...a fantastic jungle in the south of Tenerife

Welcome to Tenerife Jungle Park – a huge natural jungle in the south of Tenerife home to a number of animals. The shows are the park's main attraction, with birds flying freely among the crowd. It's a fascinating place that takes great care of its animals – which we've seen from first-hand experience. This is partly why Tenerife Jungle Park is one of the main attractions in Tenerife and the Canary Islands.

Come to Tenerife Jungle Park and spend a magical day with family and friends. It features some of the best bird shows. Purchase your two-park ticket and benefit from several discounts.

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The park is an authentic jungle and is home to over 300 animals from 100 different species. They delight visitors every day of the year.


Tenerife Jungle Park – Ticket prices and Opening Hours

The ticket price for an adult is more expensive than for children aged 5-10 and seniors over 65; children aged 3-4 pay cheaper and children under the age of three get in for free. You can also get a discount by buying your tickets online, and there are season passes and family packages. Another option is the Twin Ticket, if you decide to visit both Aqualand and Tenerife Jungle Park. Residents of the Canary Islands also benefit from even more discounts.


Tenerife Jungle Park – Parque Las Águilas is open 10am-5:30pm all year round. You can only purchase tickets on site until 4:30pm. We recommend you get to the park earlier than this though, or you'll miss out on most of the attractions. There are four shows daily: the Exotic Birds show is at 11am and 2:30pm; the Birds of Prey show is at 12pm and 4pm; the Sea Lion show is at 1:45pm and 3:15pm; and the Penguin Feeding Time show is at 12:45pm.


Animals and shows at Tenerife Jungle Park

We got to Tenerife Jungle Park just after 10am, when it opens. The first thing we saw was the den where some deer live. We then took some photos with some cockatoos and an owl that was resting on a perch, and 'bumped into' a calm and colourful toucan. When we walked past the penguin pool, where they were all napping or swimming peacefully. There is a small tunnel where you can watch them dive and swim. That really gives you a great perspective of these wonderful animals.


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Tenerife Jungle Park, previously called Parque de las Águilas, is home to birds and other animals from 100 different species. It is one of the most interesting theme parks in Europe. The park spans 75,000 square feet - about the size of 10 football pitches!


  • The Exotic Birds and Sea Lion shows

    When we arrived at 10:40, we first headed to the 11am Exotic Bird show – which lasted about 20 minutes. There was a group of local school children who really seemed to enjoy the show. In addition to the birds that fly around, there are parrots (one of which is called Bruce), hornbills and macaws. The Sea Lion show consists of eight sea lions (two males and six females). They perform acrobatic stunts, wave at the crowd, applaud and 'have conversations'.


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    These shows are very interactive - almost the entire crowd gets to interact with the animals in some way. Our son fed a trumpeted hornbill, which is an experience he will remember for a long time. 😊


  • The Birds of Prey show

    We then moved on to the park’s star attraction: the Birds of Prey show. It's a demonstration that lasts just over 20 minutes and takes place twice a day at 12pm and 4pm. It showcases the airborne grace of these avian hunters – who fly both individually and in groups. Many huge birds were featured in the show, as well as various eagles of different species. We were really looking forward to seeing the Andean Condor, as they are the heaviest flying birds in the world. The trainer played 'Pumpkin and Hunny Bunny-Misirilou' from the film Pulp Fiction to make the birds do a nosedive.


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Sometimes the eagles and condors don’t want to return to the show area. When this happens, the trainers move on to the next activity. The birds are tracked via GPS so that they can fly freely, and the trainers can locate them easily.


When the show had finished we walked around the rest of Tenerife Jungle Park to see all the other animals, like the meerkats. The park managed to successfully raise three baby meerkats that were born on site – which, given how challenging it is to breed animals in captivity, is an enormous success. We also saw the large flocks of birds and the big orangutan – who was relaxing in the sun. In the southwest area of the park is 'Bob', a 800m-high slope that you can slide down at high speeds.


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Please remember to use common sense when you visit Tenerife Jungle Park. The animals are there so that we get the chance to see them in their own habitat. They are not toys for our own entertainment, so please be respectful and refrain from tapping on the glass of their enclosures or using flash photography.


Restaurants and communal areas

Tenerife Jungle Park has three food and drink areas. There is a snack bar close to the park entrance, and you can order some delicious food at Restaurant La Palapa to eat whilst you enjoy the Exotic Bird and Sea Lion shows. There is also a pizzeria and a fast food stand, so you'll easily be able to find food to your liking and budget.


Location and getting there

Tenerife Jungle Park – Las Águilas is located far away from the big masses of tourists, but there is a free bus service from Los Cristianos and Las Américas. We recommend you book your journey in advance if you're travelling from other parts of the island.

The park is located in Urbanization Las Águilas del Teide s/n 38640 ARONA-TENERIFE SUR.


Final comments from the authors to Jungle Park

Tenerife Jungle Park is a highly recommendable place to visit for families, adults and young people. The relaxed atmosphere, the dedicated park staff who care for the animals with respect, the good climate and the interesting activities on offer all make Tenerife Jungle Park an excellent day out. Everything just seems to fall into place to create the perfect animal park.


Our little one seemed to really enjoy the different shows, and in particular the Sea Lion show. The various shows and enclosures mean that everyone will have their own favourite animal after going to this beautiful park – which is really unlike any other in Europe. Then you could add a visit to Aqualand Costa Adeje, in Tenerife.