Teno Alto, Tenerife, located in Teno Rural Park, is one of the many options to explore in the Isla Baja area of Tenerife, and this is one of the regions we particularly enjoy the most on the island. This is a formidable natural area that has fortunately not yet become plagued by mass tourism.

Along with a few others, Teno Alto is one of the protected areas in Tenerife (and the Canary Islands) which has retained its authenticity, both in terms of its inhabitants and the natural area in which it is located.


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Teno and Anaga were the first settlements to emerge from the volcanoes in Tenerife. The centre of the island was formed later, meaning these two zones are (geologically speaking) the oldest on the island.

Our excursion along one of the hiking trails in Teno Alto in Tenerife

We started our excursion in the village of Teno Alto, a small farm estate in Tenerife which was mainly dedicated to the breeding of cattle and the cultivation of grains.


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In Teno Alto you can buy delicious fresh goat's cheese at the Teno Alto Bar (Don José’s store) at a very competitive price.

We climbed the road that leads to La Mesita (where other hiking trails or senderos start) and within about five minutes there were no signs of the small northern community. After passing a reservoir of water and then climbing a bit we met some locals who were taking care of their goats and protecting themselves from the intense wind (quite typical of the area).


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The fact that the goats walk around the field and eat freely makes them very healthy and results in them producing lots of milk. The latter is very tasty, and consequently so is the cheese that is produced there.


After chatting for a while with the goatherd and his mother (who showed unusual agility for an 82-year-old lady), we continued on our walk until we reached a ridge where we could see the area of ​​Los Carrizales and Las Portelas (behind that ravine is the hamlet of Masca). The view from the top of this rock formation was simply spectacular. If you take a moment to stop and be amazed at this total tranquillity, we assure you that the excursion will have been worth it in every way.


To avoid having to go down the ravine and climb up again on the other side, we returned a bit and began to investigate a possible route towards the edge of the cliff. It wasn’t as simple as we imagined, but eventually we passed some abandoned houses and got to an area where there are some hives.


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If you want to avoid being stung by a bee, you can visit the area when the flowers aren’t in full bloom. If you are planning your visit to the island right during those months, avoid wearing perfume or deodorant so as not to attract them.


At the edge of the cliff (although without getting too close to any exposed areas) we had a quick snack and continued our walk under the sun. As we were hiking with our four year old we had our eyes wide open, as the drop is about 600 metres in places. From there we were able to see the whole silhouette of the Los Gigantes cliffs and the area surrounding ​​the Teno lighthouse, which are much more popular with visitors than the walk we were doing.


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From the lighthouse at the edge of Teno you can see the difference between the northern sea (with a strong tide and easterly wind) and the southern part (with calmer waters). From the top of the cliff in Teno Alto, you have a privileged view of this phenomenon.


We continued the trail and as we left the cliffs behind us it began to get cloudy, to the point that it rained on us slightly as we walked the last few metres to the town of Teno Alto.


After buying some fresh goat’s cheese we stopped at the Teno Rural Park Recreational Centre, where we ate a tortilla which we had prepared and a few pieces of cheese with bread. If you don’t take a picnic you’ve prepared in advance then you can opt to eat at the El Palmar Restaurant, where you can try their specialty – roasted chicken - or once you get to the area of ​​Buenavista you can go to a restaurant called La Caldera, where the food is very tasty, cheap and homemade (only open on weekdays).


Our excursion was 8 kilometres long, and if you have a bit of extra energy after this hike you could stop off in the emblematic village of Garachico. Its port used to be the main one for the Canary Islands, which is why a town with rich architecture and culture was built up around it. Nowadays it is an ideal place to try fresh, tasty fish at one of its select restaurants.

Getting to Teno Alto in Tenerife

To get to Teno Alto you have to climb a slope from the area of ​​El Palmar. The narrow, curvy road is in the process of being repaired, so don’t be surprised if there are still unpaved parts when you visit and you have to stop to give way to a car coming in the opposite direction.

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Many highways in Tenerife have very steep curves that can make some people dizzy. If you are prone to dizziness, we recommend opening the car windows, asking the driver to drive slowly and relaxing with your eyes closed.


Final comments about Teno Alto in Tenerife

Without a doubt, Teno Alto has to be on your list of excursions in Tenerife. This isn’t just because of the authenticity and tranquillity of the area, but because you will have the opportunity to experience a combination of landscapes, mountains and climates in a single nature area while admiring the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean.