Tenerife Hotel Directory
A Diversity of Holiday Accommodation over the Island

Tenerife hotel directory and holiday accommodation is growing in quantity and quality at the same speed as new visitors from Europe and elsewhere come to visit the island aiming to be closer to the nature and beaches.

Initially in the Canary Islands, the economic life revolved around agriculture, livestock, fisheries and processing of some traditional materials. Currently most of these forms of economic production are residual and tourism sector has taken center stage in the Islands' economy. Tourism is already one of the most important sources of income for the Canary Islands in general, and Tenerife is no exception; this is the reason why many companies on the island depend on foreign inflows.

Casas Rurales or Cottages

Tenerife receives about four million tourists a year, for this reason the Island has to provide top notch accommodation options so they can spend their desirable holidays. In Tenerife, the best hotels and apartments are mainly concentrated in the south of the island (considering the favorable weather conditions), but you can find a wide variety of them in the northern cities of Tenerife. Puerto de la Cruz, for instance, is one of the “pueblos” (towns) that attracts many tourists in the north, thus, it is not hard to find great hotels and apartments in that area.

The level of accommodation and services provided towards the visitors of the island is quite high in quality. On the other hand, to find competitive prices is necessary and advisable to search in the Tenerife Hotel Directory and book in advance, especially if your holidays coincide with the peak season (July, August and December). Bear in mind when visiting the islands, prices vary mainly according to the place and season of the year.

Tenerife Hotel Directory - Hotels and Resorts

There are top rate hotels (such as deluxe or large resorts) –multi-star, smaller hotels with great service and the most inexpensive ones. There are also some hotels with a lower budget and with exclusive service. As stated earlier, the options of hotels in Tenerife is very large and for all tastes. The variety of architectural styles is also impressive. That goes from the Canarian style with beautiful interior courtyards (Hotel Spa Villalba in Vilaflor is one example), to the colonial or modern styles.

Many Tenerife hotels have swimming pools and beautiful tropical gardens that take us to a lost paradise of unique landscapes... The service in the majority of hotels is of such a very high quality that makes the holidays of the guest an unforgettable experience.

Luxury Hotels and Resorts - Quick Links

Of course that in the midst of the great options there are few that don’t meet the desirable standards, that’s why Tenerife Travel Secrets selected in the Tenerife Hotel Directory a few options that are pretty well rated by their guests.

The hotels do not always include breakfast in the room rate, and that´s one of the reasons why many tourists visiting the Canary Islands are drawn to book travel packages with the "all inclusive", to avoid extra costs not considered in the initial budget. In Tenerife you can find hotels of all types, such as “accommodation only”, those with breakfast included, half-board (breakfast+dinner) and full board (including all meals), all of which with very competitive prices and to the high standards expected.

The Resorts are those hotels geared for relaxation and recreation at the same time during the holiday period. Most of the activities are related to the hospitality, leisure, sport, entertainment and shopping. You might get confused by the Resorts mentioned as places, such as Los Cristianos, Playa de Las Americas, Costa Adeje, etc. These places located in the south coast were developed in the past decades to receive the visitors and provide them all services needed. Within those Resorts (Places) you will find some of the best Tenerife Resorts (Hotels).

Tenerife Hotel Directory - Apartments

There is a wide offer of apartments for businesses and individuals. There are big and small apartments, located in the beach, in the countryside or the city. They are the most economical option for those traveling with family or group and planning a longer stay, but you can also find apartments to be rented for only few days or weeks.

There are amazing opportunities of real estate rental and sale in Canary Islands and quite few great companies that can provide a wide range of options for all sizes of budget and taste.

Tenerife Hotel Directory - Apart-Hotels

The choice of apart-hotels are halfway to the luxury and comfort of a normal hotel and with the convenience of an apartment, as they often come equipped with kitchen and many of the necessary appliances. It is a great option for families, mainly for the convenience of having an apartment, but with hotel services.

The reservation system is the same as a hotel but an apartment is fully furnished and equipped like a private home. Although it does not have a fixed contract, the stay can be as wide as the guest want. Many of the regular visitors of Tenerife choose this option, so to feel home and away.

Tenerife Hotel Directory - Cottages or Rural Houses

Although tourism is the main source in Canary Islands, the other sources of income represent important parts in the economic base. One of them is agriculture, which in turn is benefiting tourism, offering a choice of sustainable tourism and particular aspects of the island. For instance, Tenerife is filled with vineyards and terraced fields, large banana plantations, different fields of fruit trees and different greenhouses with tomatoes and flowers. The visitor can benefit from this rural tourism, on top of the mountains, volcanoes, landscapes and beaches.

There is a vast range of cottages or rural houses (casas rurales), especially in the north of the island, where you can be in closer contact with nature and with the native people. In recent years this type of accommodation have proliferated vastly, mainly because many visitors look for relaxing destinations and away from tourist-only areas. The Canary Islands government, in turn, offered different types of financial aid that have stimulated the renewal or restoration of old houses to better accommodate tourists.

In this type of accommodation there is often an opportunity to get in touch with traditional agriculture from the Canaries, in addition to personal contact with the native owners of the same.

There are several types of systems that rate the quality of service offered in rural accommodation. Some of them are:

  • Q de Calidad, nationally recognized system for the entire Spanish tourist industry;
  • Ecored is a pilot environmental system being developed in La Gomera;
  • Biosphere House, system for a sustainable tourism management.

Tenerife Hotel Directory - Hostels

Hostels are also a budget accommodation option and a good opportunity to make friends. It is not, the most common one in the islands, but for sure you will find great hostels with friendly staff and amazing facilities, such as Albergue de Bolico in Buenavista del Norte.

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