Top things to do in Tenerife in January 2016

Are you looking for the top things to do in Tenerife in January 2016? After the Christmas binge comes the month when there is lots to celebrate on the island, as the Three Kings make their annual visit to the different towns on the island to bring gifts to both old and young. The rest of the month can be a struggle because of the excesses of the parties, but what better way to celebrate January than by doing something outdoors or going to a concert? J

Other activities and things to do

We believe that the following options for the month of January could be of interest to you. We have made a wide and varied selection so that you have enough choices in the agenda of January 2016 in Tenerife. Having built up the cultural and sporting offerings on the island so much, there are so many other events which we haven’t mentioned, but we think that the things we are suggesting are the most interesting for the majority. As we always say, if you think that something is missing (or we’ve made a mistake with the dates), please let us know by leaving a comment.

“New year, new life”, but you can continue doing some of the activities which we regularly recommend  throughout the year in Tenerife.

Things to do in Tenerife in Januar 2016: Traditional festivals

1st January – you’ll find that almost everything is closed (except a few establishments in the touristy towns), as this is the first day of 2016. Take advantage of it and relax J

10th December 2015 to 5th January 2016 – Christmas Markets are held in various towns on the island. This is perfect for doing your post-Christmas shopping and spending some fun time with family. One of the best things to do in Tenerife in January... going after the discounts in family J

9th December 2015 to 5th January 2016 – 8th Nativity Route in La Orotava by the Asociación Belenista Taoro. Entry is €3.

2nd to 5th January – Handmade Market, Three Kings Edition. A handicrafts market, music, storytellers, workshops, etc. on Calle Mequinez in Puerto de la Cruz. It opens every day from 11am to 10pm.

5th January – a showing of the Passion Play of the Three Kings in Tejina at 9:30pm.

5th January – arrival of their Majesties the Three Kings. All the towns are adorned and the authorities receive with honour the Three Kings who have come from the Orient. This is always one of the best things to do in Tenerife in January.

15th December 2015 to 6th January 2016 – XLV Nativity Competition in Santa Cruz, with different categories of participants.

3rd December 2015 to 26th March 2016 – the Canarias Folk Fest will be celebrated every Thursday (in Las Galletas), Friday (in Playa de las Américas) and Saturday (in Los Cristianos). You will have the perfect opportunity to see traditional Canary Island dancing. In the squares in Arona you will be able to enjoy Canary Island cuisine and handicrafts.

22nd to 31st January – Las fiestas de La Florida (in La Orotava) and its Puchero on Saturday 30th. The first pilgrimade of the year in the island on Sunday 31st,  You cannot miss this chance!

Things to do in Tenerife in January 2016: Concerts and musical events

1st January – End of Year Party at the Espacio Cultural Aguere in La Laguna, from 1am. Entry is free.

1st January – Tenerife’s New Year Prelude Concert in La Glorieta de San Francisco in Garachico from 6pm, including the Canary Island Big Band, Olga Cerpa and José Manuel Ramos.

29th December 2015 to 4th January 2016 – the musical Sister Act is showing at the Auditorio Adán Martín in Santa Cruz at 9pm. Prices range from €25 to €60.

5th January – Christmas Open-Air Dance in Santiago del Teide in the Plaza de Puerto Santiago. Entry is free.

10th January to 11th February – 32nd Canary Island Music Festival at the Auditorio Adán Martín, with shows by the London Philharmonic, Cameristi Scala Milan, the Galdós Ensemble, and the Gran Canaria and Tenerife Philharmonic Orchestras. Prices range from €10 to €80, and the concerts all start at 8:30pm.

15th January – Collage with Yolanda at the Teatro Leal at 9pm, with diverse styles of flamenco. Entry prices are between €8 and €15.

16th January – 3rd Romí Flamenco Festival. The biggest flamenco show held in the Canaries will start at 8pm at the Teatro Guimerá in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Entry is from €12 to €15.

23rd January – Swan Lake by the Odessa Ukrainian Ballet will be showing at the Auditorio de Tenerife in the Symphonic Hall at 7pm. Entry prices are from €31.20 to €39. This will certainly be one of the great things to do in Tenerife in January 2016.

24th January – The Nutcracker by the Odessa Ukrainian Ballet will be showing at the Auditorio de Tenerife in the Symphonic Hall at 6pm. Entry prices are from €31.20 to €39.

30th January – The Enchanted Hat – With Family, at just €5 per ticket. It will take place at 12pm in the Symphonic Hall at the Auditorio Adán Martín in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Things to do in Tenerife in January 2016: Exhibitions, shows and other events

2nd January – David Navarro, Carlos Castillo and Manu Franco in “The Comedy Club Stand Up Session Open Year 2016” at 9:30pm at the Teatro del Orfeón La Paz in La Laguna. Entry is from €10 to €15.

