... Carnival, Carnival... Carnival I love you!!!


February is best characterized as the month of winter festivities, also simply known as Carnival, and no place knows more about Carnival than the Canary Islands, especially Tenerife. There are a lot of benefits: the islands’ proximity to Europe, good weather (although you should know that nights can be chilly and you’ll have a hard time going out in a bikini or swimming shorts, even if some brave people manage it), and, above all, the assurance of a good time without having to be a group member or island local. Don’t be shy, and enjoy a few days being who you’ve always dreamed of being. 😊 In this article, we highlight the events that are great for everyone who happens to be on the island. There are also, of course, several competitions you can participate in that have a sign-up fee. For more information about these events, please visit carnavaldetenerife.com


In addition to the carnivals in Tenerife, there are also exhibitions, concerts, children’s events and sports. There’s plenty on offer for people looking to enjoy themselves. 😊

26th January to 3rd February – the 12th MiradasDoc Festival in Guía de Isora, also known as the International Documentary Film Festival. This festival showcases mostly documentary films with social themes and films that were produced in developing and third-world countries. It is a festival, a market and a training session, with its own events relating to cinéma vérité.

2nd February – The Virgen de Candelaria is the patron saint of the Canary Islands, and the celebrations in honour of her culminate with the Candelas parade, which takes place at night on the eve of Día de la Candelaria (on 1st February). All the lights in the town of Candelaria are put out and the parishioners light their candles to recite the rosary in complete devotion during the parade.

3rd February – the bike tour of Mount Teide isn’t a competitive event, but the prizes you get for taking part are the event itself and the paradise you get to cycle through. Both course lengths (92km and 163km) have a sign-up fee of €55.

11th January to 17th February the 34th annual Canary Island Music Festival takes place in Auditorio Adán Martín, with performances hailing from different parts of the archipelago. Shows usually start at 8pm.


5th to 18th February – this year’s Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival is inspired by the theme of ‘fantasy’. This celebration is a festival of international touristic interest, during which thousands of people take to the streets to enjoy the festivities, rhythm, elation and high spirits. Click on this link to see all the events you can take part in during Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival 2018.

7th February – the Carnival Queen Election Gala takes place at 9:30pm at the Centro Internacional de Ferias y Congresos. If you’re unable to attend the event, it will be aired live on television and the internet so no one misses out.

9th February – The Carnival’s top-billed parade takes place, where you’ll be able to experience the public’s elation and celebrations in the streets of Santa Cruz. The best part of this parade takes place in Plaza del Príncipe and Plaza de La Candelaria, where you’ll be able to take part in some traditional Carnival dancing.

10th February – Ritmo y Armonía takes place in the streets of Santa Cruz. If you didn’t think to go to any of the competitions, you can see the winners of each performance category on Saturday evening. 


10th February – the 8th Arico Trail half-marathon. There are two different options of 10km and 21km.

11th February – the Santa Cruz Day Carnival takes place. If you have small children who aren’t supposed to go out at night, then this is the perfect chance for them to have some fun at Tenerife’s carnivals.

11th February – the 3rd Colour Run takes place in Los Realejos. Race distance: 3km; sign-up fee: €8.

13th February – Carnival Tuesday and the Santa Cruz de Tenerife grand finale parade. You can set up camp on one side of Avenida Marítima and watch performers, musicians, people in costumes, the Carnival Queen and the Carnival Queen contest candidates as they pass by. Nothing is as colorful as this parade in Santa Cruz.

13th February – Carnival Tuesday is celebrated in other towns on the island. For example, there’s a large nostalgic antique car race in the morning in La Orotava, with participants taking to the streets for the parade in the evening. This option is perfect for people looking for something smaller, but will nevertheless end up being an authentic and fun experience.


13th to 17th February – the 8th Arona International Music Festival, with concerts being held in the Auditorio Infanta Leonor in Los Cristianos at 8 pm. You’ll get the chance to go to various concerts and attend workshops led by guest musicians who will delight music fans and professionals alike. Go to https://musicarona.weebly.com/ for more information and for course prices.

14th February – during the burial of the sardine in La Orotava, the sardine, or El Crispín, is burned and everyone dresses up in mourning clothes that are usually black. Poor widows cry out as they fall down and mourn the end of Carnival.

14th February – Burras de Güímar in Plaza de San Pedro in Güímar is different from the typical burial of the sardine, as it combines it with a belief in witchcraft. Several ‘burras’ (she-donkeys) gather at the funeral procession and finish their transformation into witches by the time they reach the town square. This is truly a spectacle to behold.

16th February – a children’s parade starts at 6 pm in Parque García Sanabria.


17th February – one of the last chances to celebrate Carnival is the Day Carnival in Santa Cruz, which starts at 1 pm.

17th February – the piñata dance is the last day of the carnival night celebrations. Many towns and villages put on orchestras to liven up the dancing of the locals.

17th February – the parade in Puerto de la Cruz, which has been declared of international touristic interest. There’s a long procession of spectators, performers, street musicians, decorated carriages and several international delegations, like the Düsseldorf Carnival Prince and Princess.

18th February – the Ni fú-ni fá Philharmonic put on a show at 11pm in Plaza del Príncipe. At the end, you can watch a firework display in Santa Cruz as a mark to await the coming year.


16th November 2017 to 22nd March 2018 – the Canarias Folk Fest is a free event that takes place every Thursday at 4pm in Plaza de la Pescadora in Los Cristianos. There are various folk shows, as well as an artisanal and food market.

20th December 2017 to June 2018 – the Nature Museum hosts Athanatos. Inmortal. Muerte e inmortalidad en las poblaciones del pasado (Athanatos. Immortal. Death and Immortality in Past Civilisations), which is regarded as the world’s best exhibition on mummies and burial practices. The exhibition showcases the burial practices of the guanches (the island’s locals) and those of other ancient cultures. There will also be an extraordinary conference on the study of mummies.

24th February – the 8th City Night Race in La Laguna takes place. Both the 5km and 10km courses have a sign-up fee of €8.


The biggest benefit of being in the south of Tenerife is that there’s sun and warm temperatures almost every day. With this in mind, we suggest you spend a few hours riding on a camel at Camel Park, which is definitely a unique experience. If you’re more into walking, why not get in touch with Patea tus montes and go on an excursion to Barranco de la Bóveda. And, since there’s practically nowhere in Spain that’s better than the Canary Islands and Tenerife for playing golf, you have the chance to play with friends and acquaintances at Golf Costa Adeje. Sound good?


Final Comments from the Authors about February in Tenerife

There’s without a doubt a lot thing to do in Tenerife in February, so try not to miss out on anything.