Best things to do in Tenerife in April 2017

There are many Spanish sayings and proverbs that refer to the weather, but there is one in particular that stands out for this month’s ‘What’s on Schedule’: en abril aguas mil (there’s plenty of rain in April) – although you always hope for sunny weather and it starts to get a little warmer at this time of year :)

Other activities and things to do in Tenerife

Holy Week is a very important time for most of the island’s towns and is celebrated with intensity and fervour. As such, it is the perfect time to witness the various parades that will be held in La Laguna, Santa Cruz or La Orotava.

The Island is not only the place to see traditional and religious celebrations this month - there is also a wide array of cultural, musical and sporting events on offer as well. This schedule is a ‘what’s what’ of all the best sights and events in Tenerife this month, made for you so you don’t miss a thing.

Things to do in Tenerife in April 2017: Traditional festivals

7th, 22nd and 29th April: Guided walks of all kinds are available in Tegueste, which will show you all the places there are to see in the municipality.

8th and 9th April: These two days mark the 7th annual Pinolere Cheese Festival, taking place in the Pinolere museum and ethnographic park in La Orotava. Come see all the wonderful Gomeran cheeses and cheesemakers.

8th April: Stop by Plenilunio in the island’s capital of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and take advantage of the cultural, foodie and commercial offerings.

9th-16th April:  Holy Week celebrations and parades will be held in the island’s many municipalities throughout the week.

13th-16th April:  the 9th Flowery Easter in Guía de Isora. Come and see the various scenes of the Passion of the Christ, lovingly crafted from flowers and plants.

14th April: Staging of The Passion on la Calle Grande in Adeje.

21st April-6th May: 2017 marks the 49th San Marcos Pilgrimage and Festivities in Tegueste, with the pilgrimage taking place on the 30th April.

Things to do in Tenerife in April 2017 - Concerts and musical events

1st April: Noa Concert featuring Love Medicine at the Teatro Guimerá, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Time: 9pm; tickets: €20-€46.

1st April: Take it back to the good old days with the 80s Tribute at La Cascada in the maritime park, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Time: 9pm; tickets: €10.

2nd, 9th and 16th April: Trío Bohemio, Openar Ensemble and Dúo Natale will all be holding concerts at Casa Abaco, Puerto de la Cruz.

5th April: Renowned singer Julieta Venegas will be putting on a show at the Teatro Guimerá, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Time: 8:30pm; tickets: €23-€27.

6th April: MENTO concert at the Espacio Guimerá, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Time: 9pm; tickets: €5.

30th March-6th April: This week marks the 12th annual Canary Island Religious Music Festival. Stop by and take part in La Laguna, Güímar and El Sauzal at 8:30pm every day.

7th April: The Tritono Jazz concert is a fine addition to Casa del Vino’s “Wine & Concerts” program. Time: 8:30pm; place: Casa del Vino, El Sauzal.

7th April: Come and see León Benavente at the Espacio Cultural Aguere in La Laguna. Time: 10pm; tickets: €12.

8th April: The Gospel Shine Kids will be taking the stage at the Paraninfo ULL, in the University of La Laguna Central Building. Time: 7pm; tickets: €5.

8th April: Children of the 80s at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife in Adeje. Time: 7pm; tickets: €18-€55.

8th April: Mr. Kilombo presents Invencible (Unbeatable) at the Tenerife Búho Club in La Laguna. Time: 9pm; tickets: €6.

8th April: The Tenerife Symphonic Band presents their concert, Mozart’s Requiem at the Teatro Guimerá. Time: 9:30pm; tickets: from €4.

8th April: Nicky-Jam take to the stage with songs from their studio album Fénix (Phoenix) at the Recinto Portuario, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Time: 6pm; tickets: from €35.

8th April:  Carlos Sadness puts on his concert at the Tenerife Búho Club in La Laguna. Time: 8:30pm; tickets: €15.

9th April: Pitingo showcase their latest CD, Soul, bulería y más (Soul, la Bulería and more), beginning at 8pm at the Teatro Leal in La Laguna.

16th March-11th April: Come and see Puerto de la Cruz’s 15th annual Baroque and Old Music Festival.

13th and 14th April: The I Love Music Festival will be held on Costa Adeje’s golf course. Tickets start at €56.

15th April: Stop by the Greenworld Music Festival 2017 on hole 11 at Amarilla Golf in San Miguel de Abona. Time: 3pm; tickets: €30 (advanced booking).

20th April: Come and see the Cádiz Carnival on its Canary Islands tour. The show will take place in the Paraninfo ULL, University of La Laguna Central Building. Time: 9pm; tickets: free.

28th April: Funambulista are holding a concert at the Espacio Cultural Aguere, La Laguna. Time: 9pm.

29th April: The Daniel Abreu Company will be performing their show Animal in Paraninfo ULL, in the University of La Laguna Central Building. Time: 8:30pm; tickets: free.

29th April:  Niña Pastori showcases her new CD, Ámame como soy (Love me as I am), at the Teobaldo Power Auditorium in La Orotava. Time: 9pm; tickets: €22-€30.

Things to do in Tenerife in April 2017 - Exhibitions, shows and other events

31st March-2nd April:  Tenerife will be promoting networking and teamwork as part of the 5th annual Startup Weekend. People from different fields and disciplines will get together to select an idea, develop a product and launch a business from scratch. Startup Weekend will be held in the La Recova Art Centre and at Plaza de La Madera, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

6th April: La Patrulla al rescate (Patrol to the Rescue) tells the story of the adventures had by members of the Canine Patrol. Stop by the Teobaldo Power Auditorium in La Orotava to hear their story. Time: 6pm; tickets: €14.

