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...More Fun than You Can Ever Imagine

Siam Park Tenerife is surely one of the best theme parks anywhere, and surely should be remembered any time we talk about Waterparks in Tenerife. You will now take with us an online tour through the attractions, facilities, get more information on discounted tickets and free vouchers at Siam Park Tenerife and anything else you need to know about this fantastic place, so you may have a better idea of why you should not miss it while staying on the island.

Below you can see in more details the attractions that make Siam Park Tenerife one of the best waterparks in the world and therefore a must on your list of things to do in Tenerife.

One important aspect is that Siam Park Tenerife is not only big, but the service it offers its visitors is virtually guaranteed with more than 250 permanent staff, which increases during the summer. 

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Siam Park Tenerife has more than 185.000 square meters and received already more than 3 million visitors since its opening.

Prices and Purchase Your Tickets

The adult price (2015) is €34 and children 3 to 11 years are charged €23. Children under 3 are free of charge.

No need to queue. Click on the banner to purchase your ticket online and enjoy a fantastic day with your family and friends.

UK visitor, do you want to go to Siam Park and get a voucher to spend there? Purchase the ticket for Siam Park Tenerife and get a free  €5 voucher. If you buy the pack - for Loro Parque and Siam Park - then you can get a €10 free voucher instead.

One great option to save some money is by purchasing the Twin ticket, which gives you access to Loro Parque and Siam Park Tenerife, two of the places that inevitably you should visit and enjoy. For us, at Tenerife Travel Secrets, the Twin Ticket is only a positive thing:

  • You have some good discounts if you buy the package, as opposed to if you buy them individually. For instance, an adult would pay in total €68 if buying the tickets separately for Siam Park and Loro Parque; but if buying the twin ticket you have  discount and pay only €58. A Twin ticket for children costs €39,50 instead of €46;
  • Both tickets contain the same identification code, which is extra safety in case of loss, and are activated with the fingerprints of your index finger;

Purchase your twin ticket and get a discount for Siam Park Tenerife and Loro Parque Tenerife

You can take advantage of buying your next entry to the park at a lower price once you are there. This entry must be used within a certain period of time (in the case of residents of the Canary Islands, should be used within 90 days). You can also buy entry to Loro Parque for a lower price.

Opening Hours

Siam Park Tenerife is open all year long, and the only days it is closed are during electrical storms – for obvious reasons.

The park is usually open from 10:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs in winter. During summer season it opens at 9:30am and closes at 6pm.

During low season there are about 1000 people visiting the park every day, except Christmas week, carnival and Easter, when the number of visitors increases, but in summer about 6000 people enjoy the facilities and attractions.

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We recommend that you arrive some time before opening hours, especially in the busiest seasons of the year, such as Easter, the summer months (June to September) and Christmas, or after 11:00 in morning, as the queues are usually quite long, as many people want to enjoy every minute of the day at Siam Park.

Attractions at Siam Park

At Siam Park access to the attractions is not determined by age, but by actual height and physical condition of the visitors, as many of the attractions have braking systems or resistance that inevitably depend on the weight and height of the visitor. See below some of the attractions at Siam Park that you will certainly enjoy.


One of the newest attractions, it is the fastest water coaster in the world. In this gigantic slide you can descend on the water at an amazing speed of 18 meters per second.


Sawasdee means welcome in Thai. It is an activity exclusively for children – parents cannot participate with them (although they have to be present if they are too small). It is a mix of Naga Racer and El Dragón, but in a miniature version. With four different options, Sawasdee is the perfect place for children to make their first aquatic races and test their physical skills. The maximum height is 1.25 meters.

Mekong Rapids

Mekong Rapids gives the feeling of that you are rafting. At the top of this attraction – very Indiana Jones-style – it is possible to see the terrace of the gray elephants, as well as the slides and decoration of stone elephants. In this attraction there will always be four people going down per ride, unless the lifeguard agrees that two people have sufficient combined weight to descend smoothly and without any danger. The minimum height is 1.10 meters.


