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Tenerife Loro Parque is one of the tourist's favorites. The interaction that the visitors have with the animals is amazing, especially during the shows when the spectators are called for assistance.

The best way to enjoy is certainly by purchasing a ticket and visiting the park with your family and friends, but below we can give you a glance of the animals and shows you can enjoy while at the park.

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Available Tours at Loro Parque

Discovery Tour

Unfortunately we could not enjoy the Discovery Tour, so we left this one for our next visit J. However, Tenerife Travel Secrets would highly recommend that because, for nearly two hours, the guides of Tenerife Loro Parque will explain details and curious information of the park and its animals (for instance, who is Arabella and why she is so special, what animals like classical music, what animal would have its teeth cleaned every day, and other curious facts). Also you will be able to learn about the origin and history of the park, technological development and machinery that operates there.

This behind-the-scenes tour is done daily at different times and languages ​​such as Spanish, English, German, French and Dutch.  Upon request, you might arrange guided tours in other languages. 

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Premium Tour

The Premium Tour at Tenerife Loro Parque is a real treat and you don’t have to worry about anything at all. You only have to follow the directions mentioned and enjoy the park.  For the performances, you should arrive 15 minutes early to fill the places reserved for you at the time.

The Premium Tour usually starts at 11:00, when you can enjoy the Dolphin Show.  Later, at 12:00 hrs, you have the opportunity to discover the little secrets of Tenerife Loro Parque on the Discovery Tour.  This will end in the area of ​​Orcas, where you can see the show at 14:00 hrs, with a planned lunch at the grill "Patio del Loro" thereafter.  And at 16:55 hrs you can enjoy the antics of the sea lions.  Later, you can visit the baby Station or Katandra Treetops, among other activities.

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Flora and Fauna at Tenerife Loro Parque

Initially we’ll be describing the whole range of animals that can be seen, learn their way of life and how to spend the day at Tenerife Loro Parque facilities. Finally, we are detailing the different shows and the corresponding schedules.


You can see the grullas (species of birds) leisurely strolling through the palms.  This is a beautiful bird with a spectacular plume of golden erected feathers on the head, although the plumage is gray and white on its wings.

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Gorila Ocidental de Llanura (Western Lowland Gorilla) 

Western Lowland Gorilla

An area of about ​​3,500 m² is reserved for Western Lowland Gorillas, species classified as “Critically Endangered”.

Here you will see six singles male gorillas that used to live alone in different European zoos, until Tenerife Loro Parque brought them together to improve their way of life.  With no competition for the females, the fights are avoided and helps conserve the genetic heritage of these males.  Their names are Rafiki, Pole Pole, León, Alladin, Schorsch and Noel.

As an anedoct, in 1993, Michael Jackson has visited the enclosure of the gorillas at Tenerife Loro Parque.

Michael Jackson was one of the famous visitors of the gorillas at Loro Parque

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Penguinarium or Penguin Planet


Open from 8:30 to 18:00 hrs every day.

You can see a rocky area with a large pool and a few Humboldt penguins who usually live in Antarctica.

Even though we were at the park in December, the weather was fantastic, wonderful 25 ° C, which changed immediately after we walked through the ice tunnel that connected the main area of ​​Penguinarium. But once you are in the area of ​​the Penguins temperate gets better again as you are fully isolated from the Penguins (cold atmosphere is 1.5 ° C and the water is about 12 ° C). 

Tenerife Travel Secret

Note that Tenerife Loro Parque has the largest Penguin enclosure and with the highest concentration of penguins in the world. And even though releasing those Pengiuns would probably seem the most reasonable action to be taken for those animals, let’s not forget that humans, in many cases, impede the development and life of certain animals. Therefore, these types of zoos, where the individual conditions of the animals are treasured, deserve our utmost respect, mainly because it advocates esteem, protection and education, so we can cherish and help protecting those beautiful animals.

The park tried to respect the weather conditions (temperature and luminosity) of Antarctica to house the four species found in the penguinarium – Humboldt, the Barbijo, Saltarocas and Rey.

