Roque de Taborno with Anaga Experience

A few weeks ago I got in touch with Cao to see what new activities Anaga Experience was offering to the general public. He replied, "Well tomorrow we're going to Taborno – fancy coming?" How long do you think it took me to say yes? I think not even half a millisecond ...

Just over a year ago I did one of the most beautiful excursions I've ever done in Tenerife with the boys from Anaga Experience: Antequera. This wasn’t just because of the landscapes, or because of the chance to be almost alone on a stunning black sandy beach, but because of how well-rounded it was. As a result, deciding to go with them again was an easy choice. This time it was Roque de Taborno's turn.

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The Antequera tour starts in the forests of Anaga, continues through Las Casillas and descends via the Antequera ravine to the beach with the same name. There you enjoy lunch and have enough time to swim and enjoy the water. A boat-taxi takes you to Las Teresitas beach (passing the cliffs in the area) and to top off the day you can try paddle boarding on the beach.

With all that in mind, obviously I ventured out to discover Roque de Taborno with high hopes

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Anaga is a natural park which was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in June 2015.

We met in La Laguna, because Cao had to pick up an American girl in Santa Cruz. Because of the traffic and a lack of parking, I arrived at our meeting point late. When I finally found the phone number for Anaga Experience and called them, they had already left. The quick solution was to go to a new meeting point in Cruz del Carmen, so off I went!

This time when I arrived Cao introduced me to Alison, an American from Ohio who had come to spend a few days taking a break from her work, and she was particularly surprised by the natural diversity we have on the island. We got in the car and headed for the starting point for the tour...

And so the excursion began...

Anaga is a spectacular natural park. Its vegetation is almost unique in Macaronesia (don't forget that this area is about 8 million years old) and its abrupt landscapes, its silence broken only by the wind and its birdsong are a delight in themselves.

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In 1994, the official road to Taborno was opened. This hamlet has therefore been characterised by being isolated.

Getting to Taborno was relatively simple and we made a short stop at a viewpoint there to enjoy some typical Canary Island produce and a refreshing drink with a special ingredient – one of Anaga Experience's secrets, which we won't give away

From that moment we were joined by José Domingo, the only shepherd who uses a crook to complete the Shepherd's Jump in Anaga. With it you can carry out this tradition which is so useful on the most mountainous islands in the Canaries.

We continued our trail after the well-deserved rest and walked through two large ravines. On one side was the hamlet of Las Carboneras and on the other was the Afur ravine. I went a little crazy with panoramic photos

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Three-quarters of Anaga Natural Park belongs to Santa Cruz and the other quarter to La Laguna.

We arrived in the vicinity of Roque de Taborno and in front of us we could see the coast, which is known to have strong sea currents. We saw some bays on the west side and the three beaches of Almáciga, Roque de las Bodegas and Benijos on the east side.

The route back to the hamlet of Taborno was a wonderful walk for enjoying the beautiful day, the brilliance of nature, the local people and their worries, and above all the pleasant company.

We completed the tour in three hours and at the end we took a bus which dropped us off near the point where we'd parked the car, at the Merendero Casa Carlos. We followed advice and ate a plate of chickpeas, sliced roast chicken with wrinkled potatoes and red sauce with "barraquito" (a local coffee drink). Alison enjoyed it and I think she noted down the ingredients so she can prepare it when she goes back to the United States

Before going to La Orotava, we stopped at Cruz del Carmen in the hope that the sky would be sufficiently clear to see the Teide. No luck, but even so it was a beautiful view.

Comments from the authors on the excursion to Roque de Taborno with Anaga Experience

No wonder Taborno is now in my top 5 excursions to do in Tenerife. Anaga Experience do such a good job of guiding you around the slopes of Anaga Natural Park. It is always a privilege to share them, as well as discover new corners of the island. Even with all the tours I've done, there's still a lot left to uncover.