Hotel Sandos San Blas Nature Resort & Golf

... where you can enjoy luxury and nature

One of the best Canary Islands honeymoon hotels, Sandos San Blas Nature Resort is a vast 5 star hotel, but it never makes you feel overwhelmed or like it is very full. One distinct characteristic of the Sandos San Blas hotel is that it includes an Nature Resort & Golf, which means great added value and above all a place to learn a lot.

Hotel Sandos San Blas Nature Resort & Golf

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The concept of a ‘Nature Resort & Golf’ doesn’t mean that there’s a pine forest or expanses of green … In fact it’s the exact opposite: a forest of tabaibas, cacti, etc. J It is very attractive – let yourself be fascinated.

La Reserva Ambiental es de tipo desértico, pero hasta en los desiertos hay vida muy interesante

Origins and philosophy of the Sandos San Blas

As a result of the discovery of a pot 300 years ago, everything which was expected to be built was transformed into the Nature Resort & Golf which exists today and which gives the Sandos San Blas hotel its soul. The waterfall at the entrance is a simile of the cliff, the Teide and the Nature Resort & Golf; the water flows over the different inclines of the cliff until it reaches the sea.

La vasija culpable de la creación de la Reserva Ambiental

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The hotel is in the shape of a V as it is between two cliffs. The idea is that it is a third cliff and the swimming pools are like a river with bends which runs into the sea.

El hotel representa un barranco

The Hotel Sandos San Blas Nature Resort & Golf is very concerned about looking after the environment, within rustic, eco-friendly surroundings. They have taken full advantage and recycled lots of materials from the Reserve. The irrigation of the gardens is done with recycled water and if you want to drink water you can fill your bottle in certain places.

Mapa del hotel Sandos San Blas Nature Resort & Golf

Reserving the night

General services at the Sandos San Blas Nature Resort

In the whole hotel there are 8 swimming pools (1400m2 in total). Two of the adult pools are heated and are fresh water. The rest of the pools are untreated sea water. The flora in the gardens is indigenous from the area, with the exception of some flowers which just add a bit of colour.

La combinación de colores en el hotel es muy equilibrada
Una de las piscinas principales del Hotel Sandos San Blas

Restaurante La Cueva de Atxoña is divided into various rooms with seven domes which represent each island, with their silhouettes and names written in Guanche. In the central buffet area they serve an extensive and very varied menu: Canary Island food, Italian cuisine, show cooking with fish or meat, vegetarian food, etc.

Restaurante La Cueva de Atxoña sirve comida variada para todos los gustos

There are rooms just for adults and on the outdoor terrace of the main restaurant you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner, but the waiters only clear the tables (not serve).

La sala de la cúpula específica de la Gomera es una de las más encantadoras con las plataneras que resultan como cuadro natural de fondo

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The lights are made from recycled materials, in line with the hotel’s respect for the environment and desire to be eco-friendly

Cada cúpula representa una isla canaria
El restaurante La Proa está abierto al público

Restaurante la Proa has very special architecture with three areas or domes. It only opens at night and offers an a la carte option with fish, but above all it has a gastronomically-varied gourmet menu. It is also open to people from outside the hotel and events can be held there.

El ambiente del restaurante La Proa en el hotel Sandos San Blas es muy sotisficado

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Those who stay for at least 5 nights are invited to have one dinner in the restaurant, which has a very intimate atmosphere.

Es un hotel con una arquitectura poco convencional

La Plaza (as if we were talking about a town) has an open-air theatre with a wooden floor. There is also a room for Magma shows where they hold varied entertainment activities, especially during winter.

En la plaza podrá disfrutar de relajantes momentos al sol

There are 4 bars, one of which is in the reception area and is called Bar Lobby El Tagoror, with marvellous panoramic views of the whole hotel and the sea. Bar El Taro is located by the main upper swimming pool. The other two bars are the Bar Magma which is in the main building and the Bar La Plaza which is in the pool area near the Restaurante La Cueva de Atxoña.

Bar el Taro, uno de las estructuras emblemáticas del hotel Sandos San Blas
Bar Lobby El Tagoror
Zona de la recepción del hotel Sandos San Blas

Rooms at the Sandos San Blas Nature Resort

The 331 rooms are overall the same. The only differences are small details, like the size and type of terrace and the types of views they have (sea-facing for an extra price, swimming pool, side views of the sea or boating lake).

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The interior of all of the rooms is exactly the same, and without exception they all have views of open spaces with lots of light.

Las habitaciones son espaciosas y luminosas

281 rooms in the Sandos San Blas Nature Resort are doubles and the colour of these is green. They have a whirlpool bath and separate shower and a safe is included in the room.

Sofá de la habitación doble
Baño de la habitación doble

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The rooms which lead to the boating lake area are among the most tranquil in the hotel.

Vista general del lago navegable en el hotel Sandos San Blas y las habitaciones que lo rodean

The 50 Junior Suites have a double bedroom in pumpkin shades, an adjoining room with double sofabed and two bathrooms with granite-coloured washbasins. The terraces which are sea-facing have an additional charge.

Extras at the hotel

The Sandos San Blas Nature Resort has a very intimate spa with some beautiful views towards the sea and the horizon, with a hair salon near the reception area. There is an auditorium and conference room with 145 seats and all necessary audio-visual equipment, as well as a meeting room. There is also free Wi-Fi throughout the whole hotel.

El Spa es el lugar perfecto para relajarse

There is an outdoor climbing wall and a gym which is open 24 hours a day (accessible with your room key). You will find a children’s play area near the artificial boating lake. They go out twice per day for half an hour (in secret) with canoes, supervised by monitors.

