Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival 2018

... and so the party starts!!

Do you know already where to celebrate Santa Cruz de Tenerife carnival 2018? We suppose that, more so than history, origins and what has happened in the past, what you will be most interested in reading about (and above all will enjoy) is where the different events will be held and how you can participate in them. So we start with that … here we give you the schedule for the different events for one of the best festivals in the world.

En el Carnaval de Santa Cruz las murgas dan un toque divertido e irreverente a los problemas cotidianos. Foto - Murga Los Pizzicatos de La Orotava

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For two weeks without any let-up you will be able to see how daily life mixes with the thrill and fun of the Carnival. Don’t stop dancing to the sound of the orchestras and musical groups which you will find throughout the streets.

La alegría carnavalera se contagia en las calles santacruceras. Foto - Carnaval de día en Santa Cruz

Schedule for the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival 2018: where and when

Of course there are lots of competitions (for street musicians, troupes, string bands or ‘rondallas’, and dressing up competitions for adults and children), but for us the most fun thing is getting dressed up and going out shamelessly to enjoy ourselves. We recommend this to you; forget what people might say and have a good time … There are many days for celebrating, so don’t miss your chance J

Murga de La Orotava

Tuesday 6th February – the Los Fregolinos Concert at the Teatro Guimerá will start at 8:30pm.

Wednesday 7th February – the Carnival Queen Election Gala will take place at 9:30pm. If you can’t get to the Centro Internacional de Ferias y Congresos, you can see it on television as it will be broadcasted.

Reina del Carnaval 2015

Thursday 8th February – the La Zarzuela Festival, once again at the Teatro Guimerá at 8:30pm.

Friday 9th February - the Carnival’s opening parade will take place at 8pm, where you will be able to feel the people’s joy on the streets of Santa Cruz. It will start in the Plaza de la República Dominicana and will continue to the Avenida Francisco La Roche.

Las calles de Santa Cruz se vuelven peatonales y coloridas

9th and 11th February – the Children’s Carnival at Plaza del Bulevar from 11am to 2pm and 5pm to 8pm.

Saturday 10th February – from 5:30pm there will be various shows on the different stages spread through the city, and at 9pm on Avenida Francisco La Roche there will be a Rhythm and Harmony troupe competition.

Sunday 11th February – before the Santa Cruz Day Carnival starts at 1pm, there is a meeting between Afilarmónica Nifú Nifá and Fregolinos in the Plaza del Príncipe at 11am. Don’t miss the street music bands playing string instruments at the Auditorio de Tenerife at 5pm. At 10:30pm the programme for the day ends with several orchestras in the Plaza de la Candelaria.

Grupos de personas disfrazadas en el Carnaval de día en la Calle del Castillo

Monday 12nd February – from 5:30pm there will be various shows in the Plaza de la Candelaria, the Plaza del Príncipe and the Avenida Francisco La Roche. We recommend that you go out at night from 10:30pm as there is a great carnival atmosphere in the streets, making the most of the fact that the next day is a holiday in almost all the towns on the island.

Primer sábado del carnaval hay mucho ambiente en la Plaza Weyler

Tuesday 13rd February – in the morning you will have the change to enjoy the music of Nifú Nifá and Fregolinos in the Plaza del Príncipe from 11am. As it is Carnival Tuesday, the biggest day of the carnival is celebrated with the grand finale of the parade through Santa Cruz de Tenerife from 4pm. Then from 8pm you will be able to dance to the rhythms of the great orchestras in the Plaza de la Candelaria.

Comparsa en La Orotava

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The Tenerife residents who actively participate in the Carnival get involved to the maximum to improve it each year. They are preparing the repertoire or the choreographies to show off the best of themselves in the musical competitions.

Una murga cantando parte de su repertorio en La Orotava

Wednesday 14th February– the sardine is burned on the Avenida Marítima from 9pm. Don’t be startled by the sombre atmosphere on the streets - everyone is in mourning, upset by the death of Don Carnal - and later there will be dancing to “celebrate him” in the Plaza de la Candelaria from 10:30pm.

Thursday 15th February – the Festival de Rondallas is held at the Teatro Guimerá from 8:30pm.

Friday 16th February– the Children’s Parade starts at Parque García Sanabria at 6pm and finish at Plaza de la Candelaria.

Entierro de La Sardina

Saturday 17th February- the Children’s Carnival at Plaza del Bulevar from 11am to 2pm and 5pm to 8pm.

