... the highest sunset in Spain

From my point of view, having the opportunity to see the sunset on Teide, going up in a cable car, is an excellent experience and one which you can only do with Volcano Teide Experience, because by the time the sun sets the cable cars are generally already closed.

Quick Tip

Don’t forget to wear warm clothes (including gloves and a scarf in winter) and good shoes, preferably mountain boots, as well as bringing a camera to immortalise the moment.

Meeting at the cable car station

The meeting point for the sunset on Teide was the cable car base station at 7pm. To get there from almost anywhere on the island it is at least an hour’s drive, so plan to get to the cable car in enough time that you won’t be late or rushing.

The group was made up of several Germans, several other Spaniards and some English (there were also two French women who spoke Spanish), so the visit was translated into those three main languages. At 7:30pm a guide (called Jose) started with some general explanations and asked if we all had sufficient warm clothing (if not they can lend you some sweaters) and introduced us to our guide (Jaime) would take us up to the vantage point to gaze at the sunset.


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Not everyone can ascend 2000 metres on foot, so the cable car option is perfect both for those who can’t manage it and those who don’t have enough time to go up the Teide on foot.


Going up in the cable car and starting the experience

The ascent in the cable car was very fun, because there were two moments when it seemed that there was a bump and our stomachs jumped a bit … Nothing some laughing couldn’t cure though 🙂 The view from inside the cabin is impressive, as is the speed at which you climb.

When we arrived at the top cable car station, for the sunset on Teide, we were met by a group of well-prepared waiters carrying trays with glasses of champagne ready to offer us. As I was there for work I decided that the best thing would be to have a cup of hot chocolate 🙂


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At that time of day the second cable car station is the only place from where you can see the shadow of the Teide over Gran Canaria.


As I mentioned at the beginning of the article of the sunset on Teide, you need to wear good shoes as there is a short hike (you have to walk for some 20 minutes) with lots of rocks and if you wear flip-flops you might not stay on your feet for long.


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One of the many things Jaime told us was that the Teide is volcanically active, and in fact if you put your hands under a rock you notice the heat coming from the volcano…


We got close to the Chío vantage point from where you can see La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro … Sometimes enjoying a view in silence makes the experience much more valuable and extraordinary … For that reason in this section I am doing the same thing that Jaime did – not describing anything – I will just show you the sunset I experienced. Clearly there are no words to describe it, it was an incredible experience.


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At that time of the sunset on Teide no-one in Spain is so high up watching the sunset.


Return and end of the sunset on Teide

When the sun disappeared completely bit by bit you could see the three neighbouring islands. Jaime told us we should hurry to get back to the cable car area, because it gets so dark on the volcano at night and without any light you can’t see where you’re treading very well. Therefore if you wanted to bring a torch it wouldn’t be too much 🙂


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When the sun went down we did feel a bit colder and were more aware of the wind. I have to say that it was the beginning of September but at that altitude (more than 3,400 metres above sea level) you shouldn’t be surprised if it gets cold even in the summer, and therefore you will clearly need some layers to keep warm.


We queued up to get on the cable car, we chatted while we entered and descended (obviously at that time it was impossible to see much) and there were laughter and comments about the marvellous sunset which we had witnessed.

For me the experience ended when the sunset on Teide finished and we arrived back at the cable car base station, but for those who wanted to (and paid an additional fee) there was the opportunity to have dinner and enjoy the starry skies with some additional explanations (I think they also use telescopes and a laser pen to demonstrate the exact location of the stars or planets which they show).

Getting to the cable car

You should head for Las Cañadas del Teide and if you come from the north pass by Las Minas de San José and the entrance leading to Montaña Blanca. Coming from the south, pass by the Las Cañadas parador area and Los Roques de García. There is lots of space for parking.


Volcano Teide Experience - Teide Cable Car - 38002 La Orotava, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Final comments from the author about the sunset on Teide

I personally felt very privileged to have been able to enjoy such a special moment and was particularly lucky to see a sunset with such intense colours. Canary Islanders and people from Tenerife in particular have a certain weakness for anything relating to volcanoes and particularly the Teide, so being able to enjoy a unique experience like this is at the very least special.


I wouldn’t have missed this experience in Tenerife for the world, and we also got a stunning sunset with beautiful orange colours reflected in the clouds … just a dream. Admittedly not many people can boast that they have seen the sunset from the highest point in Spain … Without a doubt, this is something unique and highly recommended.