6th April: La Puerta Blindada (The Bulletproof Door) presents a critical insight into today’s lack of interest in reading and the resulting relative lack of cultural productivity. Time: 8:30pm; place: Paraninfo ULL, University of La Laguna Central Building.

7th April: Actor Sol Picó opens up about his frustrations and the lessons he’s learned over the course of his life in his show, One Hit Wonders. Time: 8:30pm; place: Teatro Guimerá; tickets: €18-€24.

7th April: Silenciadas! (The Silenced Women) tells the stories of three women from three different generations and their experiences of male chauvinist violence. Time: 8:30pm; place: Teatro Unión Tejina, Tejina; tickets: €6.

8th April: David Guapo takes the stage with his monologue at the Teobaldo Power Auditorium in La Orotava. Time: 8pm; tickets: €18.

15th April: Stop by the Infanta Leonor Auditorium in Arona for a night of humour with Aarón Gómez and Kike Pérez’s Contado Pierde. Time: 8:30pm; tickets: €12-€15.

17th March-17th April: Caminos heredados. Estudios sobre el Patrimonio Arqueológico del Teide (Inherited Paths. Studies on Teide’s Archaeological Heritage) is a travelling exhibition which provides you with the unique opportunity to see the remains of Guanche settlements found at the foot of Mount Teide.  

16th March-17th June: Brazilian artist Marlon de Azambuja showcases his exhibition Cuerpo presente (Present Body) at Espacio Cultural El Tanque.

Things to do in Tenerife in April 2017 - Sporting and themed events

2nd April:  The 21st Las Galletas Half Marathon has two categories: 21.1km (entry: €18) and 10.8km (entry: €13).

2nd April: Los Realejos holds the 7th Carrera de la Mujer (Women’s Race). Entry: €9 (online) or €8 (in person).

2nd April: This year marks the first ever Solidarity Kilometre, which is held in support of Autism Day.

2nd April: Test your mettle with the 9th Montaña de Acentejo Half Marathon in La Matanza. There are three races available: 12km (entry: €15), 21km (entry: €21) and canicross (dog race) (entry: €10).

8th April: The Marcha Cicloturista Solidaria Mueca triathlon kicks off in Puerto de la Cruz. Members pay €10 (plus 1kg of food or a hygiene product) and non-members pay €15 (plus 1kg of food or a hygiene product).

8th April: 3.5km Race for Life in Arico (entry: €5).

9th April: The 8th Run for Parkinson’s, held in La Laguna.

15th April: Blaze the Las Maretas Trail in Arico. Two courses are available: 5km (entry: €8) and 10km (entry: €12).

16th April: For a more laidback approach, why not try some Orienteering in Calderetas? A number of different categories are available based on age group, as well as for members and non-members.

22nd April: Fancy taking the plunge? Try the 2nd People’s Aquathlon in La Ranilla, Puerto de la Cruz.

22nd April: 4th Gorka Memorial Run (5km) in Puertito de Güímar (entry: €10).

23rd April: 18th City of La Laguna Half Marathon. Three categories are available: 21km (entry: €16), 10km and 5km (entry: €8).

23rd April: Wander the Pinolere Trail in La Orotava. Two routes are available: 11km (entry: €11) and 27km (entry: €20).

23rd April: Orienteering in Las Rosas, El Rosario. A number of different categories are available based on age group, as well as for members and non-members.

29th April: 5th Los Catalanes Trail Walk (12km) in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

30th April: 3rd Canaries Women’s Trail (20km) in Los Realejos (entry: €20).

30th April: Take the Bicacaro Trail (18km) in Los Silos. Entry: €18 or €19 if you book online.

Other activities and things to do in Tenerife in April 2017

It is always possible that, if it gets cloudy and starts raining in the north, you might spontaneously change your plans and head to another part of the island – such as the national park or the south. This is a big advantage of staying on an island with a number of microclimates. You have to believe us when we say that sun is always guaranteed on Tenerife … You just might have to go looking for it!

If you fancy a little fun and a fix of adrenaline, then Siam Park is waiting for you with open doors! Prepare to dive head first into the swimming pools of one of the best water parks in the world.

Jungle Park is a one-of-a-kind jungle packed with a wide array of animals, and armed with an unrivalled passion for animal preservation and care. The park is located in a part of the island that is blessed with natural humidity and freshness, so don’t get caught out: remember to pack your sun cream and hat!

You could also go and learn more about our sun and the universe with the Volcano Teide Experience group at the Izaña Observatory. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience as you’ll be allowed access to restricted areas and breath-taking views of the Teide.

And if, after browsing our selection of sporting activities, you’re looking for something a little less active, then you might enjoy a walk across the numerous greens of the Costa Adeje golf course. We recommend trying out hole 10!

Patea tus montes has spent the last 20 years helping foreigners and locals alike to discover more of the natural secrets that Tenerife has to offer – now with new offerings in La Orotava.

Did you know that, off the coasts of Tenerife, you’ll find a colony of pilot whales and dolphins who live there throughout the entire year? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see them up close with Tenerife Sailing Charters!

And, lastly, if you find yourself in the north and wish to combine a food experience with a chance to delight the little ones, don’t hesitate to call in at la Granja Verde and discover the different native species of animals that are looked after and pampered there.

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