Tenerife Sailing
Coming with your Own or Renting on the Island

Tenerife sailing is a travelling option for visitors who have a boat or yacht, or want to hire one, and don’t mind the long journeys to reach the Canary Islands. On the other hand, many visitors prefer to rent on the island, for short journeys and cruises in and around Tenerife.

The great advantage of hiring a boat or yacht for Tenerife sailing is that you can be a spectator of views that few other tourists or visitors have the privileged to enjoy. Yacht or catamaran charters are good options to enjoy your holidays and the ocean. In addition, you have the freedom to visit smaller islands such as Los Lobos, La Graciosa, El Hierro…

Yacht Booker is one of the several websites for Tenerife sailing where you can check prices and conditions for rental. On top of that, it is a good idea to rent a car to visit Tenerife and enjoy other activities such as camel riding, karting and several other sports.

But of course, whatever your choice you should plan your trip well to avoid any problems during or after the journey. Checking the weather forecast is part of the planning, in order to avoid surprises with the climate.

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Checking the Conditions of the Weather Upfront

Due to climatic conditions in the Canaries is very easy to enjoy the water sports in general and navigation in particular. But always keep in mind the weather forecast and sea conditions, because sometimes the waves are very strong by the proximity of the open sea, on top of the whales that can cross your way.

The common winds between March and October are coming from the north and therefore, a journey from the mainland to the Canary Islands can be easily completed in 5 or 6 days. During winter and when a storm in the Atlantic is formed, the boat will probably have winds from the south, so the trip can be more complicated. There are maritime points at increased risk of storms due to changes of wind (tunnel effect).

Those who decide to rent a boat for Tenerife sailing must know that the climate in the north of the island is more unstable than in the south (the island has the characteristics of sudden climate changes and depending on the place it’s not hard to run into what’s called microclimate). Therefore note that in the northwest of the islands to windward, rains are more frequent than in the south – up to 750 mm per year, and the winds usually blow pretty hard.

There are areas of wind acceleration, particularly Tenerife and Gran Canaria where there may be sudden changes in wind speed and direction, good for sailing, but not in a relaxed manner. In contrast, to leeward is much calmer.

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Ports of Sailing in Tenerife

All Canary Islands are more or less a day of sailing between them. In Tenerife there are some marinas to anchor your boat, although some of them require some experience and good skills when entering into the places of protection. Tenerife Travel Secrets mentions few of them below.

Puerto de Santa Cruz de Tenerife

In the capital is not difficult to find many sea sports lovers, as the sea conditions, weather and nautical infrastructure of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is ideal. It is also a place where you can find a charter boat that best suits your needs and tastes for Tenerife sailing.

Puerto Deportivo Radazul (Radazul Marina)

It was built due to the needs of local sailors during the 60’s. It is easily accessible and close to the capital of the island, just 13 km from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which helps to be well connected to any point in Europe (the two airports on the island are not far from this coast). It is an enviable place, where you can moor your boat or yacht, both on the waters and on the land for the winter season. Also, in that area you can practice water sports such as diving, swimming, fishing and sailing.

Puerto de San Miguel

It is an area with an extensive nautical infrastructure and of great natural beauty that offers many options for navigation, as well as being a great starting point for visiting other parts of the island.

Puerto Arona - Las Galletas

Like Puerto de San Miguel, Puerto Arona in Las Galletas is an ideal place to begin a cruise around Tenerife or as a starting point to visit any of the islands of the province of Tenerife.

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