In addition to reporting the delicate situation of the ecosystems in which penguins live, there is a nursery area for young penguin born at Tenerife Loro Parque, with the funniest plush moms that give warmth and tenderness to the newborns. 

Penguins at Loro Parque has a very special nursery so to ensure they are developing well at the park
Kids always love to interact with the penguins at Loro Parque

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Nutrias (Otters)

Khali and Murphi are the two nutrias (otters) that come from the zoo Landau, in Germany.  They are in constant movement and play in their lake with vegetation and logs suitable for their fun and development. 

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Most visitors come to Tenerife Loro Parque with the idea of ​​enjoying each attraction without having to repeat them on the same day, but in the case of the chimpanzees we had to see them twice. Our son was totally amazed by them, especially with one of the mothers who carried her baby close to the protective glass.

The area reserved for chimpanzees is adapted so that they can jump, shelter, take a nap and eat independently, which is not surprising, as these primates are in danger of extinction. They are the closest animals to human species (share almost DNA 99%).

The family residing at Loro Parque is composed of a dominant male called "Churrero", three females of different ages – Silvi, Clara and Marina – and three young one – Ivan, Gombe and Bongo.

Family of chimpanzees

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After Mercado Gambiano you will find the terrarium, which area is reserved for reptiles in general.  There are iguanas up to 12 kilos in weight. 

The Mercado Gambiano, on the way to the Terrarium

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Tortuga Gigante de Galápagos (Galapagos Giant Tortoise) 

Almost without realizing it (as we were watching the parrots that were in front of them) we passed by the area of ​​the turtles, but when and were going towards the area of ​​tigers and the Dolphinarium, turned around and saw a large rock, which turned out to be a beautiful and big giant Galapagos tortoise.

They are a species that could easily be added to the list of endangered animals if we don’t learn how to protect them.

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Tigres Blancos (White Tigers) 

On the way to the dolphin show we stumbled upon the elegant and unusual white tigers.  They began to play (or fight??) with each other, as well as running and splashing in the water.

Note that in the 20th century, three of the nine tiger subspecies cataloged have become extinct.  Of the other 6 subspecies, two are in “critically endangered” status and the other four ”endangered”, mainly because their habitat has been reduced and degraded dramatically. 

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Jaguar (Panthera Onca) 

Surprised – that is the face we had after seeing the Jaguars.  They were lying so quietly and yet so elegant...  It's no wonder they are one of the most respected animals, since the strength of their jaws is quite powerful.  The jaguar is the largest cat in South America and the third largest in the world (first and second Lion Tiger). 

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American Alligator 

Initially we did not realize what could be in that area full of water ... to our surprise we suddenly saw stealthily moving a jaw of gigantic proportions.  And then we realized how the alligators act while hunting their poor unsuspecting prey ... in complete silence and secrecy... Without hesitation, we would have been dinner that evening... J

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Is there a flower that best represent the beauty and exoticism?  We believe it is quite difficult to answer that question, but there is no doubt in saying that the orchid is one of the most beautiful and enigmatic flowers of the planet.

In the orchid house you will find a unique blend of the colors, different textures and unimaginable scents.

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Baby Station

It is usually left to the care of their parents when small pups are born, but when nature does not work correctly for the care of the new baby parrots, then the experts of Tenerife Loro Parque go into action to ensure these pups have no problem with their development.  That is an advantage for the visitor, who can observe more closely as they are being fed and cared for while growing.

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Upon leaving the areas of the orchids and where the parrot babies are taken care of, we find different birds like Ibis and parrots, but what really caught our attention were the beautiful flamingos. We have heard that they are the first birds, along with parrots, cockatoos and Galapagos tortoises, which arrived at Loro Parque. They were quietly in the middle of a large green area, contrasting with their pink-orange feather. 

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Geoffroy's Marmosets, Two-headed Sloths Linne, Green Iguana, Red-Footed Tortoise and Anteater

In Spanish they are: Tití de Geoffroy,  Perezosos de dos dedos de Linne, Iguana Verde, Tortuga de patas rojas and Oso Hormiguero.

