Tenerife Ferries

Tenerife ferries are a different way to start your holidays. You can reach the island by ferry from the mainland (Spain) or from Portugal. The Tenerife ferries or ships that often make these routes are large floating structures with lots of amenities and services, and accommodate different budgets for their travelers. They are a good option especially for those who prefer not to book cheap flights to Tenerife or those who simply would like to enjoy a relaxing journey through the seas.

The ferries can transport from bicycles and motorcycles to small cars (under 4.85 m long and 1.85 m high, for instance), trailers and motor homes.

The deadline for issuing tickets is 15 minutes before departure of the Tenerife ferries. After this time limit, the authorities of the ferry can reject the passenger and / or vehicle without any responsibility.

If you are accessing the Tenerife ferry with your car it is advisable to be an hour earlier, all other passengers may arrive half an hour before the ferry sails. Just don’t forget to present a valid identity document and a boarding pass. If you want to benefit from the reductions that Canarian residents are entitled to, you must show a valid residence card.

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Companies Travelling from the Continent to the Islands

Acciona Transmediterranea

The company links the coastal city if Cadiz (Spain) with the Canaries and has one of the youngest and best equipped fleets in Europe. The comfort in their ships is guaranteed, and among the services and facilities, you will find swimming pools and club rooms, at least in some of the ferries.

This journey takes place once a week from the Port of Cadiz and the approximate duration of the trip is 50 hours (2 days and 2 hours), but depending on the weather conditions this might vary.

The tickets are personal and not transferable; therefore you have to provide a valid identification document along with your ticket upon boarding.

For security reasons, there are some restrictions on certain items carried in hand luggage, checked or in the vehicle. Some of them might be considered hazardous such as certain safety kits, general explosives, radioactive materials and even certain liquids, solids and gases. Also keep in mind that certain medications and toiletries can also be considered as dangerous goods.

The cabin passenger has the right to carry a maximum of 40 kg for free, which is included in the price paid for the ticket. Passengers who have booked the chair can take up to 20 kg. Above that weight, you have to pay an additional amount up to 75 kg (cabin) and 30 kg (seats). In turn, the passenger will be responsible for personal belongings.

Cancellations of the bookings of Tenerife ferries from Acciona and ticket changes are allowed, subject to certain penalties, therefore have a look at the special conditions of the company before booking the ticket. We mention below some examples of modification allowed, but once again, have a look at specific conditions prior to booking the trip:

  • Open Tickets - Changing a ticket with defined dates of return to an open one will be deemed as a cancellation, but there are no financial penalties to do so;
  • Open tickets are valid for one year from the date of issue, and its use is subject to a pre-booking;
  • Special Rates - subject to specific conditions. In these cases, the penalty for cancellation will comply with the terms of the rate applied which can even result in a total loss of the ticket.

Space or cabin reservation for anyone with limited mobility can be done through the company phone +34 902.454.645 or through the authorized sales offices of the company. To ensure good service and necessary assistance we recommend you to reserve at least 48 hours before departure.

You can travel with your pet in the Tenerife ferries of Acciona Transmediterranea, however there is a designated transport area for them. You then provide a valid ticket and documentation for health, if required. Guide dogs may accompany their passengers free of charge.

For any further information you can call the following telephone number +34 902.454.645 or visit the website of the company.

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Naviera Armas

Naviera Armas since 1941, the company has 9 ships carrying goods and passengers. Their Tenerife ferries have names that always begin with "Volcán", such as Volcán Teide and Volcán de Tejeda, and sail in over 28 routes. That makes Naviera Armas number one in Canary Islands and top regional maritime communicator in Europe. The connections to the mainland are in Huelva (Spain) and Portimao and Funchal (Portugal).

The journey from the Port of Huelva (Spain) is done once a week and the approximate duration is 33 hours. From the port of Portimao (Portugal), the journey is done twice a week with an approximate duration of 34 hours. From the port of Funchal (Madeira Island – Portugal) the journey is done once a week with an approximate duration of 16 hours and 15 minutes. However, the weather conditions might also impact in the time of the travel.

There are different rates for different ages and offers, such as the ones listed below:

  • Tarifa General: general rate for adults between 12 and 60;
  • Residente Canario: Resident discounted rate. To obtain the discount it is essential to mention a valid ID number upon booking and to provide a photocopy of the same when getting the boarding passes;
  • No residente Familia Numerosa: General Rate with discount for large family;
  • Residente Familia Numerosa: Resident discounted rate for large family;
  • Tarifa Menor de 26: special discounted rate for those under 26 years;
  • Tarifa Mayor de 60: special discounted rate for seniors over 60 years;

  • Paquete ahorro: special discounted rate, which includes round trip, for the number of people selected and the vehicle;

  • Loro Parque: special discounted rate, which includes round trip, for the number of people mentioned and the vehicle, as well as entrances to Loro Parque;
  • Siam Park: special discounted rate, which includes round trip, for the number of people mentioned and the vehicle, as well as entrances to Siam Park.

During the trip pets over 6 kg should be kept in cages, but the owners have the possibility to visit them upon permission of the staff. Pets less than 6 kg, except guided dogs, will have restricted access to some areas of the ferries. All animals must invariably be on a leash during boarding and when leaving the ferries and in no case can travel inside the vehicles.

For any more information you can call the number +34 928.300.600 or visit the website of the company.

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