Things to do in Tenerife
Activities for your Free Time...

You will have many things to do in Tenerife and options of activities to participate that for sure will just make you want more and more. 

There you can practice almost any summer sports without problems; the favorable temperatures (especially in the south of the Island) all year long make this possible. In turn you can organize more recreational activities, such as barbecues in the parks or walks on the coast or mountain. 

Of course that each of the Canary Islands is very different from one another, but in Tenerife you can find a little bit of the features of all of them - from the significant differences between the north and south to the variety in the topography of each of the towns on the island, which gives you a long list of things to do in Tenerife. The wide variety of beaches, natural landscapes and villages are a good example of those different features.

Things to do in Tenerife - Water Parks

Tenerife has some of the best water parks in Europe and in the world. The good thing about the water parks in Tenerife is that you can bring your whole family or friends as there are several attractions suitable for all ages.

If you want to enjoy a day of unlimited fun we recommend you purchase a ticket for Siam Park, located in Playa de Las Americas, and enjoy an unique experience with friends and family in the several attractions of the park. You could also purchase twin tickets, that give you the entrance for Siam Park and Loro Parque - one of the best animal parks elsewhere

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Siam Park is one of the best water parks in the world with many great attractions - suitable for the whole family (including small children). One of the advantages when searching tickets for the Siam Park, is that you can purchase a package that includes also Loro Parque - a zoo located in Puerto de La Cruz and considered a jewel in Europe due to the variety of species and the care with all animals that inhabit the park. Another of the top places to visit and things to do in Tenerife.

Aqualand Tenerife is another great water park in Tenerife and it is also located in the south of the island, in Costa Adeje. One of the main attractions of the Aqualand  Tenerife is the Dolphin show, and in case you purchase a 2-park ticket together with Jungle Park (former Parque Las Águilas), you will benefit from some discounts.

And although not being a theme water park, the Complex Martiánez or simply Lago Martianez, it's a complex of swimming pools with water coming from the ocean. It is a very popular place to visit in Puerto de La Cruz and also suitable for all ages.

Another piece of art of the artist Cesar Manrique, the Parque Marítimo in Santa Cruz is also a very popular and affordable waterpark in Tenerife 

Spas in Tenerife

Let's say that you prefer to have a very quite and relaxing day in Tenerife away from all the troubles of the urban life; or that in one specific day the weather conditions are not the best, but you still want to do something. 

Well, in that case you can benefit from one of the several Spas providing all sorts of beauty and healthy services. This is one of the most sought for indoor things to do in Tenerife. Normally the hotel chains provide at least massage services; and the luxury and 5 star hotels and resorts, in the majority, have large facilities with spa, massages, sauna, gym, etc.

Tenerife Travel Secrets had also the opportunity to visit and can recommend the Aqua Club Termal, located in Costa Adeje. The Aqua Club is a place committed to the environment and in which you will enjoy a time off in and out of the water.

Rappel, Rafting and Hiking (Senderismo) - Adventure Sports in Tenerife

On the other hand, the variety of trails you can find in Tenerife are an excellent excuse to practice senderismo (hiking) on the island. There are many of them in the Parque Nacional de las Cañadas del Teide (National Park of Las Canadas), as well as in several other places and parks of the island, with different levels of difficulty and distance, and wonderful views and landscapes. These various levels of difficulty can be summarized with the following abbreviations:

• G. R. – Senderos de Gran Recorrido (Long-distance trails), from 50 kilometers with more than one day walk. They have red color;

• P. R. – Senderos de Corto Recorrido (Short-distance trails), with 50 kilometers or less that can be done in one day. With yellow color;

• S. L. – Senderos Locales (Local trails), less than 10 kilometers and covering a single town or village. They have green color;

• S.U. – Senderos Urbanos (Urban trails), inside towns or villages showing areas of historical, cultural or natural interest.

