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Canary Islands vacation with Royal Garden Villas, a luxury 5 star hotel which opened in 2006. The flower which represents this hotel is the orchid, as it represents the delicate and unique nature of this flower which can survive in difficult conditions, and for that reason it is the symbol of the complex.

The idea is to create, for your Canary Islands vacation, a relaxing atmosphere in which it is possible to have everything without needing to move from these spectacular villas.

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Tenerife Travel Secret

At Tenerife Travel Secrets we want to promote quality tourism and those of you who visit us get to know all of the beautiful details which the island has to offer, but at times we are obliged to give in to the evidence and for that reason we haven’t been able to avoid including the information about Royal Garden Villas. However, we invite you to leave this heaven on earth and discover some of the heavenly corners of Tenerife … even if they are a bit more mundane J.

No sooner do you enter tan you see the difference compared with other hotels. To ensure the tranquillity of the guests (and avoid possible curious gazes, which would only be logical because no-one would want to miss out on a visit to such a unique place), the main gate is always closed and you have to ring the bell to be let in by someone at the tiny, enchanting reception.

When the main gate opens there’s a ‘wow’ effect which is sought-after by any hotel complex. To start with, the coffered ceiling in the entrance was brought from Thailand especially to decorate this part of the hotel.

There is very relaxing background music in the welcome area and outdoor reception. There is a wooden bridge which crosses the swimming pool to connect you to reception.

As we already mentioned, the reception is small but it has everything which the guests need, and as Royal Garden Villas is a particularly exclusive place, you probably won’t have to wait when you get there. The floor there has a glazed section where there are lots of sea shells and starfish. Upon arrival, they offer you a glass of champagne and the staff will attend to you in any one of at least three languages fluently.

The hotel Royal Garden Villas & Spa is split over two floors.

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Communal Areas at Royal Garden Villas

In the reception area there is a small part where you can enjoy refreshing drinks and snacks for free.

The Jardín restaurant serves breakfast (until 11am) and dinner. If you want to eat in your villa, there is an additional charge. Lunch is available as room service at no extra cost.

To the left of the entrance to the restaurant, there is a beautiful tree of life on the wall which was specially designed for the hotel restaurant and made in Java.

Another interesting detail about the restaurant is that the light shade is made from wire and plaster. They use lots of items which they have acquired in antique shops or shows.

Tenerife Travel Secret

Each year the restaurant is differently decorated over the Christmas period; for example, one year the theme was an Arabic Christmas and the entrance (among other things) had lots of light shades made of attractive coloured glass. The decoration in the restaurant changes every two or three months. For example, the pompoms were brought from Morocco.

Another interesting and intelligent detail is the bag holder which they bring to you when you arrive at the restaurant with a bag, so that you don’t have to worry about putting it on the floor or that it will fall off your chair.

The restaurant menu has a photo of every dish which it has on offer. From experience, I can say that the food is exquisite. I ate a simply delicious chicken stir-fry.

The 2011 Michelin Guide recommends it as an ideal place to enjoy modern gastronomy with seasonal produce. The kitchen is open from 7pm to 9:30pm, and the dress code is casual.

The restaurant is connected to the Tucán Tucán pub where you can have a beer in a relaxed environment from 6pm to 10pm.

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Villas at the Hotel

The Villas are completely furnished with similar things, but each one has its individuality. The ones which have one bedroom can sleep at most two people, and the ones with three bedrooms can sleep at most six people. The water in the swimming pools is heated using solar panels and in some cases large generators.

Tenerife Travel Secret

When a villa is going to be used for the first time by a guest, on the door they put some adornment to give a warm welcome. Afterwards, for the comfort of the guests, they remove it.

The Duquesa Villas are the ones which have one bedroom. In the one which we were able to visit, instead of having a wall with a picture behind the headboard of the bed, there was a window leading to a small garden with plants. From the bedroom there is a nice window connecting to the bathroom.

Tenerife Travel Secret

When entering one of the villas I noticed a particular subtle smell, and it seems to be a detail to which they pay much attention, as each room has a diffusor near the entrance.

The Gran Duquesa Villas are the one-bedroom ones, which also have a kitchen, living room, private bathroom with whirlpool bath and shower, heated pool, hammocks on the terrace and a Balinese gazebo.

Tenerife Travel Secret

The air conditioning is independent in each room in the villas.

The Princesa Villas are single storey and can be found in the lowest part of the complex. They have an extra feature which is that you can bathe outdoors, although obviously hidden from the view of others.

Tenerife Travel Secret

The decorative stones of the hotel Royal Garden Villas have been hand carved with the names of the villas. Some are named after plants (aloe, jasmine, etc.), some evoke thoughts of nature (Aqua, Star, Eden, Heaven, etc.), some are named after exotic places (Bora Bora, Bali, Miami, etc.) and others have women’s names.

Gran Princesa Villa – It has two double bedrooms, a kitchen, a spacious living/dining room, a bathroom with whirlpool bath and shower, a pool heated by solar energy, a terrace and a solarium.

