather conditions.


But on this occasion (28th July) we were lucky and there was a group of around thirty people in total. They put our harnesses on and there was a grand opening as it was the beginning of the activity season, so we were invited to help ourselves to some tortillas, empanadas and drinks. Later they did a general introduction to the activity.


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That invitation to eat and drink was due to the opening of the summer 2017 'Zip wires in the moonlight' season.

We were divided into two groups and everyone started to climb in quite an orderly way. We waited until the end so we wouldn't feel pressured into rushing. Slowly the sky went dark and we timidly turned on our headlamps.


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We recommend that you take a coat or warm layer when you go to 'Zip wires in the moonlight', because the temperature drops quite a bit at night. If you have a headlamp you can bring it (although they can also lend you one at Forestal Park) and we also recommend wearing gloves (mittens) with your fingers in the air so that the ropes don't hurt your hands with the rubbing of them.

It was exciting to be so high up, but even better to fly along the zip wires and let ourselves fall with or without grace


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We were told to cling onto the carabiner slightly in case you start to deviate to avoid losing control of the zip wire (meaning falling backwards). This is a very useful secret 😉 .


The course

Sports level 1 involved climbing trees to a medium height and letting yourself go along zip wires which weren't too high or too long.


When we started sports level 2, it was already completely dark. That made it interesting to climb the trees, knowing that we were high up! We didn't feel vertigo at any point, but that may be because we didn't know how many metres off the ground we were ... Ignorance is bliss


In sports level 3 I started to feel somewhat tired, and it was a particular challenge for me to climb 'Papua' (New Guinea?) – one of the most difficult obstacles on the circuit. We didn't know how high up we were and, although that was beneficial for most of the night, it was disconcerting at that point There was a certain moment when we were suspended 30 metres above the ground and had to drop into nothing towards a spider's web ... Letting yourself fall without being attached to anything for a few seconds is a mind-blowing experience (one person even tried to find a way to repeat the jump 🙂 ), although you will always be insured to the security system called "continuous lifeline".


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Two of the walkways we crossed in sports level 3 were 30 metres above the ground. From there you can see the starry sky and even the moon – a perfect image for 'Zip wires in the moonlight' ☺


Sports level 3 ended by letting ourselves go down a long zip wire into the darkness. It was an amazing experience, and I landed in a very ungraceful way As it was nearly midnight (time flew by!), we decided to bring an end to that warm evening and head to reception. Of course, you can stop whenever you feel tired. 'Zip wires in the moonlight' is a personal challenge, but it is always intended to show you a good time.


On that occasion, we weren't able to try sports level 5, which has the longest zip wire in the Canaries ... 230 metres long. It is highly recommended, as we repeated the experience when we were at Forestal Park another time.


Final comments from the authors on 'Zip wires in the moonlight'

'Zip wires in the moonlight' was a mind-blowing experience – a physical test for everyone and a unique opportunity to enjoy a protected natural environment in a fun way and spend an enjoyable summer evening in Tenerife. Ah! I forgot to say – it was also a wonderful birthday present 🙂