... a Golf Club and Three Courses

Holidays in Canaries with Golf del Sur Tenerife, a golf course that was the second to be built on the island and the first in the southern part. Since 1987, when the course was built, Golf del Sur has hosted a number of prestigious international tournaments, particularly in the 1990s when the big names like Olazabal, Gilford, Mark James, Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els, Garret and Carriedo met in Tenerife.


Tenerife Travel Secret

This course gives the unrivalled opportunity to share the same experiences that many famous faces of golf felt when competing on an iconic course like Golf del Sur Tenerife.

Prices and Opening Hours at Golf del Sur Tenerife

The prices vary according to the time of year. From May to September (low season) is more expensive than from November to March (high season). In April and October it’s an intermediate price.


If you know you will play on more than one day you should consider buying a pass, prices of which also vary according to the time of year. You can also play 18 holes or just 9, with a buggy (automatic or manual) and hired golf clubs … you choose.

The opening hours of Golf del Sur Tenerife are 7:30am to 7pm, but people are generally ready and waiting for the facilities to open in order to be the first ones on the course. Therefore at 7:30am there is usually a lot of movement and while they are waiting to Tee-off the golfers usually warm up. Between the reception area and the restaurant there is a small space where you can warm up (putting-green), and there is also a practice area called the Driving Range for beginners (to learn or practice) and non-beginners (to warm up and practice).

General Information and Climate of the Area Around Golf del Sur Tenerife

It usually takes around 4,5 hours to complete 18 holes of Golf del Sur Tenerife. Golfers generally arrive before to practice a bit and when they finish they often go to the restaurant to eat or have a beer. When you finish you can keep enjoying the club and its facilities or continue practicing.


Tenerife Travel Secret

It is the only commercial golf club in Tenerife with members. It has some 200 members, residents of Tenerife (80%), Canary Islanders and foreigners. The members hold small competitions and usually celebrate in the cafeteria afterwards.

Obviously it is impossible to continue playing golf in continental Europe during the winter months, due to the low temperatures and snow, and therefore one of the closest places for keen golfers is Tenerife.


Tenerife Travel Secret

Tenerife is considered to be a winter destination. As temperatures in winter are 22-24°C (and being close to Africa), you would guess with some certainty that in summer it should be very hot. However, in Tenerife summer temperatures are almost as pleasant as in winter (28-30°C) and prices for playing golf are quite cheap.

For that reason many German, English and, increasingly, French, Belgian and, in winter, Nordic (particularly Swedish) people make use of the Golf del Sur facilities.

Facilities at Golf del Sur Tenerife

The facilities at Golf del Sur Tenerife are in the same level of many other top European golf courses. You just enter a large open-air car park and from there it is just a few metres’ walk to the main building where the reception and shop are located. There you can also rent the services which you need or buy famous brands of clothing or branded Golf del Sur items, apart from booking your game of golf or finding out about lessons with the Pro. To buy or repair equipment or find out about classes you have to go to the Professional shop which is in front of the cafeteria. Paco Millán looks after the equipment and is also a professional instructor who gives classes on the Golf School.


In front of the shop is the area with the cafeteria, restaurant and function room. The restaurant is open all day, has a bar upstairs and serves a varied buffet. At night it is used for all kinds of events (weddings, tournaments, etc.).


The courses of Golf del Sur

We had the opportunity to visit this iconic golf course on two occasions. On one of the days we took a ride in a double buggy at 8:30am and Nelly (the Commercial Director of Golf del Sur) showed us the three courses.


The names of the three courses are:

  • Links: the one closest to the sea, spectacular views to the Ocean from the 5th Tee, up on the hill. Driving to the 3rd there’s a lake that you have to cross over to play the 4th green;
  • Sur: the most technical course, you need to think how to avoid the “ravines”, the hazard areas, etc, to get a good score on your round. Arriving to the 2nd hole, called the “fried egg”, you see a green completely surronded by volcanic sun… IT IS AN EXPERIENCE!!
  • Norte: starts with a “blind hole”, and a bell advices the next fligth when you are leaving the green. Holes 3 and 4 drive along the Ambiental Reserve, and on the 7th you can find a water obstacle with the ducks waiting to be fed 🙂

Tenerife Travel Secret

It is the only golf club in Tenerife with three courses (or put in another way, with 27 holes), which helps the game to be very varied and speed up the game. Having the 3 nines it gives you the opportunity of playing 6 different combinations. In a course of 18 holes you just can play A and B.


"Norte" Course

We started the visit on the ‘Norte’ course, the views from which are beautiful. We skirted the arid San Blas ravine (which probably has lots of lost golf balls at the bottom), which contrasts with the greenness of the course and holds a variety of wildlife. The first four holes border the environmental reserve.


Tenerife Travel Secret

It used to be a tomato-growing area, but since the golf course was built the climate in the area has changed, and the wildlife has been revitalised: kestrels, white herons, partridges, rabbits, ducks … bird watchers sometimes even come to the course to try to observe the birds in their new habitat.


"Sur" Course

In the high part of the ‘Norte’ course there is a small lake which joins it to the ‘Sur’ course. From there we arrived at ‘Sur’ course’s iconic hole number 2, which has truly aesthetic appeal. At this hole you can appreciate the contrast between the green of the course, the blue of the sky and the black of the bunker. Its unique appearance of being like an island has meant that it has appeared in the world’s best golfing magazines, the most recent example being in the magazine Golf World (in the article ‘100 Classic Golf Courses UK and Continental Europe’).

We continued the tour to the ‘Links’ course which is close to the sea. There is another lake where we found some friendly ducks which are accustomed to humans and even follow those who give them food. Following the water theme, the courses are prepared and watered before the golfers arrive.


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The water used to irrigate the grass at Golf del Sur Tenerife is waste water from Santa Cruz (recycled water which is bought and used for watering). Drinking water is never used for watering the grass.

Here we make a little aside that the services of the Golf del Sur Tenerife are regulated by the ISO (14001) which regulates and guarantees the quality which it provides. It is also certified by other organisations such as Biosfera (concerned with the environment) and FamilyWelcome.


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The Golf del Sur Tenerife is part of Volcanic Tenerife and for that reason one of its distinctive features is that its bunkers (those sandy areas which protect the green) are made of volcanic black sand. The vegetation on the courses is also indigenous.

We stopped at hole 8 where we realised that there are different starting points depending on whether you’re male, female or professional, and that the grass on the green is different from that on the rest of the course. The way in which it is mowed is also different and must be done daily. In low season they usually treat and protect the grass on the various courses.


Tenerife Travel Secret

Golf del Sur Tenerife is very close to the southerly airport, but even though you can see the planes circling in the distance, surprisingly you almost never hear them. We noticed this both times that we visited the course.

If, after reading this article, you aren’t fully convinced that golf will be your new hobby, then at least a class at the school which is found at the Driving Range at Golf del Sur is worth trying. Maybe you will be convinced after the class...


Getting There

If you come from the airport you should take exit 24 (Los Abrigos / Las Galletas). Cross the bridge and at the roundabout take the exit towards Los Abrigos. Following the signs you will arrive at the golf course in less than five minutes.

Golf del Sur Tenerife - Avenida J.M. Galván Bello, s/n, Casa Club. 38639 Oasis del Sur, San Miguel de Abona.


Final Comments from the Authors

You can visit Golf del Sur at any time of year, but if you want to save or you only want to learn how to play, why not come to Tenerife in summer? The advantages are: lower prices, a great service, an excellent course and warm temperatures (above 28°C) regulated by a soft breeze.