This attraction is 213 meters long and 25 meters high, it combines sensations that you can feel throughout several other attractions, but here are unified in one. This ride has a high level of difficulty and is adapted for four people, but as for the Mekong Rapids if the lifeguard deems it appropriate and possible, two people could enjoy it. As you go  down the slide, you get the feeling of being in a dark area, like a volcano, and at the bottom of the ride the slide widens like it does the Naga racer. The minimum height is 1.25 meters. This attraction will give you the right dosis of adrenaline!

Mai Thai River

This is the quietest attraction of Siam Park, one of the top waterparks in Tenerife, and you can complete it in 20-30 minutes, giving you time to enjoy the sun and rest. It is the world's largest lazy river of its kind. The river has one entry, but different outputs, and you can leave the attraction at several points along the way without any problem. The water movement carries a current very similar to a natural river with slow and fast areas, between lush landscapes and waterfalls. There are certain areas in which you have the feeling of being on a fast river. Finally, on the way, you will come across an aquarium with tropical fish and sharks. The minimum height is 1.10 meters and all children under that height MUST be accompanied by an adult.

The Giant

In this attraction the person will fall from the nose of the giant, and will go down the funnel in a counterclockwise direction. Like almost all attractions at Siam Park here is another example of  how Thai culture is represented, as giants are also the guardians of Thai temples. It is as close to the power and majesty that a Buddha represents. The floats are for one or two people. The minimum height is 1.25 meters. Paolo Bonanno, a local artist, was responsible for theming the park and gave the idea of the small bright details placed in the giant hand.

The Tower of Power

The Tower of Power has a height of 28 meters, with an angle of about 30 degrees, and the slide is about 78 meters long, out of which 18 meters is made of thick acrylic tube that passes through the shark tank. The material that was used to build that section of the slide is transparent and strong enough to withstand the passage of bathers. In turn, it is adequate enough not to affect the fish living in the tank. The attraction lasts just a few seconds with a speed of about 80 km per hour, according to the weight of the person. To ensure safety, the junctions of the slide contain silicone, to prevent anything from being caught in them. In this activity the use of glasses is forbidden, although you can use pool glasses (that are fixed) if necessary. The minimum height is 1.40 meters.

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Siam Park Tenerife is an aquatic experience opened only some years ago, in 2008, but considered one of the safest waterparks in Tenerife and Europe. In all these years there have been no major accidents, except the obvious ones, such as minor sprains or falls. In any case we recommend you to take no risk and especially not to run (as you should not do in any place with water on the floor) so as to prevent turning a day of fun into something more unpleasant. 

The Dragon

This attraction is the highest aquatic dragon in the world, with its 23 metres in height. From head to tail the Dragon measures about 78 meters long. The cone has a diameter of about 70 meters and it is surrounded by the dragon. The water currents provide the push you need to be driven into the cone, as well as the necessary brake in other parts. This attraction will give you the possibility to enjoy the sensation of zero gravity. The minimum height is 1.25 meters.


This is a waterway that leads you to the crater mostly in complete darkness though with some moments of light effects. This attraction will give you an adrenaline rush and fun to its fullest. The minimum height is 1.25 meters.

Jungle Snake

Jungle Snake is an attraction in which four slides intermix. Two of these are fast and can reach up to 150 kilometers per hour, with indoor and outdoor areas. From the beginning until the end the attraction lasts about two minutes. The minimum height in two out of the four slides is 1.10 meters, whereas in the other two slides it is 1.25 meters.

In the attractions where you have to take a float, such as this one, cameras are located in the upper and lower part of the attraction, so that lifeguards may switch the start command to prevent accidents and agglomerations on the slides.

Naga Racer

This attraction is dedicated to the snake. It is ideal to play races with friends. It is the only attraction in the park in which the participants will eventually go upside down. There is a special float (a type of mat with handles which the bather has to grasp) that slows down with the spray of the water. In this activity, the use of normal glasses is prohibited, but if necessary you can use swimming goggles. The minimum height permitted for this attraction is 1.10 meters.

Playa de las Olas

In Playa de las Olas or Siam Beach there is a building that represents Ankor Wat. The sand of the artificial beach comes from Algarve, in the south of Portugal. The temperature of the water of the beach is kept heated all year long. This is one of the most sought for attractions at Siam Park, which helps it to be one of the best waterparks in Tenerife.