Para los niños es toda una experiencia estar en contacto con una naturaleza tan diferente

Tenerife Travel Secret Tip

Swimming is not permitted for security reasons. This lake is only a metre deep, but there isn’t a lifeguard in the area.

Al lago navegable ha de entrar con personal del hotel

There is a pebble beach with quite deep water and quite strong currents, so take maximum care there. But if you aren’t keen to swim there, there are two other good ones nearby: La Tejita and El Médano (the mecca of surfing and windsurfing in Tenerife). There is even a shuttle from the hotel to Playa de las Américas twice a day, daily.

La playa del Hotel Sandos San Blas es de tipo salvaje, sin haber sido modificada

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The group of villas parallel to the hotel was initially a timeshare project by the Mexican company Royal Elite, which was never completed. Its users get perks thanks to their loyalty cards.

Royal Elite es el programa de time sharing del grupo hotelero Sandos

The whole hotel is equipped for access by people with reduced mobility. With the tunnel (which recreates the type of relief of the area and the natural reserve), the reception area is connected to the swimming pools and restaurants. In summer it is a very cool area and a warm one in winter.

La cueva representa la orografía de la zona

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The tunnel is made ‘terrifying’ for Halloween … There are two parties that day, one for children (who require parental permission to take part) and the other specifically for adults.

La cueva del Hotel Sandos San Blas conduce fácilmente a muchos puntos del hotel

Natural Reserve San Blas

In the area there are two cliffs, and they do a visit to one of them every day, except Tuesdays and Wednesdays with a maximum of 20 people (both guests of the hotel and members of the public). It is done in 4 languages and lasts a maximum of 2 and a quarter hours, with lots of surprises (children will particularly enjoy it and learn a lot). Access is just via the hotel.

Toda una experiencia realizar una excursión a la reserva Ambiental

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Sandos San Blas Nature Resort is all-inclusive, and the only things which are not included are the visit to the Natural Reserve, the spa services, as well as other additional services.

As we mentioned before, thanks to the discovery of a pot with huge archaeological value in the area, there was an investigation into the way of life and customs in Los Abrigos. They used local oral sources to recreate the stories which are explained on the visit. In the two hours you will learn a lot, sorry, a HUGE amount about the Canary Islands (Tenerife) in an easy and entertaining way.

There is a natural dam or reservoir which was built in the 20th Century to retain rain water to irrigate the tomato crops, and it is surprising how it is possible here in such an arid, dry area. This pool of water is not visible from any of the surrounding roads.

Balsa de la Reserva Ambiental del Hotel Sandos San Blas

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Tino told us that there is a green at Golf del Sur from where you can see something. He even believes that it is sometimes possible on certain planes arriving into Tenerife (90% arrive over Golf del Sur, and you have to be sitting next to the window on the left), but whether you can see it depends on the angle at which they land. The Sandos San Blas Nature Resort is visible, but perhaps the pool may escape your view.

Barranco de San Blas visto desde Golf del Sur

The visit is split into three parts:

1.  In the museum they summarise (in 20 minutes) the formation of the island, the rock types in the area, the native flora and fauna (sweet tabaiba vs bitter or poisonous), as well as the object from which this whole project originated. There are interactive screens where you can delve deeper into the different themes which they explain.

Museo de la reserva dentro del hotel

2. The so-called ‘historic experience tunnel’, where they recreate a journey through time with different moments in the life of this area, dating back to 200 years ago.

3. The excursion climbing the cliff, which can be done by almost anyone with a minimum level of mobility. Protection from the sun is required.

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There is a particular moment which will surprise you, but we won’t reveal the secret so that you can enjoy the visit fully if you decide to do it.

La Reserva Ambiental tiene muchos rincones sorprendentes

Reserving the night

Getting there

The hotel is outside the conventional tourist area, but is very well located near the airport.  From the airport you should take the road which leads to the motorway and take the Las Galletas / Los Abrigos exit, then follow the signs towards Los Abrigos.  Sandos San Blas Nature Resort & Golf is located on the right just before you arrive in the town.

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As you’re on the coast, you aren’t under the flight path and the planes don’t make too much noise.

Playa salvaje en todo su esplendor

Hotel Sandos San Blas Nature Resort & Golf - Avda. Grenamora n° 1 Urbanización San Blas-Golf del Sur 38639 - San Miguel de Abona

Final comments from the authors about the hotel Sandos San Blas Nature Resort & Golf

Generally all of the accommodation which we decide to write about has our full support, but what can we say about Sandos San Blas Nature Resort, one of the best Canary Islands honeymoon hotels, a place with so many differences and an environmentally-sustainable concept which we have fallen in love with? J The hotel is a surprise in itself as it has lots of special corners, but the fact that it all came from the discovery of a historic object and that a hotel company has involved itself in the conservation of the area in this way – to us that’s really special and well worth a mention …

Zona de la entrada al hotel Sandos San Blas
Hay mucha naturaleza autóctona en los jardines del hotel
Restaurante La Cueva de Atxoña sirve comida tipo buffet

Clearly it helped that Tino (a person who is in love with the project) showed us so many details about the hotel. From the bottom of our hearts at Tenerife Travel Secrets, we believe the Sandos San Blas Nature Resort is another impressive place to spend some alternative, dreamy holidays in Tenerife.

Patio interior que lleva a la recepción del hotel
Patio interior del hotel Sandos San Blas, representando el inicio de un barranco
Restaurante La Proa desde el exterior del hotel

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