... Happy New Year!!!


Another year begins... Happy New Year to all our readers. After the excesses of Christmas, there’s a lot to celebrate in Tenerife in the month of January, like the Three Wise Men making their annual visit to the different villages and towns to give gifts to adults and children alike. You could probably spend the rest of the month recovering after the holidays, but there isn’t a better way to spend January in Tenerife than by doing some activities outside or going to a concert. 😊

We’ve made this varied list of all the best things to do in Tenerife in the month of January. In addition to the cultural and sporting activities on offer on the island, there are also plenty of other events and activities we haven’t mentioned, so please feel free to look for more options on the Internet. Please let us know what you find in the comments – we always like to read your feedback.


So, as the saying goes: “New Year, New Life”. Enjoy any of the activities in Tenerife that we’ll be recommending regularly throughout the year. Feel free to browse our website for more articles.

1st January – since it’s New Year’s Day, it’s a public holiday and almost all public services will be closed, apart from in tourist areas like Puerto de la Cruz, Arona and Adeje.

December to 5th January – a Nativity Scene is on display in Plaza de la Candelaria, which has a post box for children to send their letters to the Three Wise Men. After the Three Wise Men parade on 5th January, people head to the Nativity Scene to worship the Baby Jesus.

Mid-December to 5th January – Christmas is all around; all the districts in Tenerife are filled with Christmas spirit, and people decorate the streets and set up Christmas markets. It’s the perfect place to be with friends and family.

5th January – the Three Wise Men’s parade takes place all over the island. The parade starts at 7pm in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and runs through various streets in the city centre.

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6th January – this is the day when children receive their Christmas presents. As such, today is a public holiday and all public services will be closed, apart from in tourist areas like Puerto de la Cruz, Arona and Adeje.

Mid-December to 8th January – Nativity showcases take place in the different towns of Tenerife. You’ll find them in squares, windows, shops and in some homes as well – whose doors are opened to the public during this period. We recommend that you see the ones in Santa Cruz and La Orotava; the latter also has a Nativity route that runs through a large part of the town’s historical centre.

The International Oral and Scenic Narration Festival also takes place this month in La Laguna, in which the spoken word is honoured for its role as a connection between different cultures. The festival will be held in several of the city’s education centres, as well as in the former Santo Domingo convent.

11th January to 17th February – the 34th annual Canary Island Music Festival takes place in Auditorio Adán Martín, with performances hailing from different parts of the archipelago. Shows usually start at 8pm.

12th January – Endurance Heroes 4HR, a team race around an obstacle course, takes place in Tegueste.

13th January – the 8th Villa de Tegueste Night Trail takes place, and it boasts a 15.3-kilometre-long course.


14th January – the 4th Chanajiga Trail in Los Realejos. There are two available courses: 12km (sign-up fee: €15) and 22km (sign-up fee: €18).

19th and 20th January – the festivities and pilgrimage in honour of San Sebastián, the patron saint of ranchers, take place in La Enramada, Adeje. San Sebastián is the joint patron saint of the area along with the Virgen de la Encarnación and Santa Úrsula. Hundreds of ranchers gather on the Adeje coast for the traditional run in the sea.

16th November 2017 to 22nd March 2018 – the Canarias Folk Fest is a free event that takes place every Thursday at 4pm in Plaza de la Pescadora in Los Cristianos. There are various folk shows, as well as an artisanal and food market.

26th January to 3rd February – the 12th MiradasDoc Festival in Guía de Isora, also known as the International Documentary Film Festival. This festival showcases mostly documentary films with social themes and films that were produced in developing and third-world countries. It is a festival, a market and a training session, with its own events relating to cinéma vérité.


27th January – the 3rd La Caleta de Adeje Night Race. There are different course lengths available: 2.5km (sign-up fee: €10) and 10km (sign-up fee: €12).

27th and 28th January – festivities in honour of San Antonio Abad are held in La Florida, La Orotava. These festivities are particularly famous for Puchero, which was one of Tenerife’s first pilgrimages and one which almost all of the district’s inhabitants participate in. On the other hand, this festival is celebrated on other parts of the island, like in Guía de Isora (on 14th January), La Matanza, Los Silos, Los Realejos and Buenavista del Norte. All of the island’s ranchers get together for this celebration, so don’t miss out on the chance to sample typical products and experience the jovial atmosphere in the towns of Tenerife.

28th January – the 10th Carrera Solidaria de la Mujer in La Laguna takes place. Course length: 4km; sign-up fee: €8.

20th December 2017 to June 2018 – the Nature Museum hosts Athanatos. Inmortal. Muerte e inmortalidad en las poblaciones del pasado (Athanatos. Immortal. Death and Immortality in Past Civilisations), which is regarded as the world’s best exhibition on mummies and burial practices. The exhibition showcases the burial practices of the guanches (the island’s locals) and those of other ancient cultures. There will also be an extraordinary conference on the study of mummies.


As you can see, there’s a lot to do in Tenerife at the beginning of the year and, since January has surprisingly nice weather, we urge you to enjoy the mountains and Tenerife’s nature parks, particularly those in the south like Mount Teide National Park. We might also recommend that you don’t miss the blooming of the almond trees in Santiago del Teide, as they’ve more or less fully bloomed by the end of January.


We also recommend that you go to Pirámides de Güímar, where you’ll be able to learn about the various theories about their origins and about Canary Island customs, traditions and culture, as well as being able to see the only poisonous garden in Spain. Four times a year (with January being one of those times), Bodegas Monje holds its seductive Wine & Sex… Don’t miss out. And Tenerife’s golf courses are pretty fully booked in the winter months, so book a slot in advance at Amarilla Golf Club to make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to play some golf.


Final Comments from the Authors about January in Tenerife

There are a lot of things to do in Tenerife in January, you just have to muster enough energy to leave the house 😉