Wave Palace

The Wave Palace is the part of the beach that contains the world's largest artificial wave (almost 4 meters-high). Waves in 42 different sizes, types and shapes are produced there, and during the day a sound alerts swimmers that the period of waves is starting (and usually most people crowd into the pool to enjoy them). Some of the waves have a lower level, so children and older visitors  may also enjoy them safely if they wish. In special events, with renowned surfers for instance, waves are created to their full potential.

Lost City

Lost City or Maha Chakri Skindhorn is the star attraction for younger children. It is a water fortress in which children play around bridges, waterfalls, pools and waterslides. The creators of the park have attempted to recreate the lost kingdom of Peter Pan in this attraction, so it is a perfect area for children. There is even an area designed exclusively for babies with slides adapted to their age. A perfect attraction at one of the best waterparks in Tenerife for families.

Restaurants and Common Areas

Restaurante Thai House is located in the Thai house and offers a varied oriental menu. In winter the buffet is closed.

The Thai Bar offers mainly beverages, cocktails and snacks, overlooking the pristine waters of the waterfalls of Mai Thai River.

Beach Club Restaurant is another buffet restaurant serving Thai and international cuisine and is located in the beach area.

Beach Bar, where you can have some drinks while admiring the island of La Gomera or the Palacio de las Olas.

Tea House Bar y Creperie is in the floating market, and offers coffee, tea, snacks and pasta. From there you can observe the swimming pool of the sea lions.

Changing facilities and showers are available for free. If you need a locker and towels, they can be rented. Sunbeds and parasols are free (although there is a limited number). Life jackets are also provided for free, upon request.

Other Facilities at Siam Park Tenerife

If you would like to enjoy a more exclusive and quiet experience, Siam Park Tenerife offers the option to rent private cabins for couples, groups in general, young families, etc. Usually they are very much in demand by families and seniors.

The price to reserve one is €400 and gives the option to include one to four people. The cabins are called Phuket, Chaing Mai and Rataburi;

There are cabins for six people, for which you will pay €100 per person;

There is also a villa for €800, with capacity for 8-15 people maximum and which is obviously very broad and with a Jacuzzi. 

The advantages of renting the cabins and the villa is that they grant you preference for all attractions (with the fast track), with the exception of the Tower of Power, access to restaurants with all inclusive (except for cocktails, soft drinks and some beers), deck chairs and shower on the terrace, sofa, table, chairs, fan, satellite TV, WIFI, towels and minibar with soft drinks, beer and snacks.

This is a perfect place if you want to have a unique event, company celebration, private parties, etc. at Siam Park Tenerife.

Getting There

Siam Park Tenerife is located in Playa de Las Americas and if you are coming by car from Santa Cruz, via TF1, you should take exit 28 or 29. Coming from the TF1 from Costa Adeje you should take exit 28.

The parking costs around €3, although the number of spaces available is somewhat reduced. There’s a project in place to widen the parking area.

Tenerife Travel Secret

Tenerife Travel Secrets believes that the most comfortable way to get to Siam Park Tenerife, if you are staying in Los Cristianos, Playa de Las Americas or Costa Adeje, is to use any of the double-decker buses that take you to the park for free.  

If you are not in these locations there are also many buses that pass through many of the hotels in the south and north of the island, among other places. To guarantee your place we advise you book at least 48 hours in advance and check the days, times and itineraries offered on the website of the park. The adult price is around €13.50, children 6 to 11 years pay about €8 and children under 5 years can go free.

Siam Park - Avenida Siam Park, S/N. 38400 Playa de Las Americas, Tenerife

Siam Park Tenerife and Its Philosophy

Siam Park's philosophy is not only to sell tickets, but to give visitors an experience in a mysterious jungle, where they can be surprised for the whole visit. The slides are not seen immediately after entering the park. You will see them in the middle of nature. The park is designed in a circular layout and can be visited in three different ways.

