... where they make visitors happy whilst respecting the Los Abrigos surroundings

Hotel Sandos San Blas is large accommodation and includes an environmental reserve, which makes the hotel worth a visit. It's not your typical pine tree forest or green field, it's a forest of tabaiba and cactus plants. It's definitely worth seeing, so go and be entranced by it. 😊


Origin and Philosophy of the Sandos San Blas

Revised construction plans were put in place after they uncovered a bowl from the 17th century. This led to the environmental reserve being what it is today. The waterfall at the entrance is a mix between a ravine, Mount Teide and an environmental reserve. The water makes its way down the ravine's various slopes towards the sea.


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The resort is in the shape of a V and is in the middle of two ravines. The main idea behind the resort is that it's a third 'ravine'. Its swimming pools are like rivers that wind their way down to the sea.


Sandos San Blas Nature Resort is very active in the preservation of the environment. The resort recycles much of its waste and waters its gardens with recycled water. You can also fill your water bottles at designated points around the resort.


General services at Sandos San Blas Natural Reserve

The resort has eight swimming pools, which total 1,400m² in size. Two of these pools are for adults only and are heated freshwater pools. The rest of the swimming pools have untreated sea water. The resort's gardens are full of indigenous plant life, apart from some flowers that simply add a bit of colour.

The resort is all-inclusive and has two restaurants. La Cueva de Atxoña serves a diverse buffet of Canary Island and Italian food. They do show-cooking with meat and fish dishes and the restaurant is also suitable for vegetarians. The restaurant has seven rooms which represent the seven Canary Islands. Each room has its own name in Guanche, the native language, and a dome – some are for adults only. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner on the outdoor terrace, but the waiters only take the plates away.


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The lamps in the restaurant are made of recycled materials out of respect for the environment and the resort's ecological goals.


Restaurante la Proa has very unique architecture and has three areas or domes. It is only open in the evening, and offers à la carte fish options. It also serves a varied gourmet menu. The restaurant is open to the public and is available for event bookings. La Proa invites guests who are staying at the resort for at least five nights to dine at the restaurant.

The square has a bar and an open-air theatre, as if the resort were a town. The Magma room puts on a variety of entertainment and has its own bar as well. The other two bars, El Taro and El Tagoror Lobby, are by the main pool. They have some marvellous panoramic views of the entire resort and the sea.


Rooms at Sandos San Blas Natural Reserve

The resort has 331 rooms, 281 of which are doubles (which are green). They are all well-lit and have similar decor. The only differences between the rooms are the size and the type of terrace and views. The remaining 50 rooms are Junior Suites (which are orange). These have an adjoining room with a double sofa bed and two bathrooms with maroon-coloured wash basins.


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The rooms that overlook the lake are the most peaceful in the resort.


Extras at Sandos San Blas Nature Reserve

The resort (as many of the luxury hotels of Tenerife) has a very intimate spa with some beautiful views of the sea and horizon. It also has a hairdresser's and is close to the reception. There is a cinema and a 145-seat conference room, and free Wi-Fi throughout the resort. There is also an outdoor climbing wall and a gym that's open 24/7. Finally, there is a children's park close to the artificial lake. The resort organises two 30-minute supervised canoe rides a day at the lake (booking required).


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For safety reasons, swimming in the lake is not allowed. It's only one metre deep, but there aren't any lifeguards.


There is a rough rock beach with quite deep waters and strong currents – so be careful when swimming there. Playa La Tejita and Playa El Médano, the Mecca of surfing and windsurfing in Tenerife, are nearby. You can take the shuttle bus from the resort to Playa de Las Américas to get there. The shuttle bus service operates three times a week.

The entire resort is equipped for reduced mobility access. You can travel between reception, the swimming pools and the restaurant area via a tunnel. The tunnel's decor replicates the local area and the reserve's physical geography.


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Staff decorate the tunnel in a 'terrifying' way for Halloween. The resort organises two Halloween parties. One party is for children (all children can attend with parental permission) and the other is exclusively for adults.


Environmental Reserve of Sandos San Blas

There are two ravines in the nearby area. The resort organises visits to these ravines every Monday and Wednesday. The trips are not exclusive to guests of the resort, and each trip is for a maximum of 20 people. The trips are run in four languages, last up to two and a half hours and are full of surprises. Children especially will learn a lot and have lots of fun. You can only take part in these trips through the resort and the price is not included in your stay.

As we've already mentioned, a bowl of great archaeological value was found in the area. This discovery led to researchers investigating how people used to live in the Los Abrigos area. They did this by gathering oral accounts and turning them into stories for the trip. There is also a 20th-century natural dam, or reservoir. The dam collects rain water for cultivating the local tomato crops, which surprisingly grow in such an arid area. You can’t see this water reserve from any road nearby.



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You can see the water reserve from a green at Golf del Sur. Apparently, you can also see it from the airplane (if you're sat at the window on the left-hand side). This is because 90% of flights to Tenerife fly over Golf del Sur. Depending on the angle of the landing, you'll see the resort but the water reserve might be obscured.


The walk includes a visit to the museum. This part of the trip explains the island's formation and about the local rocks, plant life and wildlife. Afterwards, you'll also see what's responsible for the entire project: the 'historic experience tunnel'. In the tunnel, they recreate a journey through time starting 200 years ago. After going through the tunnel, you'll walk up the ravine. This part of the trip is accessible for people of any ability – you'll need sun protection though.


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There is one moment in particular that is quite a surprise. We won't tell you about it though, so you can enjoy the trip properly if you decide to go.

Getting There

The resort is close to the South Airport. The resort is on the coast and not in the landing trajectory, so you won't hear any noise from aeroplanes. From the airport, take the road that leads to the motorway, and take the exit towards Las Galletas/Los Abrigos. Then, follow the signs for Los Abrigos. Sandos San Blas is just on the right before you enter town.

Avda. Greñamora n° 1 Urbanización San Blas-Golf del Sur 38639 San Miguel de Abona


Final Comments from the Authors of Sandos San Blas

Sandos San Blas Nature Resort is very different from other hotels and we fell in love with its eco-sustainability concept. 😊 The resort is full of surprises thanks to its many details, special corners and unique origin. The fact that a hotel company has committed to preserving the surrounding area in this way is also worth mentioning.


It also helped that Tino, a fan of the project, showed us many of the resort's little details. Sandos San Blas Nature Resort is another unbelievable place to have a different kind of dream holiday in Tenerife.