...and tips for when you hire your car


There are quite a few money-saving options when hiring a car in Tenerife. This means a good hire is definitely not too difficult to find. The most reliable options are the globally-renowned companies operating in Los Rodeos Airport (north) and Reina Sofia (south). Hiring a car here increases the likelihood of renting a safe and well-maintained car. Avis, Hertz, Europcar and Goldcar are but a few of the companies that operate on the island. The Canary Island company Cicar is also trustworthy and offers good hire prices.


Plan your holidays ahead and find cheap car hire in Tenerife

Reserving a car in advance gives you everything you need from your car at the best rates possible. Several companies also occasionally run offers, especially at weekends, so you can benefit from lower prices without booking in advance. We recommend you look on an online comparison site, like Auto Europe, to compare different companies' prices.


The smallest standard car will be the cheapest option, but they sometimes don't have everything you'll need for your holiday. We've made a small checklist below of things to confirm before and after the booking:


Hire cars usually come with air conditioning, unlimited mileage and a full tank of petrol. You'll have to make sure to refill the tank before returning the car to avoid being charged extra. They are usually manual cars and there's often partial insurance to cover part of the damages caused by some accidents. The driver has to be at least 21, but most companies add a surcharge for drivers not aged between 25-69.


Tenerife Travel Secret

In Tenerife, and Europe in general, it's cheaper to hire manual cars. If you'd prefer an automatic car, then you can request one in the shop or look on the company's website.


You normally pay for any extras when picking up your car, even though you can book them in advance. These include things like sat nav, booster seats and full cover for accidents – which you normally pay for per day. Remember that these extras often double the hire price, so your cheap hire won't actually end up being cheap.

When picking up your car, check it out before leaving the shop. Make sure it's clean and that there aren't any smells, dents or scratches and that the tank is full. If you have any queries, ask one of the employees to make a note of what you've seen. This way, you won't be blamed for it when returning the car. Try to return the car to the hire shop when you're supposed to. Companies generally give you a courtesy hour when returning your car. However, try to account for this in advance so you don't arrive any later than that. Finally, someone will take a look at the car and check if you've filled the tank. If there aren't any issues to sort out, then you're free to leave after this check.

More discounts for cheap car hire in Tenerife

Without coupons or voucher codes, it'll be very difficult to get more discounts than what’s already available on the websites. It’s possible of course, but mostly with the local companies. In that case, a face-to-face negotiation might help you get a cheaper final price. Otherwise, you can subscribe to the international companies' newsletters, and hope that they send you voucher codes for discounts. They'll also inform you when a flash offer is available – which isn't uncommon.


If you're booking a complete holiday package, check with your travel agent about car hire. They might be able to hire a car on your behalf or refer you to some good car hire companies. If you're booking the package yourself online, try to include car hire. Some airlines (mostly low-cost ones) also give you the option to hire a car when booking your flight. This might be another way you could save a bit of money on your car hire.


Comparing prices

The following car hire companies operate at the two airports in Tenerife:

·         North Airport (Los Rodeos) – Autoreisen, Avis, Cicar, Europcar and Hertz;

·         South Airport (Reina Sofia) – Autoreisen, Avis, Cicar, Europcar, Goldcar and Hertz

For the local companies, you might need to call them or drop by. There’s always a chance of some flexibility in terms of mileage and prices, as you are negotiating face-to-face.


After reading this article, if you still don't think hiring a car in Tenerife is a good idea, don't worry. The island has good public transport links, and you could hire a bike or walk for shorter distances. There are plenty of options to think about.