Tenerife Travel Secrets had the opportunity to meet the teams of two of the most well known companies specialized in active tourism and senderismo in Tenerife - as well as test to their activities and portfolio of services for things to do in Tenerife:

  • Volcano Life Experience is a company that will provide some of the best activities in and around the volcano El Teide, including hiking in the National Park, excursions, visit to the Teide Observatory, sunset and Stars at the mountain, visit to the Altavista del Teide Refuge and experience the volcano with the Cable Car.
  • Anaga Experience is the right choice for you if you want to explore the beautiful area of Anaga, which is a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. The excursion to Antequera beach with this great team is one of our favorites in Tenerife.

Other Outdoor Pursuits in Tenerife

The favorable weather and the geography of the coast of the island allow the visitors to enjoy the nature and have a lot of fun with a number of possibilities of activities outdoor.

  • Scuba diving: one of the best things to do in Tenerife. Since people from all over Europe and other parts of the globe come every year for holidays, the demand is high, and with that, the offers as well. There are a number of schools that can teach you and provide the equipment, located especially in the south and west of the island - in places like Costa del Silencio, Los Cristianos and Puerto Santiago;
Scuba Diving
  • Water sports: this is an island, so there are lots of water sports that you can practice in your holidays. For instance, you can go fishing, jet-skiing, kayaking, etc;
  • Sailing and paragliding: the unique coast of Tenerife allows you to have a great experience when exploring the waters of the Canary Islands;
  • Whale and dolphin watching: there are many companies, like Catamaran Bonadea II, with modern equipment taking you to maritime excursions to watch those incredible animals that inhabit the coast throughout the year;

  • Submarine Safaris for an amazing experience underwater. You will then have the chance to see through the window many species of fishes, manta ray, etc.
  • Jeep safaris: explore the parks and forests in Tenerife with this fun activity. Some companies offer packs also with jeep and jetski;
  • Golf in Tenerife: some great golf courses are located throughout the island (in the north and in the south). Some of the most well-known are Golf del Sur in San Miguel de Abona, Golf Costa Adeje and Golf Buenavista del Norte;

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Buenavista Golf was designed by the Spanish golfer legend Severiano "Seve" Ballesteros - one of the best of this sport of all times. This is already a good sign that the pitch and the location are perfect for those who like some challenges in Golf.

  • Cycling: the opportunity to be cycling around nature and a beautiful landscape is unique. Don't miss this opportunity;
  • Camel ride: this is one of the things to do in Tenerife suitable for the whole family. Take your kids also, so they can try the pony ride. In the end of the activity why not try the delicious Canarian cuisine in one of the local restaurants?
  • Helidream Helicopters: to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Tenerife and the Canary Islands. This sky experience will give you a different perspective of the scenery of the island;
  • Karting: Tenerife has an international circuit where you can have lots of fun with your friends.
  • Wine tasting: Bodegas Monje is a reference in the Canaries and Spain, and offers several activities, including wine tasting and the famous Wine&Sex.

Getting to Know the Local Sports

Among other things to do in Tenerife, you can also get some interest in the local sports. The variety of traditional modalities is quite broad. Some of them are followed by a wide audience across the Canarian geography.

Lucha Canaria, which is a kind of Canarian wrestling sport, is certainly the best known and practiced traditional sport. Other well-known games are: Arrastre de Ganado (dragging cattle) in which oxen and cows are dragged to show strength and speed; the Juego del Palo is based on the agility in which two opponents defend each other; Salto del Pastor, so helpful for those shepherds who had to move their cattle through the ravines; Riego del Calabazo, where the speed at which the water can be transferred from one place to another on empty shells of pumpkin is rewarded. Tiro de Piedras (throwing stones) and Levantamiento de Piedras (stone lifting) are also some slightly less known traditional sports.

Tenerife Events and Attractions by Month

Don't miss our Tenerife events, festivals and attractions calendar while you are checking out Tenerife Travel Secrets. You can have valuable information and tips of what to do month-by-month, such as concerts, traditional celebrations and the best month to visit the top attractions of the island.

Whatever is your Choice, Just Enjoy it...

This is just a small list of things to do in Tenerife, and other activities for entertainment. Through outdoor pursuits in Tenerife, with activities exploring the beautiful scenery, you will certainly have the chance to take the most out of your holidays. The environment and weather in Tenerife is so unique that give you many possibilities to explore it.

We hope you enjoy the island as much as possible, and leave the place with that feeling of wanting more and more.

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