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Siam Park Tenerife is one of the best water and theme parks in the world. We therefore have to mention it when talking about water parks in Tenerife. We'll describe its attractions and facilities, as well as how to get discounted tickets and vouchers for Siam Park Tenerife. After reading you'll know what to include on your list of things to do during your stay on the island.

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Siam Park Tenerife covers an area of more than 185,000 square metres. It has 250 employees and has welcomed more than 3 million visitors since it opened.


Prices and entry to the park

Children aged 3 to 11 get a discounted price, whereas children under 3 enter for free. You can also get a discount if you buy another ticket to the park or to Loro Parque while there. You will have to use it within a certain period of time though. Buying a Twin Ticket may save you quite a bit and you'll get entry to Loro Parque and Siam Park. These are two of the places on our list of unmissable things to do in Tenerife. For Tenerife Travel Secrets, the Twin Ticket is full of benefits:

  • When you buy the Twin Ticket you save compared to buying the tickets individually;
  • The tickets contain the same identification code, so if you lose them you can retrieve them with a fingerprint.

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Opening times

Siam Park Tenerife is open all year round, from 10am to 5pm in winter and 9:30am to 6pm in summer. It only closes when there are thunderstorms.


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To avoid queues, we recommend you arrive before the park opens. At the busiest times of year (Easter, June-September and Christmas) there are often 6,000 people in the park each day.


Attractions at Siam Park Tenerife

Physical fitness and height determine access to the attractions at Siam Park. Lots of them have braking systems or resistance which inevitably depend on the weight and height of the swimmer. Read about Siam Park's attractions below.


    Attractions for young children

    Lost City is an aquatic fortress which recreates the lost kingdom of Peter Pan with hanging bridges, waterfalls, pools and slides. The Wave Palace (a temple which looks like Angkor Wat) has fresh, heated water all year round. The waves are generally small, although the largest artificial wave reaches 3.9 metres tall (the tallest in the world). Sawasdee is an exclusive activity which allows children to complete their first water race.


    Attractions for children under 1.10 metres tall (more or less 5 years old)

    Naga Racer is a perfect attraction to race on a mat against friends, face down and head first. Jungle Snake has both closed and open slides. Mekong Rapids gives the feeling of jumping on a float. Mai Thai River is the calmest attraction in Siam Park and simulates the flow of a river, with slow and fast sections while going through an aquarium with sharks and tropical fish.


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    When the attraction requires the use of a float, there are cameras at both the beginning and end so that the lifeguards can give the go ahead and avoid overcrowding on the slides.


    Attractions for teenagers and adults over 1.25 metres tall

    On Jungle Snake you go down two slides with both closed and open sections at high speed. Vulcano combines light and dark areas. El Dragón is the highest in the world, at 24 metres tall, and measures 78 metres long. When you go down the cone, the water currents slow you down and propel you, giving you the feeling of being in zero gravity. On El Gigante you'll go anti-clockwise down a funnel. Kinaree is 213 metres long and provides a mix of the feelings you get from the various attractions at Siam Park. Singha is the fastest water rollercoaster in the world, falling 18 metres per second.


    La Torre del Poder is Siam Park's star attraction, at a height of 28 metres and an angle of 30 degrees. It has a 78-metre slide, 18 metres of which are in a tunnel through the shark tank. The attraction will carry you at 80 kilometres per hour for several seconds. Riders must be at least 1.40 metres tall.


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    Since Siam Park opened in 2008, there have been no serious accidents. We recommend you don't run, to avoid slipping and spoiling your day of fun.


Restaurants and communal areas

There are several restaurants and bars in Siam Park, such as the Restaurante Thai House with its oriental menu. The Thai Bar offers cocktails and snacks overlooking the waterfalls of the Mai Thai river. The Beach Club Restaurant serves Thai and international cuisine and from the Beach Bar you can enjoy a drink overlooking the island of La Gomera and the Wave Palace. The Tea House Bar and Creperie is in the floating market and has a view of the sea lion pool.


You can use changing rooms, showers, sunbeds, parasols and life jackets for free, and you can rent a locker and towels.

Other facilities at Siam Park Tenerife

If you want to enjoy a quiet and exclusive experience for an additional price, Siam Park Tenerife offers private cabins accommodating 4 people, or the use of a villa with jacuzzi for 8 people (the villa has a total capacity of 15). The benefits of hiring a cabin or the villa at Siam Park include guaranteed preferential access to fast track on all the attractions (except La Torre del Poder), access to all-inclusive restaurants (drinks not included), satellite TV and WiFi. It is the perfect place for private or company parties.


How to get to Siam Park Tenerife

Siam Park Tenerife is in Playa de Las Americas.

Parking costs €3, although the number of parking spaces is limited.


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If you're in Los Cristianos, Playa de Las Americas or Costa Adeje, the most comfortable way to reach Siam Park Tenerife is on any of the double-decker buses, which will take you to the park for free. If you're somewhere else, you can book your place via this link (at least 48 hours in advance). In 2017 the adult price is €13.50, children aged 6 to 11 pay €8 and children under 6 go free.


Siam Park – Avenida Siam Park, S/N. 38400 Playa de Las Americas, Tenerife

Siam Park Tenerife and its philosophy

Siam Park offers a unique experience with slides through the middle of vegetation. The park's logo and mascot is a kingsnake (not a dragon) with its head on fire, representing the sun and heat always present in the south of Tenerife.


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When you enter Siam Park there are baggage checks (particularly for backpacks). You can bring in water and fruit, but no other food is permitted in order to avoid attracting insects. 

The Thai royal family was involved in construction, starting and opening Siam Park in 2008. All of the Thai architecture in the park is similar to known or actual buildings, but they are never exact copies.


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Prince Mahidol (grandfather of the current King, Rama X) arrived in Tenerife in 1913 as a Marine on board a German ship, and was amazed by the island and the Teide. His feelings for Tenerife were reflected in his memoirs, entitled "My Trip Diary". 


Siam Park Tenerife has received several national and international awards because it has its own photovoltaic power plant, which keeps the water at a temperature of 24°C all year round, and desalination plant, which means sea water can be used for the showers and slides and to irrigate the park's vegetation. This all means it is considered Spain's best amusement park and the best water park in the world.

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Final comments from the authors

The walk around the park is very pleasant thanks to its ambiance, decoration and natural surroundings. Without a doubt, Siam Park Tenerife is one of the best water parks in the world. It is the perfect place to work off all the adrenaline you're carrying around in your body ... And if you're a little bit (or very) brave and you take the plunge on La Torre del Poder, you might share Fabio's opinion: 'It was nothing like I expected – it was much more ... Really exciting.' At least, it demands respect when looking up from below 🙂

Anyway, we believe that Siam Park in Tenerife is a place to enjoy with family and friends. A unique experience, particularly for teenagers and adults, in a natural environment full of vegetation.