A day of fun at one of the best zoos in the world

Tenerife Loro Parque offers you and your family an unique experience. Want the chance to interact with some of the most beautiful animal species known to man? You'll have a great, relaxing time – and also learn an awful lot. Loro Parque is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Tenerife. Visitors to the park have the chance to get up close and personal with the animals. Audience participation is guaranteed during the animal shows.

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Tenerife Loro Parque opened in 1972, owned by German businessman Mr Kiessling. He originally had 150 parrots living in an area of 13,000 square meters. Nowadays, the park spans over 135,000 square meters and has welcomed over 40 million visitors.


Prices and opening times at Tenerife Loro Parque

Tenerife Loro Parque is a must-see attraction in Tenerife, and so is bustling with visitors all year round. The ticket price for children aged 3-11 is cheaper than adults, and children under the age of 3 get in for free. Locals get a special discount. You can also save money with the Twin Ticket – which grants you entry into both Tenerife Loro Parque and Siam Park. The park is open 8:30am-6:45pm daily.

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If you want to see all the shows at Tenerife Loro Parque, then we recommend you arrive no later than 9:30am.


Attractions at Tenerife Loro Parque

Loro Parque has a massive variety of animals, plant life and shows for you to see. Most of the animals at the park have been rescued or transferred from other parks, zoos or circuses. The one exception is the puffins, which were donated to the park by the Icelandic government.


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The park is home to six male western lowland gorillas, all of which came from different European zoos. Nowadays they live in a 3,500-square meter enclosure. With no competition over female gorillas, fights are mostly avoided so the genetic heritage of these males can be preserved.


The long list of animals that can be found at Loro Parque is impressive. You can see birds, all kinds of mammals, reptiles, the Galapagos giant tortoise, and of course many different parrots. Most visitors won't want to see the same animals more than once, but we went to see the chimpanzees twice. Our son was totally in awe of them, especially the way in which one of the mothers carried her baby 😊


The Baby Station is where any newborn animals are raised if they need some extra care and attention. We personally found the bird aviary to be perhaps the wildest part of Loro Parque. The area has its own lake, and you can climb some stairs to observe the bird life amidst the treetops. One of our son's favourite places was Penguin Planet. You enter the area via a cold, dark cave and can watch an immense colony with four species of penguin. It was truly a spectacular experience.


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Loro Parque has one of the largest penguin enclosures and biggest penguin populations in the world. They study the penguins so that the public can learn how we can help protect them in their natural habitat.


You can also see the aquatic side of nature at the Aquarium. It has 12 different marine life exhibitions that include tropical fish, turtles and piranhas. It is also home to the famous glass tunnel, where you can watch sharks and other enormous fish swim overhead. Aqua Viva is also the home of various species of jellyfish. These animals' different colours and the way they swim in particular managed to catch everyone's attention.


Tours, shows and permanent exhibits at Tenerife Loro Parque

The Discovery Tour lets you learn a lot of little facts about many different animals. This includes the way they are looked after and the origins of Loro Parque, among other things. The Premium Tour is like having your own personal tour guide, and is seriously worth every second. You visit some restricted areas, like where the gorillas sleep and the lowest area of the huge orca tank. It was a memorable experience, as one of the orcas swam up to the glass to curiously examine our son 😊 Lunch is included in the price of the tour and you also get reserved seats at the animal shows.


Each one of the shows at Loro Parque starts at a different time. In order not to miss anything, you'll have to plan your visit out in advance. All the shows are unique and very enjoyable. You'll learn a thing or two, and they are a nice break before you continue your tour through the park.


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Try to arrive at the shows at least 15 minutes before they start to find a place to sit.

The first time we went to Loro Parque, our son had a nap during the dolphin and sea lion shows. (There's a reserved area for buggies and wheelchairs in front of the stands). He managed to see the dolphin show on our second visit and watched every jump in awe. The dolphin show is definitely going to be the most unforgettable experience at the park for your children. The trainers there also explain how we can help any dolphins we might find stranded on the beach.


The room where the Loro Show (Parrot Show) is held is beautiful and very colourful. It makes you feel like you're in the middle of a rainforest. The parrots probably fly too fast around the enclosure for your kids to see them, but they'll still enjoy it. The Orca Ocean is definitely a must-see show at the park. You'll get to see their enormous size and how intelligent they are. If you decide to sit in the Splash Zone, then you'll almost definitely be soaked by the end of the show. Don't forget to bring a raincoat to avoid getting wet as much as possible.


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1.2 million litres of clean and treated water are used for the aquarium and thematic exhibitions. It comes from the Atlantic Ocean, which is only 150 meters away from the park.


If you go to Tenerife Loro Parque with your kids, then don't miss out on Kinderlandia and the Orcatren rollercoaster. Our son is always full of energy, so we couldn't have found a better place for him to play. He had a lot of fun climbing, sliding down the snake slide and jumping around. The suspended bridge and trees allow children to have imaginative adventures in the middle of the jungle.


Finally, if you're looking for some relaxation, then you can watch some documentaries at Ocean World – Naturavision. The Porcelain Museum is also great, as it houses a huge collection of porcelain birds.


Restaurants and communal areas at Tenerife Loro Parque

There are a large number of bars and restaurants at Loro Parque that serve a wide range of meals. Some of the best are Casa Pepe, Choza de los Duques, Grill Patio del Loro and Café Vista Teide. There are also a lot of souvenir shops scattered all over the park. And outside the park, across the street, there is the amazing Brunelli's Steakhouse, a restaurant that is one of the best in the north and that also belongs to the group.


Loro Parque Foundation and the inspiration behind the park

The park’s international non-profit organization, the Loro Parque Foundation, helps protect endangered species (like the Lear's macaw and the grey-headed parakeet) of birds and marine life and their natural habitats. The park's goal is to educate its visitors as well as entertain them. The hope is that we, and our children, can learn how to be responsible. By becoming aware of the ways in which we can protect these animals, we might be able to help them. Loro Parque has become a world leader in showing the impact that climate change has on parrots.


Getting there

Tenerife Loro Parque is near Playa Jardín in Puerto de la Cruz. There aren't any dedicated car parks, so you'll have to find a spot on the road.

Loro Parque - Avenida Loro Parque, S/N. 38400 Puerto de La Cruz, Tenerife



Final comments from the authors

We've taken our son to the park twice: once when he was two with his grandparents and once when he was five. Tenerife Loro Parque is an extremely rewarding, entertaining and enlightening experience thanks to the efforts they go to in order to give the animals in the park as well as in the wild freedom and respect. It's definitely a great place for a fun day out for the whole family – even my parents had a great time. It really seems like a lot of thought and effort has gone into each and every aspect of the park, from the visitors’ area to contact with the animals and the educational way of showing visitors why these animals need to be looked after. Loro Parque in Tenerife is without a doubt one of the best zoos in the world, and going there is worth every cent.