Princesa Real Villa – the same features as the Gran Princesa, but with some extras.

Queen Villa – has 2 or 3 bedrooms (the third bedroom is separate), living room and terrace with private pool.

Majestic Villa - a duplex with exotic, romantic furniture which has two bedrooms, a living/dining room and a large terrace with a pool.

The Gran Majestic Villas have two bedrooms and 350m² shared gardens, and the rooms are always ensuite. They are split over two floors (like duplexes) and each has a differently designed minibar to match the style of the villa. There is room for four adults, and although there is no room to put an extra bed, a cot would fit and includes a nice doll for the child who is going to sleep there.

Tenerife Travel Secret

The single beds can be put together for the comfort of the guests. All of the beds in the villas have two pillows (which is not unusual) made by King Koil, which is a Canadian company which collaborates with NASA.

Royal Villa is a duplex with three bedrooms, a living/dining room, a kitchen and a terrace with a pool.

Imperial Villa is an exotically decorated duplex with three bedrooms, a living/dining room, a kitchen, three bathrooms and a terrace with a pool.

Cielo Villa is the type which has the best views of the complex towards the golf course. It has three bedrooms, a living/dining room, a kitchen, three indoor bathrooms and one outdoor, as well as a terrace with a pool.

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Extra Services and Facilities

Opposite the hotel there is a car park which belongs to the Golf Costa Adeje course, which the guests staying at Royal Garden Villas can park, but the hotel has its own private garage.

Tenerife Travel Secret

The painted murals which have been done in the hotel (for example the Plumeria or Frangipani which is in the entrance to the restaurant) were painted by hand by the Cuban artist Airan. Even the decoration in the lifts, which is reminiscent of bamboo canes, was done by hand.

The hotel offers transfers for its guests using limousines and high quality cars.

Along the garden walkways there are various fountains with representations of animals in them. Heading for the sports activity and spa area there is a natural rockery (which looks like a volcano) with lots of orchids. An interesting detail is that there is a small area with a picture of the patron saint of the Canary Islands, the Virgin of Candelaria.

There is a squash court and fitness studio.

The Estanque Dorado Spa has a warm and exclusive feel to it. It has a treatment room and drinks are for its clients.

Tenerife Travel Secret

The floors in the spa are made of an emerald-coloured stone which is quite difficult to manipulate, but which is used quite a lot in Asia (it was brought from there especially).  In Asia they also work with pebbles to create a mesh effect, like one of the pathways near reception.

The spa at the Royal Garden Villas opens its spectacular doors from 10am to 6pm, but the thermal baths are open until 11pm for those who want to use them in complete peace. The thermal baths include an indoor heated pool with a jacuzzi, a waterfall and water beds, a Turkish bath, a colour therapy shower, a Scottish shower and an ice fountain.

The treatments which the spa offers can be enjoyed either individually or in pairs, and include massages, exotic baths and beauty rituals.

Tenerife Travel Secret

A little romantic anecdote which we have and we’ll share with you is that on one occasion a client booked the spa for 2am. The reason was that, after a romantic dinner with his partner in the restaurant there, he took her there (it was decorated very subtly and discreetly with flowers and candles) and he proposed to her.

Those guests who are staying at Royal Garden Villas on a half board basis can eat at the Monkey Restaurant (Monkey Grill) and the trattoria (Italian food).

Guests come to stay at the Villas from a variety of countries (England, Belgium, Holland, Germany, etc.), and on one occasion a guest stayed for 73 days (the longest stay on record by the time we have visited the hotel).

If you want to hold your event or special ceremony in an exclusive location at tempting prices (the wedding menu was €120-140 in October 2015), few places are as special as Royal Garden Villas. With a maximum capacity of 100 people you could organise and enjoy an unforgettable day. You could even have a red carpet near the reception area …

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Getting There

The Hotel Royal Garden Villas & Spa is located in the south of Tenerife, in Adeje, near Playa del Duque and just next to the Golf Costa Adeje course.

Royal Garden Villas & Spa - Campo de Golf Costa Adeje - Calle Alcojora, s/n. Adeje, 38670 - Tenerife

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Final Comments from the Authors

Sometimes when you look in the magazines those houses where personalities are living with their beautifully designed furniture, dreamlike swimming pools and spectacular views, most of us can only dream about what option would be to live in such a place. Royal Garden Villas provides an opportunity to realize that dream of being a God in your piece of heaven ... Saving the proportions, of course...

What a wonderful place, so spectacular even on a rainy day. We visited the Royal Garden Villas in January (winter) - so a rainy day could be a reality, although in the south of Tenerife nearly 350 days a year you almost certainly have sunny days.

We, from Tenerife Travel Secrets, believe that Royal Garden Villas is a piece of heaven on earth. Not only the infrastructure and services are outstanding, but also  for the quality and warmth of the staff that serves you there. And that in most cases when you remember your best vacation is what really remains in your memory, not luxury, but what you felt at that site.

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