Planning Your Party Days...

If you are going, during Tenerife Carnival, to have the time of your life, you certainly need the best tips to enjoy the festival and have as much fun as possible. That's why Tenerife Travel Secrets has prepared this small guide with the needed information for our visitors plan well their trip to the island. A little bit of organization and plan ahead won’t hurt and will be useful during your stay especially because those days will be very busy, with lots of visitors in Tenerife and Canaries.

That means that you will need to organize way before your trip, things like, accommodation, car, and why not, schedule the visit to others of the many attractions available.

Tenerife Carnival - Schedule

Everything you need to know about the parade, parties, etc. Tenerife Travel Secrets have prepared a separate page with the best pre- and post-Carnival events scheduled, so you can warm-up and say goodbye to this fantastic festival enjoying every little bit of it.


Tenerife Carnival - Safety and Security During your Stay

In general, Tenerife is a very safe city, but as in many other places and capitals in Europe, an extra caution is always welcome, especially during carnival season, when many people come to the island, drink and discharge their happiness and energy.

We cannot disregard the fact that, like in any other place during such an event, there might be some looters or vandals during that period that disrespect the authorities and the good moments of the rest of us. Police enforcement is increased exactly for all locals and visitors to only enjoy the moment, without safety concerns.

And again, for such a big event the crime rate is relatively low, but given the crowds, exercise some vigilance, especially if you have kids with you. Try to avoid carrying expensive items, use bags with secure zip, and in case of any issue, report to the police immediately… no need to be a hero during your holidays. 🙂


Flying to Tenerife

If you have not book yet your tickets we strongly recommend you do so the soonest. Being one of the busiest seasons of the year in Canary Islands and Tenerife especially, the demand for flights and cruise tickets is extremely high, and with it high prices are not uncommon.

Ryanair, Iberia, Jetairfly, Vueling… there are quite few options if you are flying to Tenerife. Expedia is one of the top companies specialized in finding the best flight alternatives, combining prices and schedule.

Expedia collects the information from most of the major and low cost airlines and brings you results easy to filter and select the options that attract you the most. Fill the spaces below, mentioning where you are flying from and dates, and you will be redirected to website of Expedia, so to select and book the flights:

More information about the airports, getting in and out of the island, you can find in our special section for Tenerife Flights.


By Ferry

You could also come to the island by ferry, using the services of one of the specialized companies going to the Canary Islands, from the mainland in Spain.

The travel time is considerably longer, but it does not mean that you will not enjoy the trip. Usually the ferry companies provide all comfort and facilities you need to not get bored or exhausted after a long journey.

Same way as the flights, the prices could also increase during this period, so also worth booking in advance. is one of the leading companies bringing results of the ferries available also to/from Tenerife. Below you can simulate and search the best connections to the island:


Last, but not least, you could book a cruise, with stops in Tenerife and the Canary Islands. Higher prices come without saying, but it is a very good option if you want to enjoy a lot the trip before, during and after the Carnival in Tenerife.

The facilities in the cruises are normally outstanding, with lots of entertainment for children and adults, swimming pool, casino, games, etc.

Normally you should book your cruise way before carnival, but if you are lucky enough, might find something just close to the dates of the festival.


Tenerife Carnival - Accommodation

Lots of options around the island. Tenerife Travel Secrets have prepared special sections for the accommodation types in Tenerife, such as luxury resorts, 3, 4 and 5 star hotels, villas, apartments, hostels, rural houses and other cheap options. Click on each of the link to see the options, or alternatively, search the accommodation directly in the box below.

Tenerife Carnival - Getting Around the Island

Depending on the number of days you are staying on the island, you could simply chose among the options available.

Cheap car rental in Tenerife is a good option if you are flying and want to have immediate transportation upon arrival at the airport. At the airport (click for more information on the airports located in the north and south of the island), there are quite few Tenerife car hire companies available.

The company Autoeurope select the major car hire companies in Tenerife, so you can chose the option that suit you best. Click to start booking your car with Autoeurope.


There will be public transport running on the island, as well as special schedule for tram (in Santa Cruz) and buses during the festivities, so the visitors and locals won’t need to be concerned on getting around the island.

This is also a right alternative, if you are drinking – which we would normally expect during Carnival. All visitors will certainly enjoy more if they don’t need to be concerned about driving at the end of the day. Remember, we should all enjoy the parties, but also need to be very responsible, so if you drink don’t drive. 🙂


The company TITSA (the green buses) is the responsible to schedule the journeys and define the itinerary of the public transport.

Tenerife Travel Secret

Just be aware that at night buses might be very busy, with people coming back from parties around the island to their hotels. However this could be a very interesting experience for you and a good way to blend with locals and people from all parts of the globe.


If you are more like an environmental-friendly type of person or simply like to exercise, even during your holidays, you should try to rent a bike. That way you help with the quality of the air and enjoy the views, stopping whenever you want. One drawback during Carnival is to find a safe place to leave your bike. Also, same way as driving a car, in case you want to enjoy the party and drink, you should not ride… Again, be responsible in case you drink, and you will leave a lot longer to enjoy the island and the carnival. 🙂

Tenerife Carnival with Children

There are some special parties focused mainly for children and young adults. Probably there you and your kids can have even more fun than in the normal parties. For that, make sure that you organize a meeting point easily accessible and where your children will be able to reach them without big problems. Ideally use a baby sling or carrier for your baby, but if necessary a buggy, the smaller, the better.

Some of the best parties during Carnival for children are:

  • "La Cabalgata Anunciadora", announcing that Tenerife Carnival will start in the streets;
  • Contest for children costumes (Concurso de Disfraces Infantiles) in Centro Internacional de Ferias y Congresos;
  • El Coso, Tueday before Ash Wednesday, focused also on children;
  • Apart from other parties during day where children can also dress their costumes and enjoy without any problems.


Tenerife Carnival - General Recommendations

  • Comfortable clothes always, combining, of course, with the carnival costume, with as much colors as possible to help make this a beautiful and colorful carnival.
  • Best to wear comfortable shoes or strong sandals, as you will be certainly walking around or dancing – that’s the spirit of Carnaval de Tenerife.
  • Carry a bottle of water always with you (it might get warm during the day, not only for the sun, but also for all the energy you will be expelling).
  • Bringing a bag with some fruits or cereals would not be a bad idea either. But not to worry about food, as you will see around the pueblos of Tenerife (Tenerife towns and villages) and on the streets several kiosks – called chiringuitos in Tenerife, bars and restaurants.