Near the exit of the Orca Ocean is the area of ​​these animals, all from South America. So, Loro Parque has provided a subtropical environment that fits their living needs.

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Aviario (Bird Aviary)

The nature in this area is perhaps more wild, there is a large lake and stairs by which you can elevate to see the bird life in the high treetops.

These steps lead to what is known as Katandra (in Australian Aboriginal language that’s how the birdsongs were called) Treetops, and this is certainly one of the most spectacular bird aviaries in the world. 

Just a few steps from the aviary is La Jungla Ara (The Ara Jungle), where it seems that we would have been moved to a rainforest with a constant humid environment.  There you can have a nice and quiet stroll for total praise of nature.

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Suricata (Suricate or Meerkats)

You can also find those small carnivoran called Suricata (Swahili for “Cat from Rocks") usually living in the Kalahari Desert in Botswana and the Namib Desert in Namíbia. 

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Aqua Viva

As Tenerife Loro Parque does not save in the efforts to innovate and expand the exposure of animals, since May 16, 2014 visitors have the pleasure of learning even more in depth the jellyfish at Aqua Viva.  In about 500 m² and more than 100,000 liters of seawater, various species of these invertebrates of many colors and fluorescence intermingle.  Species like jellyfish points, the sea nettle and several varieties of fried egg jellyfish, which caught everyone's attention with the way they swim. 

It was designed with different aquariums with cold water, hot water and others with waters with temperate similar to the ones surrounding the Canary archipelago.  In turn it has tried to reproduce the water flow, lighting and sound for visitors to experience a most detailed and real underwater atmosphere possible.

Besides jellyfish you may also observe Blacktip and Whitetip sharks, and hundreds of colorful tropical fish.

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Shows and Permanent Exhibits at Tenerife Loro Parque

Try not to miss any of the shows offered at Tenerife Loro Parque. They all have their uniqueness and you will certainly learn and enjoy each of them. And it is also a good way to just sit and gain more energy to continue the tour through the park.

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To avoid having to stand during the shows, we recommend that you organize your tour and arrive to the places where the presentations will take place about 15 minutes before.  In general, the number of spaces is quite large, but also the daily visitors, who, in some cases, repeat the same presentation more than once a day.

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Sea Lions

The daily schedule for the shows are: 9:35, 12:30, 14:15, 15:30 and 16:55 hours.

We have arrived five minutes before the show started ... and we had to stand as expected.  Still, during the whole 15-20 mins of presentation we had a lot of fun.  Sea lions and their graceful routines make both adults and children to enjoy the show very much. It’s a pity that our little boy decided to take his nap at that same time... He’d certainly had enjoyed a lot.

On a more interesting note, these animals have adapted so well to life in captivity at Tenerife Loro Parque that since the first ones were received, 30 more puppies were born. These mammals live generally on the western US coast – from California to Alaska.

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The schedule for the 4 shows is as follows: 11:00, 13:15, 14:45 and 16:00hrs.

For this show we have arrived well in advance and since our child was still napping, we benefited from the reserved places for parents with babies and buggies, as well as people in wheelchair, in the front of the stands – while my parents went up to the top of the stands to watch the show from a different point of view.

Initially, 3 parrots flew over the pool for the delight of the spectators waiting for the beginning of the show.  When almost all stands were filled (even some people were standing by one of the entrances), 3 coaches made entry and were presenting their fellow friendly bottlenose dolphins.

In between stunts and jumps, the coaches took the show to a didactic and illustrative way, which was certainly very interesting to everyone. 

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Tenerife Loro Parque dolphinarium opened in 1987 and is considered one of the most modern venues in the world.  Perhaps for that, and also for the good care of the animals which in turn also enjoy the spectators, there were few other that were born there.

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Noah was full of energy again to play and we couldn’t have found a better place for him than Kinderlandia, where he had a lot of fun climbing, sliding down the snake-shaped slide and jumping at this children paradise.

