… pleasuring the palate on an island full of flavours

Eating brings pleasure, and eating in one of the Tenerife restaurants offers a plethora of possibilities. The number of traditional Canarian restaurants, as well as international ones, is quite simply enormous.


We dedicate this section to the gastronomic delights that you can find at Tenerife restaurants and bars. The Canary Islands have adapted to the tastes and needs of the vast number of foreign tourists every year. You can find restaurants of all kinds in both the north and the south. The tourist areas and resorts never lack the more exotic food – such as Lebanese or Thai.


Playa de las Américas, Los Cristianos, Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Puerto de La Cruz offer the most choice. There are restaurants, piano bars and cocktail bars. Many hotels also have high-quality restaurants of their own – which are also open to the public.

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We make most of these recommendations based on our own experiences. As you all know, Tenerife Travel Secrets and our friends have tried and tested everything we mention. This is so that we can give you a real account of the best places to visit. The food served in Tenerife restaurants across the island is no different!

Massive variety of Tenerife restaurants and bars

Naturally, the speciality of the majority of Tenerife restaurants is Canarian cuisine. We recommend you visit the north for the restaurants and wine bars in La Victoria, Santa Úrsula or La Orotava.

La Orotava is where you will find Casa Matias, run by the skilled chef José Acosta. In recent years he has taken typical Canarian food to the next level without losing its authenticity and delicious flavor. We also recommend Bodega El Reloj or Casa del Medianero, where the grilled meats are simply splendid.

In La Matanza, you'll find La Casa del Pescado (the House of Fish). As its name indicates, it specializes in seafood delicacies. Finally, in Tamaide in la Cuesta de la Villa you'll find the famous traditional restaurant, Pedro el Crusantero. Its escaldón (a Canarian stew), vegetable stew and flavorsome meats are renowned.

If you're in Tenerife at the end of November or May, then look for guachinches. We think you'll be surprised! They are seasonal places serving delicious local, abundant and inexpensive dishes. On a completely different note, MB at the Ritz Hotel, with two Michelin stars, takes Canarian cuisine to astronomical heights.


There are many restaurants, tapas bars and typical Spanish eateries. Not all of them are fancy, but they are normally delicious. Dining at Restaurante Agustín y Rosa in Icod de los Vinos could lead to a very special evening in a traditional Canarian environment. There is also Tasca El Tapias in La Orotava, and my friend Janet recommends Restaurante La Buena Vida in Santa Cruz. The latter serves mainly Mediterranean food and can be found on Calle de la Noria.


Tenerife restaurants usually combine International food with fresh Canarian produce and ingredients. There is lots of delicious and varied food on offer. Here I recommend several places that are outside of the box and offer a more refined vision of this combination. You have to visit the classic Restaurante Magnolia in Puerto de la Cruz or the Royal Garden Villas' exotic Restaurante Jardin. Each one offers, in its own style, a wide variety of flavors and an extensive wine and drinks selection. I would also recommend Restaurante Sucás in Baobab Suites, run by the prestigious chef Lucas Maes.


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If you want to dine at a restaurant in a hotel, we recommend you make a reservation in advance. These Tenerife restaurants are normally more elegant and, as such, the prices are slightly higher.


I would definitely not skip the chance to eat Venezuelan and other Latin American food. Venezuela is often called the eighth Canary Island (due to the mass immigration in the middle of the 20th century). Because of this, it's easy to find Venezuelan restaurants in Tenerife.

In Santa Úrsula, you'll find Los Chamos which, in my humble opinion, is one of the best restaurants around. It isn't sophisticated, but their arepas (corn tortillas) will send you to cloud nine. In Puerto de la Cruz, on the way to Los Realejos, there is La Carajita. It's famous for its arepas, hallaca (tamale) and cachapas (a corn-based crumpet). For Mexican food, you should try El Chango, in the small port in Las Galletas. The portions are huge, and the food is delicious and fairly priced.


Italian restaurants and pizzerias are a dime a dozen in Tenerife. But we recommend La Compostelana in Puerto de la Cruz or ROSSO SUL MARE Restaurant & Wine Bar in La Caleta (near Costa Adeje). The latter has a terrace where you can watch the waves crash against the coastline. I've already mentioned two restaurants, but I can't forget about Pizzería da Canio in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The flavour of their pizzas is impressive, and their fame is well-earned.


There are lots of hotels with restaurants that are open to the public – even though the prices may be higher as a result. If you want to eat out at one of the best Thai restaurantsThe Oriental at Hotel Botánico in Puerto de la Cruz offers complex but satisfyingly large dishes. We haven’t tried it, but Delhi Darbar in Costa Adeje seems the perfect place to have Hindu and Vegetarian food. My cousin Silvia opts for El Limón in Puerto de la Cruz and Buenavida Vegan in the south.

It's impossible to not mention Chinese food on the topic of Asian cuisine. There are Chinese restaurants in almost all of the large towns on the island. For Japanese food, my friend Vanesa says that Kazan in Santa Cruz is the best. Thanks to its Michelin star, you can be assured of the quality of the food. She also recommends Maguro and Aiko. Additionally, my friend Noemí is staying in La Orotava and she recommends Izakaya 😊.


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There are four Tenerife restaurants (MB, Kabuki Abama, El Rincón de Juan Carlos and Kazan) with 5 Michelin stars (as of November 2017). This gives you an idea of the quality of the cuisine available on the island.


If you want to eat out at some of the best German or Austrian restaurants in Tenerife, you need to travel to the north of the island. Go to Puerto de la Cruz, where I would recommend Rancho Grande to everyone. You'll probably have to reserve a table on their balconies that overlook the San Telmo promenade in advance. Lastly, the breath-taking and elegant Restaurante el Monasterio serves typical German desserts, as well as various international dishes.


There are naturally various American fast food joints on the island such as Subway, Burger King and McDonalds. However, if you want to have eat some excellent American food in Tenerife, then we recommend that you order a hamburger at the legendary Hard Rock Hotel in Playa de las Américas or at Brunelli's Steakhouse restaurant in Puerto de la Cruz – where you have the added bonus of having the coast right in front of the restaurant's main seating area.


Being honest, I've never been to a Greek food restaurant in Tenerife, even though I love Greek salad with some flavourful feta cheese or moussaka. However, it seems that Grill y Taberna el Griego, Dafne, and El Greco are the best places for Greek food on the island. We have tried, perhaps thanks to my family origins, two Lebanese food restaurants in Tenerife: Restaurante Habibi in Los Cristianos which, as well as being well decorated, has an excellent kitchen and menu; and Al-Amir Lebanese Restaurant & Shisha, where, according to our friend Rosi, you can eat to your heart's content with that little touch of Lebanon.


Comments from the authors about Tenerife restaurants and bars

It really is a delight to be able to eat food from all over the world in Tenerife – even British, Hungarian, Vietnamese or Persian. This is one advantage of visiting a very cosmopolitan tourist destination. Obviously, if you're going to Tenerife, we heartily recommend that you experience the richness and variety of its local cuisine which includes many kinds of fish, meat, vegetables and desserts. Don't miss the local guachinches, as you won't regret. However, if you miss the food from your own country, you can take a trip down memory lane and enjoy all the flavors you love – just 2,000km away.

Thank you to our family and friends (Vanesa, Noemí, Nesy, Pili, Silvia, Paqui, Rose, Leny and Isa) who helped us with our research for this article. Eating is a pleasure and we want, in addition to experiencing Tenerife's natural beauty, to taste and savour all the good food every great restaurant has on the island.