2nd to 3rd January – Pirates of the Caribbean, a family show with a young, 12 year old actor in the main role. It is a perfect show for children where the whole audience participates from beginning to end. It starts at 6pm in the Teatro Leal in La Laguna, and entry is €3. One of the things to do in Tenerife in January 2016 with kids.

5th December 2015 to 5th January 2016 – 6th Arico Gastronomic Showing 2015. This is a tapas trail through various establishments in the town.

18th December 2015 to 5th January 2016 – PIT 2015, at the Parque Infantil y Juvenil de Tenerife in the Recinto Ferial in Tenerife. The main theme this year is dinosaurs.

23rd December 2015 to 7th January 2016 – the museums in Cabildo (Science and the Cosmos, History and Anthropology, and Nature and Man) launch their workshops for children aged between 4 and 12 for Christmas. In this way, the young children learn about the museums in a different way, playing and learning about Science, Art and History enriched with educational activities about the environment and principles.

11th December 2015 to 8th January 2016 – 19 artists will exhibit jewellery which they have designed at the “Joyas de autor” (Signature Jewellery) event, using very diverse materials. The pieces can be found in the Bronze Art Room at number 19 on Calle Núñez de la Peña in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

11th December 2015 to 11th January 2016 – “Untitled” Bear with pool of milk by the American photographer Gregory Crewdson at the Espacio MiniTEA. They offer activities for children aged 5 to 11 to create sculptures from plastic about the artwork. Entry is free and it takes place at number 10 on the Avenida San Sebastián in Santa Cruz de Tenerife from 10am to 8pm. This will be one of the options of things to do in Tenerife in January 2016 for kids,

26th November 2015 to 12th January 2016 – the Town Hall Bookshop hosts an exhibition by the Tenerife painter Tomás Garcia Mesa in which you will discover a selection of his latest work. Entry is free, and it can be found on Avenida Islas Canarias (next to the old Baudet Theatre) in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

14th October 2015 to 16th January 2016 – El Prado comes to Tenerife. Don’t miss the opportunity to see 60 works of art by Rubens, Sorolla, Zurbarán, Murillo and Goya, among others. To see the exhibition, go to the Espacio Cultural CajaCanarias in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

25th November 2015 to 17th January 2016 – at the Merkarte Supermercado del Arte, artists earn the true value of their works with prices stuck on them. It is at the Tenerife Museum of History and Anthropology (Casa Lercaro) at number 22 Calle San Agustín in La Laguna.

7th November 2015 to 7th February 2016 - Fotonoviembre 2015, the 8th Two-Yearly International Photography Show in Tenerife, which is mainly based at the TEA, where the British photographer Vanessa Winship is showing some of her work.

Things to do in Tenerife in January 2016: Sporting and themed events

5th December 2015 to 10th January 2016 – dinosaurs arrive at the Plaza del Cristo in La Laguna. Entry is €7, but children under 3 enter for free. Kids will love it, as this will be one of the best places and things to do in Tenerife in January 2016.

1st November 2015 to 31st January 2016 – Fotonoviembre 2015 (XIII Biennial Tenerife International Photography Festival), which is based at the TEA but which has photos on show at different locations around the island.

18th December to 10th January 2016 – a 450m2 ice rink is set up at Magma Arte & Congresos for skating. The price for entry is €8.

Other activities and things to do in Tenerife in January 2016

Take advantage of the Christmas discounts on entry to Jungle Park if you buy on the internet. There are now no excuses for not enjoying the sight of beautiful wild animals and spectacular birds in full flight. Jungle Park is one of the great options of things to do in Tenerife in January 2016.

As camels come to almost all the towns in Tenerife in January, why not feel like one of the Three Kings (albeit without presents) and head to Camel Park.

Bodegas Monje are offering their most transgressive activity on 23rd January: Wine & Sex. Let your hair down and enjoy the sensations which you could experience on one of the hottest nights on the year at a traditional wine cellar.

Patea Tus Montes don’t stop walking and from the beginning of the year they are organising walks so that you enjoy new adventures and stories to be told. We will soon publish more activities from this group, and I’m sure that the time will come to go walking in January. Patea Tus Montes has always provided to our visitors some of the great activities and things to do in January, as well as the other months of the year.

If what you see in Tenerife doesn’t seem like much, why not dive in a submarine with Submarine Safaris and enjoy an hour underwater, seeing the marine wildlife and the playful manta rays in the San Miguel area.

On top of all of the experiences which you can try with Volcano Life Experience, on 1st January you have the opportunity to go up in the Teide Cable Car and feel love for the world (or at least Spain) by reaching the highest point in the national geography on the first day of the year. You couldn’t start 2016 any better, could you?  It is an opportunity to enjoy this magical place as a family. Between 11am and 2pm on that day they will have activities aimed specifically at the youngest members of the family. A visit to the Teide is always one of the best things to o in Tenerife in January and any other month of the year.

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