... a medieval night in Tenerife

I’ve known about the existence of San Miguel Castle and its well-known, exciting medieval shows for years. It was a complete revelation to me, as I didn’t think that we would get so into the situation of cheering on our horse and shouting until we lost our voices to encourage him to win … and yes, it is a very touristy offering, but isn’t it entertainment itself? At the end of the day, isn’t the idea of a show to have fun with something different? I think that at San Miguel Castle you will manage that and more if you allow yourself to be swept along.

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I have to warn you that this is an entertainment show, not a real scene from “Game of Thrones” where you see heads flying and wounds oozing real blood. This is a show for you to enjoy yourself and have a different sort of night, but of course for that you have to leave your expectations to one side, relax and enjoy it


Prices and schedule

The adult price for entry to San Miguel Castle includes dinner, the medieval tournament show and one other show (capoeira, on the day we went).

We went on a Saturday when you can go to the castle from 8pm, with the show starting at 8:30pm. They also offer shows on Tuesdays and Thursdays at an earlier time, opening the castle from 6pm and starting the show at 6:15pm.


Arrival at San Miguel Castle

Upon arrival at the castle we parked our car in the authorised car park opposite it, and at that moment several buses arrived which were dropping off hordes of people excited about the anticipated soiree which lay ahead.


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Like all shows which work with animals (several horses and a dog) I have to say that the dog is extremely noble.


The interior of the castle is characterised by its shields, tapestries hanging on the walls and other details which transport you to a past era. Upon entering they give you a colour (red, black, yellow, green, purple and blue) and a crown. Being a guest you have to pay your respects to the duke and duchess who await you in the first room.

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When you present yourself and greet the dukes you cannot take personal photos, as a professional photographer is responsible for doing that. Later you have the option of buying it.

Afterwards you go up some stairs and get to the area where the whole show will take place.


The show starts...

We entered the great hall of San Miguel Castle where the grand tournament would take place and sat down in our yellow section. There are two side stands (each divided into three groups) and the fighting area in the centre.

Once everyone was seated the show began with the arrival of six mounted horsemen (each one with a colour) doing very well-coordinated rhythmical movements. This was a preamble to welcome the dukes who immediately went to their table where they also enjoyed the fight and their dinner.


The idea is that each knight represents a different estate and each section of the stand cheers on the knight wearing their colour (ours was the yellow knight) in the hope that he beats his adversaries. In some cases the knights even went over to the other coloured stands, provoking the dinner guests to respond with heated catcalling … A lot of fun 🙂 🙂


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It is really a savage picture, in which the knight comes to offer his “life” while the public is happily entertained, as is the way medieval shows are portrayed.


... and while they fight... you eat and watch

As soon as you arrive you will find some bottles of wine, beer, soft drinks, water and bread on the table. Throughout the show they serve food: to start with they will serve you a soup, followed by chicken and a large ‘papa guisada’ and lastly the dessert which will be ice cream in a glass (which will come with its little wooden spoon).

The most interesting thing of all is that you can’t use cutlery because you won’t find it on the table, which adds to the drama of the show. It wasn’t easy for me to take photos with the camera, watch the show and eat, but although it was difficult I managed to do it. Someone who isn’t so preoccupied with taking photos will be able to enjoy the fights and the food without a problem. It all adds to the fun at San Miguel Castle.


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In the 14th century the use of the spoon at the table became popular, but hosts usually made them from wood or antlers. The introduction of the fork at the table came later, but they found it hard to use it because it was considered effeminate and given God had given hands for eating they didn’t understand its usefulness. Finally knives were first used as a weapon and have only been used as cutlery at the table in recent times.


The medieval show ends, but there's still more...

What started timidly with some people cheering on their knight turned into havoc with shouts and applause from those who wanted to support their team to victory. What’s more, the court jester incited us to applaud or cheer. In the end our knight lost to the black knight, but what a good time we had 🙂


When the medieval show at San Miguel Castle ended, we headed to the Coliseum room and enjoyed a capoeira show there, during which at one particular point the dancers invited the spectators to participate.


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We understand the relationship between capoeira and the medieval tournament, as they are two styles of fighting. Capoeira was a form of undercover fight training done by African slaves who lived in Brazil. They made it look like a dance, doing fight moves in slow motion.


At the end of both shows, everyone left and we were able to take a photo with the Knights of the Round Table and discuss some anecdotes from the evening. It was genuinely great, because we didn’t expect something so fun.

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We had the opportunity to talk to Modou (who played the jester) and from what he told us he loves working in Tenerife and making every medieval night count for every spectator 🙂 Of course he more than managed it with us.


Getting there

Head for the south motorway and take the exit leading to San Miguel. Continue on the TF-65 until you get to a roundabout leading to Aldea Blanca. From that roundabout you will be able to see San Miguel Castle about 200 metres ahead on the right.


Final comments from the authors about San Miguel Castle

As I already mentioned, it was a very fun and surprising experience for me. I hadn’t seen my parents laugh like that for a long time. From the moment that the horses appeared, Noah (three and a half years old) didn’t stop noticing everything which happened, surprised by the fire jugglers, the fights, the acrobatic jumps, etc. And Fabio, my cousin Casandra and I ran amok and cheered on our knight to the point that in the end he gave us some flowers 🙂


So from our personal experience, we invite you to try this unusual medieval night at San Miguel Castle. Approach it with hope, allow yourself to be surprised and have fun as if you were a child. I’m sure it will be a night to remember in Tenerife.