In its suspended bridges and trees, children feel in the middle of the jungle where they can imagine all sorts of adventures and enjoy with other children. We did not try it (will be for the next visit), but it would have been fun the "Orcatren" – a most entertaining rollercoaster.

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Parrot Show

There are 6 daily shows: 10:25, 11:50, 13:30, 15:00, 16:00 and 17:30 hrs.

The room where the Loro Show takes place is beautiful and very colorful.  It has amazing pictures of parrots in flight, their feathers, and the roof so bright and with images of plants, giving the impression of being in a rainforest.

We sat without any issues in different parts of the stands, to have different perspectives of the show. For this show our son was finally awake J and was able to enjoy the antics of Pepe and his friends.  It was perhaps too fast for a 2-year old child while they were hovering around the enclosure but he surely enjoyed – he was after the show repeating the word “parrot” J

The first show featured at Tenerife Loro Parque was in 1972 and almost from the beginning has been linked with the task of protecting these precious birds, that each year are in greater danger of extinction since their habitats are destroyed, due to the high deforestation that the Planet suffers yearly.

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Orca Ocean

There are 3 daily shows, as follows: 11:45, 14:00 and 16:45 hrs.

The spectacle of the orcas is a must-see.  Everyone is amazed when they see the height that these mammals are able to reach, as well as how smart they are. 

There is a very interesting Orca Ocean exhibit located just halfway down to the pools. There is an area of seats, at the lower part of the stands, called "Splash Zone". As the name suggests, you will very likely, be soaked at the end of the presentation, since it is very close to the pool. In case you stay there, don’t forget to bring or buy a raincoat to avoid getting wet as much as possible.

6 orcas live at Tenerife Loro Parque, the first four coming from the USA SeaWorld, which are:

1. Keto, born in 1995

2. Tekoa, born in 2000

3. Kohana, born in 2002

4. Skyla, born in 2004

5. Morgan, born in 2008 and rescued in Dutch waters

6. Adam is the youngest and the only one of all members of this particular family born in Tenerife Loro Parque (in 2010).  For the moment, each occasion is special to play and learn something new J

Orca Ocean is considered the most innovative and modern facility in the world to house orcas and was built especially for the welfare of these animals, as well as raising awareness with the public.

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Ocean World - Naturavision

The schedules of the 3 projections are as follows: 11:45, 14:45 and 17:15.

Since we got there a little later we could only enjoy the screening of "Planet Life". Yet, we are confident that it is a unique experience to see this detailed documentary, and which shows beautiful places of the planet and its nature. In its educational and protective function, this film will show you why there are companies, organizations and foundations such as Tenerife Loro Parque Foundation doing everything possible to protect natural resources and animal species that inhabit our precious Earth. What is it that you're willing to do?

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It opens daily from 10:00 until 18:45 hrs.

As one of the last attractions, we went into the aquarium, passing by an area where we could see all kinds of tropical fruits that would probably feed the animals the next day.

Already in the aquarium we saw twelve marine exhibits with all kinds of fish, more than a hundred different species. Enjoy corals, piranhas with their deep violet color and shiny scales, the funny clownfish, sea turtles, jellyfish, manta rays and seahorses. Enjoy also a beautiful bluish cylinder full of very small fish.

The water used for the aquarium and the thematic exhibitions comes from the Atlantic Ocean – the ocean is located just 150 meters from the park. A total of 1.200.000 liters of water of exceptional quality, since it is treated with ozone – highly reactive oxygen – to remove any impurities and keep it as clean and free from diseases as possible.

Definitely one of the highlights of the visit to the aquarium was the shark tunnel, where we all were in amazement for seeing the different kinds of sharks and other marine life swimming over our heads.

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Porcelaine Museum

The last thing we enjoyed in this very full day at Tenerife Loro Parque was the Porcelain Museum, where we found a large variety of parrots carved in porcelain, with some parts more than three centuries old. Some of them were created by renowned artists in the field such as Meissen, Rosenthal, Hutschenreuther and Nymphenburg.

80% of the pieces come from German manufacturers. In fact the first parrot porcelain factory in Europe was Meissen in 1710. 

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