Tenerife Travel Secret

We should warn you, so there are no surprises (as sometimes happens), that there’s security check of your belongings at the entrance, specially inside backpacks, mainly to prevent people from going inside the park with food from another place. You can enter with water and fruit, but in no case with food or picnic food in general. The idea is to create the most natural environment possible for animals (to avoid what happens in other places such as the presence of ants and other insects everywhere), therefore food is reduced to certain areas hygienically prepared for it. 

The logo is a snake with its head on fire, and not a dragon as it may seem, as the dragons are representative of Chinese culture. This snake depicts a king snake. The flames on its head represent the sun and heat that is always present in the south of the island.

Long before they thought of building Siam Park Tenerife, the Thai royalty was already in love with the island. Prince Mahidol (father of the current king), when he was a marine on a German ship in 1913, reached the coast of Tenerife and was impressed with the island and with what the volcano had formed. His feelings for Tenerife were left really clear in his memoir "My Travel Diary".

The Thai royalty has been closely related to the construction, launch and many of the small and large details of Siam Park. In fact, the professor of architecture at the University of Bangkok, Professor Ruetai, recommended the creation and adaptation of the different buildings of Siam Park to match Thai architecture. The professor planned all architectural details so that the atmosphere of the park and the sculptures respect all religious symbols and Oriental ideological beliefs. All Thai architecture represented in the park could be similar to known or real buildings, but in no case could be the same or copies thereof. Ankor Wat, for example, could never be represented, as it is considered a sacred place.

Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand, the sister of the present King Bhumibol Adulyadej, and accompanied by Sirikit Kitiyakara, the wife of the current king, inaugurated the park in 2008, but already in 2004 the plantation of the natural environment had begun in many of the areas where most of the attractions would be located, in such a way as to represent the lush vegetation and the mysticism of the ancient kingdom of Siam.

Paolo Bonanno was responsible for the artistic decoration of the park, taking care of each and every detail. Together with Mr. Kiessling, they travelled to Thailand and Cambodia where they found different sources of inspiration to decorate buildings and statues in Siam Park Tenerife.

Quality of the Park and Commitment with the Environment

True to their commitment to society and respect for the environment, they have not spared resources to invest and employ the latest technological developments. So, for instance, Siam Park Tenerife has its own desalination plant for the more than 600 cubic meters of water taken from the sea daily.  The water is taken to two different wells, with the purpose of desalinating water used in showers and slides and reused for irrigation and cleansing of the vegetation in the park. Also, to ensure the care and hygiene of the visitors, the water is filtered several times a day. The water is kept at about 24°C all year round thanks to its natural gas plant, which produces 70% less greenhouse gases.

Also, the use of a photovoltaic power plant, prevents the emission of 2,199 tons of CO² into the atmosphere each year, and in turn supports the development of sustainable tourism in Tenerife.

The use of a desalination plant to treat sea water and the use of solar panels are the reasons why Siam Park Tenerife was granted an environmental prize in 2013, as well as other national and international prizes for the above and other innovative activities. Another example of the success of the park is the award received from "Travellers Choice 2013”, for what has been regarded as the best amusement park in Spain and the best water park in the world.

Final Comments from the Authors

The walk through the whole park was extremely pleasant. The environment, the decoration, the natural surroundings... you feel that everything in the park was done to please the visitors. That is the great advantage of Siam Park Tenerife.

Of course the attractions, on the other hand, are the biggest motivation for those swimmers looking for a bit of adventure and fun. Since I, Ruth, just visited the park during our tour for this article, I cannot say whether I would have the courage to jump down the Tower of Power, but maybe if stuck in the situation perhaps I would give it a go. Seeing the attraction from below gave me a lot of respect, at least ...  I just imagined the feeling of those who were getting closer to the edge of the slide... Fabio had the time of his life. It was not what he was expecting.. it was more, he said. Not in a scary way, but in a fun way.

Certainly the best way to enjoy Siam Park Tenerife is by going with your family and friends. It makes everything even more enjoyable.

Anyway, we both think it is a unique experience and an added "plus" is all the greenery surrounding the attractions, which helps to create a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere. No question that Siam Park Tenerife is one of the best waterparks in the world.

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