Top Things to do in Tenerife in September 2015

Top things to do in Tenerife in September 2015 - on every calendar there is a saying for each month, and we don’t want to lose the tradition, so: ‘March and September are like brothers; one says goodbye to winter and the other to summer’. That is what you are going to ‘enjoy’ this September in Tenerife, as there are many celebrations planned to see off the summer and you will have to take good advantage of them. 

The good weather usually continues in this month and it is perfect to continue going to the beach.

But as well as the celebrations for the end of summer, there are some pilgrimages, concerts and parties which we believe could be interesting options of things to do in Tenerife in September 2015. Clearly there are more events, but these are the ones which we have chosen and which are the most prominent according to our taste. Of course, if you think that something is missing (or we’ve made a mistake with the dates), please let us know by leaving a comment.

Other outdoor activities

Finally, but by no means less importantly, we give you links to the activities which you can do in Tenerife all year round.

Things to do in Tenerife in September 2015
Traditional Festivities

4th to 6th September – The XXX Feria de Artesanía de Pinolere. This is a regional meeting of the Canary Islands’ master artisans, when a large number of craftsmen from all of the islands will congregate at the Parque Etnógráfico Pinolere in La Orotava.

7th September – the Socorro pilgrimage, when the most ancient pilgrimage in the Canary Islands is celebrated in Güimar.

8th September – the main day of the celebrations for Nuestra Señora de la Luz in Los Silos, which runs from 29th August to 13th September.

14th September - In honor of the festivities of the Christ of La Laguna, around 23hrs, will display fireworks, from Mount San Roque

Things to do in Tenerife in September 2015
Concerts and Musical Events

4th September - King Africa will give a concert in las fiestas de La Piedad at La Orotava.

4th September – the Fura dels Bals will put on its spectacular show ‘Temptacions’ at the Teatro Leal in La Laguna. The performance will start at 9pm and entry prices range from €12 to €18.

5th September – in El Médano they will celebrate the ‘Closing Summer 2015’.

5th September – the Festival Sabandeño celebrates 50 years on stage. It will take place in the Plaza del Cristo in La Laguna.

9th September – the XXXIII Encuentro Coral Manuel Hernández, which is a concert of choral music at the Teatro Leal. Entry is free.

11th and 12th September - At the house of Bloko del Valle they will teach some Afro dance and percussion classes.

11th September – ‘Tropical House Party’ will take place at Finca Saroga in Los Realejos, from 4pm to midnight. Tickets are €12.

12th September – ‘Sin sombra de Grey’ is a musical which tells the story of two friends, betrayal and a book. It is on at the Teatro Guimerá in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and prices range from €10 to €12.

17th September – a concert by the Canary Island group OnoFreeFadar will take place at the Teatro Leal in La Laguna. It starts at 9pm and tickets start at €5.

18th – 19th September – the Festival Internacional Boreal in Los Silos has live performances, art and ambience, and the invited country is Cape Verde.

19th September – a concert by Ana Belén and Víctor Manuel will present their tour ‘Canciones regaladas’ at the Palacio Municipal de los Deportes in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It starts at 9pm (doors open from 8pm) and the prices vary from €30 to €65 (VIP).

26th September – a concert by Celtas Cortos will take place in the Plaza del V Centenario in La Orotava, organised by the La Escalera group to celebrate their 20 years of existence. The concert will start at 9pm and the entry prices are generally €15.

Things to do in Tenerife in September 2015
Exhibitions and Other Events

9th July - 1st September – the ‘Juanita’ exhibition, painted by Pepe Dámaso in the 1960s, is free to visit at the Santo Domingo convent in La Laguna.

1st – 4th September – Tenerife’s museums offer summer workshops.

12th September – Un Lío Padre is a comedy which will be shown at the Teatro Leal in La Laguna. Prices are from €8 to €10.

16th – 18th September – ‘Encuentros con el cine’ will run at the Teatro Guimerá in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and will show five films: Loreak/Flores, the films of Miguel G. Morales (‘El Viejo y el Lago’, ‘Claraboya’ and ‘Hombre que hace que duerme’), and ‘BKYN 11211’, and will include discussions afterwards. It starts at 8:30pm and entry is €3.