Saturday 17th February– the Day Carnival is celebrated throughout the whole city of Santa Cruz from 1pm to 6:30pm. From 10:30pm, the piñata dance will end the carnival festivities, with various performances in the Plaza del Príncipe, the Plaza de la Candelaria and the Avenida Francisco La Roche.

Carnaval de día en Santa Cruz

Sunday 18th February– here everything comes to an end, although not before expending the last remaining energy … At 10am the XLV Gran Concurso de Automóviles Antiguos in Parque García Sanabria sees cars passing through the streets of the city and a Classic Car Show on the Avenida Marítima (near the Plaza de España) organised by the “Amigos del BMW E21 Tenerife”. From 11am in the Plaza del Príncipe you can see Nifú Nifá and La Zarzuela. At 5pm at the Círculo de Amistad XII de Enero there is the closing of the festival, and at 5:30pm on the various stages around the city several shows will take place.

Elegante exposición de coches antiguos en La Orotava

What you should't miss at Santa Cruz de Tenerife carnival 2018

The Carnival is celebrated in some way in almost all the towns in Tenerife. In our humble opinion, if we were in Tenerife we would NEVER miss …

  • See the Gran Gala Election of the Queen of Carnival on Wednesday February 7th ... at least on television. 
  • The Opening Parade of the Carnival on Friday 9th February
  • The first Saturday of the Carnival (this year the 10th February) where you can mix with people while dancing and skipping.
Disfrazarse de cualquier cosa... y si siente frío... un suéter debajo y pa'la calle!!
  • The Day Carnival on Sunday 11st February. Both young and old go out in the streets surrounding the Plaza de la Candelaria and the Plaza de España … Prepare to be a bit squeezed J Enjoy some fast food at the refreshment stands and small shops.
Ambientazo de carnavales en la calle de La Noria en Santa Cruz

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Everyone from young to old wants to feel like a star for a few moments and that is reflected in the Queen Election Galas for children, adults and the elderly. Maybe it’s time to also have a Carnival King … J

Nunca es tarde para disfrazarse... no hay edad para empezar a divertirse
  • Go out at night on Monday 12nd February and don’t stop partying J
  • Tuesday 13rd February is the big day with the grand finale of the Parade, where you will be able to admire the colours of the costumes, the beauty of the Carnival Queens and their Maids of Honour, the enjoyment of a devoted town … Once-in-a-lifetime. It is good to get there a bit early to get a spot and not be on your feet – after so much walking I’m sure your legs will thank you. If you are up early and are near La Orotava, don‘t miss the old car race.
  • The burial of the sardine represents the “pain” which is about to be felt for the end of the festival, with the widows crying over the death of Don Carnal … This is on Wednesday 14th March.
Viudas llorando la pérdida de Don Carnal
  • On Friday 16th February in Puerto de la Cruz will be held a particular race: "Mascarita ponte tacón", where disguised men run down the street with heels of more than 10 cm.
  • After a few days of rest, on Saturday 17th February we would get back to enjoying the Day Carnival and join in with the piñata dance (some towns on the island like San Juan in La Orotava or Buenavista del Norte make some beautiful, traditional ones). If you are in Puerto de la Cruz don’t miss the parade.
  • And if you still have energy left (remember that it will be the last day of carnival festivities), then on Sunday 18th February you can stroll through the city (dressed up or not) and see the different old and classic cars, in the Santa Cruz de Tenerife carnivals 2018.
El Carnaval de día de Santa Cruz ayuda a disfrutar intensamente del carnaval

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Without a doubt there is no festival more colourful and fun than the Carnival. In Tenerife its main feature is that the whole town throws itself into enjoying these weeks of madness and fun with the best (or most unique) costumes.

Grandes y pequeños quieren participar del carnaval en Santa Cruz
En Carnavales puede ser quien quiera ser

Who would want to miss this opportunity to be someone they aren’t? Who wouldn’t want to be that person they always wanted to be for a few days? Who wouldn’t want to enjoy themselves as if the world were going to come to an end in two weeks? J In Tenerife it is possible, at least in February/March during Santa Cruz de Tenerife carnival 2018, and in many of the other villages and cities of the island J J

Carrera de coches antiguos de La Orotava, cada martes de carnaval por la mañana
Disfrazarse es un arte
Grupos de amigos salen vestidos como personajes de película

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