... Heaven on Earth

Open since 2006, Royal Garden Villas always keeps its gates closed to maintain the peace and quiet for its guests. You'll have to ring the bell to be able to access the small and breath-taking reception area. Upon entering, we guarantee you'll be 'wowed' by all the small details that you'll find in reception, like the coffered ceiling brought from Thailand, the bridge over the swimming pool, the ambient music and the glazed floor.


Tenerife Travel Secret

Royal Garden Villas is like an orchid: it's delicate and exclusive, whilst also standing the test of time.

It'll literally be hard for you to leave this exclusive resort from the moment you get there. Nevertheless, we recommend you leave this paradise on earth and discover some of Tenerife – even though it might seem a bit more mundane in comparison. 😊


Communal Areas at Royal Garden Villas

The hotel spreads across two floors. You'll be able to enjoy some refreshing complementary drinks and small snacks in the reception area, near the gazebo.


Restaurante Jardín serves both breakfast and dinner, which you can order to your room for a small additional charge. There is also a lunch room service available at no extra cost. The restaurant's menu has a picture of each available dish, and I can say that the food there is delicious. It is even recommended by the Michelin Guide, as it's a perfect place to enjoy modern cuisine with seasonal produce. The kitchen is open 7pm-9:30pm, and you’ll have to dress smartly. The restaurant's decor is exquisite and a number of its features originate from antique shops and exhibitions. Check out the main lamp made of wire and plaster, or the tree of life to the left of the entrance, designed in Java especially.


Tenerife Travel Secret

The restaurant's decor changes every two or three months. Each year, they decorate the restaurant with a different kind of Christmas theme. For example, one year there was an Arabian Christmas theme. It included, among other things, a large group of lamps in the entrance made of beautiful colored and clear crystals.


The adjoining Tucán Tucán pub has a relaxing atmosphere, where you can enjoy a nice aperitif or drink from 6pm-10pm.


Villas at Royal Garden Villas

The villas are completely furnished and have several similarities whilst also having their own unique touch. The one-bedroom villas sleep up to two people and the three-bedroom villas are ideal for up to six. The hotel uses both solar panels and large motors to heat the water in the swimming pools.



Tenerife Travel Secret

When a guest visits a villa for the first time, the hotel puts a flower display by the door to welcome them. This display is then later removed for the guest's convenience and comfort.


There are twelve kinds of villa, which vary by the number of rooms (ranging from one to three), whether they're bungalows or have two floors, the perfumes used, and the type of kitchen, lounge and private bathrooms with their own unique and particular decor. For example, one room we visited had a window overlooking a plant garden instead of a picture above the headboard. The furniture and kind of outdoor swimming pool can also vary.


Tenerife Travel Secret

The hotel's decorative stones, as well as the stones that indicate each villa's name, were all made by hand. The hotel names the villas after plants (aloe vera, jazmín, kentia,…), nature (luna, sol, edén, cielo,…), cities or exotic places (Bora Bora, Bali, Miami,…) and women.


The villas are huge and allow you to can relax in complete freedom in an exotically decorated atmosphere. Each room in the villas also has its own independent air conditioning. If we had to choose one villa, it would definitely be Villa Cielo. It has some of the best views of the resort and overlooks the golf course.


Tenerife Travel Secret

Guests can join the single beds together at their own convenience. The beds have King Coy-brand mattresses, which is a Canadian company that works regularly with NASA.

Extras at Royal Garden Villas

All hotel guests can use the car park in front of Royal Garden Villas which belongs to the golf course. If you don't feel like driving, the hotel offers guests a lift service with limousines and high-end cars. There are various fountains with animal sculptures on the garden walks. There is also a natural rock wall (which appears to be volcanic) on the way to the sports and spa area. It has lots of orchids and a picture of the Virgen de Candelaria, the patron saint of the Canary Islands.


Tenerife Travel Secret

Airan, a Cuban artist, painted the murals in the hotel by hand. You’ll find el Plumeria, or Frangipani, by the restaurant entrance and a mural depicting a group of bamboo canes by the lifts.


Spa Estanque Dorado is very warm and exclusive. It has a treatment room and an area where visitors can get drinks. The spa opens its spectacular doors from 10am until 6pm, although the thermal circuit remains open until 11pm for those who want complete privacy – like to propose in a romantic way. 😊 You can enjoy the spa's treatments, including massages, exotic baths and beauty rituals, alone or as a couple.


Tenerife Travel Secret

The floors in the spa are made of an emerald stone. This type of stone is very difficult to work with and is very commonly used in Asia. Other things inspired by Asia are the meshes of small stones which decorate part of the corridor close to reception.


Guests at Royal Garden Villas on the half-board package can eat at the Monkey Restaurant (Monkey Grill) or the Italian trattoria in Costa Adeje. You can also hold events or a special ceremony at the hotel for a very competitive price.

Getting to Royal Garden Villas

To get to Hotel Royal Garden Villas & Spa, we recommend you take your own car or book a taxi. It's opposite the Costa Adeje golf course.

Royal Garden Villas & Spa - Campo de Golf Costa Adeje - Calle Alcojora, s/n. Adeje, 38670 - Tenerife


Final Comments from the Authors

We suspect you've seen the houses of the stars in magazines or on the internet. With their designer furniture, otherworldly swimming pools and spectacular views, most of us can only dream of that lifestyle. Royal Garden Villas makes this dream a reality: be a god in your own little bit of paradise, just on a smaller scale. 😊


The weather makes this place even more spectacular. For almost 350 days of the year you're almost certain to see the sun in the south of Tenerife. We truly believe that Royal Garden Villas is paradise on earth. This is not only because its infrastructure and services are exceptional, but also due to the staff’s warmth and skill. When you think of your best holiday ever, you usually don't think of the luxury – you think how you felt. One last anecdote: the record for the longest stay at the hotel is 73 days. Perhaps you could beat that. 😊