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... an excursion beneath the surface of the sea

Submarine Safaris Tenerife has been operating out of the San Miguel Marina since 2007, but their activities really started in Lanzarote ten years before that. The company provides an exclusive activity on the island which can only be done through them.

Submarine Safaris es uno de los pocos submarinos turísticos del mundo y está en Tenerife

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There are only 16 tourism submarines in the whole world. Three of those are in the Canary Islands, and the Fun Cinco submarine is the only one in Tenerife

Ir en submarino es una actividad perfecta para ser realizada en familia

General features of the submarine Sub Fun Cinco

The Fun Cinco submarine is electric and therefore 100% eco-friendly, so it doesn’t produce any kind of emissions. The submarine was built in Finland, is registered in Belgium and operates in Tenerife – proof of this globalised world :). It is a tourism submarine with capacity for 44 passengers and 4 crew members. The experience lasts approximately an hour.

El submarino es eléctrico y por tanto 100% ecológico, así que no produce ningún tipo de residuo

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It can reach a maximum depth of 60 metres with passengers (100 metres without them), but when we dived we went no deeper than 29 metres, which is where it’s mainly possible to see the marine wildlife.

En la zona cercana a la Marina de San Miguel hay una gran riqueza marina

Submarine Safaris Tenerife operates in this part of the island because there is a wealth of marine life and above all a definite population of rays which has increased thanks to the care which the company takes of them. They feed them and care for them so that they can grow and develop, not just for the sake of the business, but also because of their love of the sea.

Hay una gran riqueza marina

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Submarine Safaris Tenerife can’t guarantee that you will see all the marine species which live in the area, but you will see many fish and, of course, the manta rays

Submarine Safaris en Tenerife alimentan y cuidan a las mantas para que puedan crecer y desarrollarse

Services at Submarine Safaris Tenerife

The main building has two floors. The lower floor consists of the reception, toilets and souvenir shop. On the upper floor you will find a beautiful terrace café where you can have something to drink (before or after you dive) as well as enjoying some spectacular views of the sea or looking out towards Amarilla Golf course and the summit of the Teide.

Zona de la recepción y venta de souvenirs

The San Miguel Marina is a charming enclave and is under development. From our point of view it will become one of the nautical reference points in the Canary Islands in a few years. As well as the marina you can now do lots of aquatic activities, like diving, fishing, regattas, and the only submarine trip which will take you to the depths of the deep blue sea in Tenerife.

Desde nuestro punto de vista, la Marina de San Miguel será en unos años uno de los referente naúticos de las Islas Canarias

The submarine is in constant contact with the surface via a vessel which accompanies it on its dives.

Prices and tickets for a Submarine Safari experience

The price of entry with or without transport (without a discount) is €53 for adults and €32 for children under 14. Children under 2 years old cannot go down in the submarine. The pick up service includes the most important hotels on the island, both in the north and the south.

El servicio de recogida se realiza desde los hoteles más importantes de la isla, tanto del norte como del sur

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It may turn out to be a bit expensive, but we think that you won’t get many opportunities to be submerged this deep without having to get wet. You will also be able to add another mode of transport to your list ;) J

La Marina de San Miguel se encuentra en una envidiable zona costera

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Our experience with a submarine safari

We arrived at the San Miguel Marina and parked before getting to the area with the jetties. We walked to the end of the pier where we found the offices of Submarine Safaris Tenerife. We arrived before 1pm and could see the submarine which had gone out on the trip before ours arriving back. 

Caminamos hasta el final del muelle donde se encuentran las oficinas de Submarine Safaris

The portholes opened and whole families started to pour out – parents with children and grandparents, older people, couples, groups of friends, etc. The truth is that the submarine looks so small, but they can fit a lot of people (almost 50) into its 18 metres long by 6½ metres high.

Los submarinos de Submarine Safaris pueden albergar hasta 50 pasajeros

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In winter there are lots of tourists and they dive 4 times per day. In summer demand is variable and, including residents, they can do up to 9 dives per day.