17th June – 6th September – Cintia Villavicencio shows ‘Ex superioribus’ in Area 60 of the Tenerife Espacio de las Artes (TEA). It is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm.

9th July – 6th September – Jorge Rodríguez de Rivera shows ‘Collages, a propósito de Óscar’ at the Tenerife Espacio de Artes (TEA). It is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm.

4th, 5th and 12th September – ‘Sabores del Norte Junior’ is the 1st Competition of Young Chefs in Tacoronte, La Orotava and Los Realejos, and involves 9 to 12 year olds who are resident in the Canary Islands.

7th July – 18th September – the sculptor Julio Nieto shows his ‘Kamasutra en el aire’ at Real Sociedad de Amigos del País in La Laguna. Entry is free.

9th March – 5th October – a temporary exhibition entitled ‘La mujer guanche. La fuerza de los invisible’ will be shown at the Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre, with free entry.

29th July – 18th October – José Manuel Ciria shows ‘Fauces’ at the Tenerife Espacio de las Artes (TEA). It is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm and entry is free.

Things to do in Tenerife in September 2015
Sporting and Theme Activities

4th – 6th September – the IV Curso de Fotografía, Deporte y Naturaleza. It will take place at the auditorium of the former convent of Santo Domingo, San Cristobal in La Laguna and the Parque Rural de Anaga. Registration is €50.

4th – 6th September – the 60th Island of Tenerife Cycle Race. There will be time trials in teams and a stage in Vilaflor.

20th September – the 4th Diente de Sierra mountain race traverses some of the trails in Tegueste. There are three categories: 8km, 17km and 34km.

20th September – the Carrera Solidaria Sheraton-Unicef celebrates 10 years offering two options of 10km or 5km, and starts at 10am. You can sign up at or

26th - 27th September - Race faro a faro 2015 , from the Anaga´s lighthouse at 8:00 morning until the Teno´s lighthouse.

Other Outdoor Things to do in Tenerife in September 2015

Now in September Tenerife Travel Secrets are going to partner with more businesses, so we can recommend even more great well-known companies on the island, as well as all of those companies with which we have been collaborating over the last two years. The activities which we mention below are mentioned as things to do in Tenerife in September but can be carried out almost all year round.

As it is still very hot in September, if you decide to spend a day at Jungle Park you will be able to feel a bit of freshness. This is because the only jungle in Europe has areas where you can walk without feeling too hot, as well as enjoying shows and exotic animals. The following day you can go to Aqualand to refresh yourself in the water and have fun with the toboggans.

Have you imagined being in the artificial wave pool which produces the biggest wave in the world? Well at Siam Park it is possible, so prepare yourself and get in the water as soon as you hear the gong-like sound which warns of the ‘danger’ which approaches. This huge waterpark is one of the options of things to do in Tenerife in September and any other month of the year.

In the north the best choices of things to do in Tenerife in September, if you want to spend a tranquil day sunbathing, is Lago Martiánez, where you will not only find pools but also a permanent exhibition of contemporary art, which only those who are very attentive will be able to enjoy.

Golf in Tenerife – make the most of it not being high season and spend a day playing this interesting sport, with the added bonus of spectacular views. Golf del Sur is one of the best in Tenerife and in Europe.

Patea Tus Montes offers you the possibility of going in a two-seater kayak in La Caleta in the summer (it is suitable for beginners).

With the El Cardón NaturExperience you can discover a sky riddled with stars in an unforgettable location like Las Cañadas del Teide at night.

If, even with all of the different activities which we have offered you, you want more, then why not take a day trip to La Gomera? You will discover the neighbouring island and also get two types of holiday in one J

Anaga Experience gives you the opportunity of getting to know one of the areas which is least-explored by tourists. You can opt to do the Anaga excursion to the Antequera beach and enjoy snorkelling or paddle surfing there and then end the day by sailing to the Las Teresitas beach.

Try wine tasting and combine with cheese at Bodegas El Monje.

Seeing the whales and the dolphins with the Catamaran Bonadea II group will be an unbeatable experience.

If you want to learn to Kitesurf, then go on and head to El Médano for help from Red Rock Surf … Certainly one of the best things to do in Tenerife in September 2015.

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