Nuestro grupo haciendo cola para acceder al submarino

When our turn came, everyone started to queue and proceed to board. It felt very strange to us to go down the steps; we helped Noah to get down and I went in last. We sat in three seats which were free and the guide started to give safety instructions as well as other curious facts about the experience we were about to begin. It was very nice to see everything with that blue hue …

Noah y Ruth entregando la entrada para acceder al submarino

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Submarine Safaris Tenerife is extremely careful with its security measures.

Fábio ayudando a Noah para entrar por la escotilla del submarino
Todos bien sentados y esperando comenzar la actividad

The porthole was closed and bit by bit we realised that we were starting to move away from the pier … We started to see just water and the odd fish through the window (there are 22 windows and two viewpoints). After around 10 minutes we started seeing a considerable number of fish and Noah wouldn’t stop pointing them all out to us … Of course when the first manta ray appeared he went mad J. A scuba diver fed the animals which were crowding around near the submarine’s windows.

Un submarinista alimentaba a los animales en general que se arremolinaban cerca de las ventanas del submarino

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The movement of the submarine is quite steady, so you don’t feel any kind of sea sickness as the typical movement of a boat isn’t happening.

Atmósfera azul y condiciones estables para la inmersión

We returned via the remains of what looked like a sunken ship and before we knew it we were at the marina again. The whole experience inside the submarine was more or less an hour. For those people who have qualms about doing this activity underwater, we can tell you that the atmospheric conditions within the submarine are totally normal.

La experiencia dentro del submarino dura aproximadamente una hora

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Pregnant women, people with auditory problems and disabled people can all do this provided they can get down the steps without too much difficulty with a little help.

Lo difícil fue convencer a Noah de que debíamos abandonar el submarino :)
Fuimos los últimos en abandonar el submarino lo que nos dió algunos minutos más para observarlo

We exited the submarine and headed for reception with our fellow travellers, where they gave us a certificate (included in the price) which mentions that you have dived in a submarine in the Atlantic Ocean. They also give you the option of buying the photo which they take of you when you first get onto the submarine.

When we returned north in the car, Noah (3½  in September 2015) was so excited about the experience that he wouldn’t stop repeating that he’d been on a submarine under the water and that there were fish and manta rays J Without a shadow of a doubt, it is an experience to remember forever.

Submarines Safaris with children

There is a children’s club where they teach them how a submarine works, what time of animals they will come across, etc. It is the only activity in Tenerife in which you can see manta rays without having to get your swimsuit on and get wet. Therefore it is an easy activity to access with children, although those under 2 years old are not permitted to go down in the submarine for safety reasons.

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This is definitely a very attractive activity for the whole family; particularly for children because it is an activity which is focused for them, although adults also enjoy it a lot.

Para los niños bajar al fondo del mar es una experiencia inolvidable

Getting there

On the motorway take the exit which leads to Los Abrigos / Las Galletas / San Miguel. Head for Los Abrigos and take the exit for Amarilla Golf, pass the course and go towards the San Miguel Marina. Submarine Safaris Tenerife is at the end of the pier.

Desde la Marina de San Miguel se puede ver el campo de Amarilla Golf

Submarine Safaris - Puerto Deportivo Marina San Miguel - Torre de Control

Urb. Amarilla Golf s.n - 38639 San Miguel de Abona

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Final comments from the authors about Submarine Safaris Tenerife

I believe that, from what we explained about our personal experience with Submarine Safaris Tenerife, it is quite clear that it was an unforgettable experience for all three of us, especially because of the positive impact it had on Noah. It is the only opportunity to see marine animals in their natural habitat without being physically fit enough to dive or needing experience.

Antes de entrar en el submarino te hacen una foto si así lo quisiera
Para Noah (y nosotros) fue una experiencia inigualable
Desde la marina de San Miguel se puede ver la Montaña Roja de la playa de La Tejita
Submarinista alimentando a una manta
La Marina de San Miguel
Hay una gran cantidad de souvenirs para no olvidar la experiencia bajo el mar

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