Puerto de La Cruz
One of the First Touristic Spots in Europe

The famous Puerto de la Cruz was one of the first tourist resorts in Spain and Europe. It received visitors who mainly wanted to enjoy mild temperatures during winter. Even being the smallest municipality of the island, “El Puerto” attracts many tourists thanks to its familiar atmosphere and its tranquillity; factors that also make even to keep the fishing atmosphere of the center.

Paseo San Telmo

The beautiful Paseo San Telmo in El Puerto

The average temperature of this area is not so high as in the southern regions, but the fact that it is located on the coast makes the climate to be considerably better compared to other northern towns that are located just few kilometres away. The average temperature is about 22 ° C, an ideal temperature to be lying down on the beach or enjoy a walk along the sea.

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Puerto de La Cruz - Hotels

Most of the accommodation options in Puerto de la Cruz are focused on visitors that seek peace, quiet walks near the beach and close contact with the locals in the streets. We mention below a short list of hotels to spend your holidays:

Hotel Botánico y Oriental Spa Garden - 5-star

Hotel Botanico

Luxury hotel with an unbeatable view of the valley of La Orotava, the Mount Teide, the volcano of the island, and the Atlantic Ocean. The hotel has a classic style and is surrounded by some 25,000 m² of beautiful gardens, where you also find the spa, outdoor and indoor pools and decks, as well as the sauna and Turkish bath. The price for double room can be booked from 170 €.

Hotel Beatriz Atlantis & Spa - 4-star

Hotel Beatriz Atlantis & Spa

Located really close to the shoreline of Playa Martiánez (only 50 meters away). On the other hand it is in front of the promenade and only 150 meters from the pools of Lago Martiánez. The hotel has a modern structure and an excellent spa to enjoy a relaxing day that you deserve. The standard room rate is about 95 €.

Sol Puerto de La Cruz - 4-star

Hotel Sol Puerto de la Cruz

It´s one of the most traditional hotels of Puerto de la Cruz surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens and counting also with a complimentary transport service to facilitate the visit to the city center, running from Monday through Friday. The price for double room can be found from as little as 50 €.

Hotel Sol Puerto Playa - 4-star

Hotel Puerto Playa

Just a short walk from Playa Jardín. It is a perfect location for the family holidays you have always dreamed to enjoy. The price of a room can be found from 40 €.

Hotel Monopol - 3-star

It is a family run business, with over 75 years of tradition. One attraction of the place is its indoor Canarian patio, as well as the fact that the front steps of the hotel are always decorated with tropical flowers ...a warm and beautiful welcome. The price of a room can be booked from 52€.

Hotel Marquesa - 3-star

The hotel is located in a pedestrian area in the middle of the center of Puerto de la Cruz. Although the building was built in 1712, there was a total renovation in 1995. The price of a room can be found from 40 €.

Hotel Sol Parque San Antonio - 4-star

Puerto de La Cruz - Beaches

In this coastal town are the most famous Tenerife beaches of the north. The most notable feature of the northern beaches of the island is that the sand, being of volcanic origin, has a precious deep black color, which is even brighter under the sunlight. Beware of hot days where the temperature of the sand can be unbearable for bare feet. The services of the beaches are excellent for both swimmers and users to enjoy a day with the family. However always be careful with the waves and currents that can be calmer at one time of the day and a bit stronger later on. Below we list some beaches to consider when visiting Puerto de la Cruz:

Playa Jardín

Playa Jardín - El Castillo

It has three beaches (Castillo, del Charco and Punta Brava or María Jiménez) which length is just over a kilometer of gardened coastline - work of the great Canarian creator Cesar Manrique. The beach has volcanic sand count with a marine barrier that protects swimmers from the force of the ocean and makes its waves more moderate.

Playa de San Telmo

A beach with small pebbles (ideal for those who do not like sand) and several terraces for the enjoyment of the sun. It has a very quiet restaurant and bar where you can enjoy the sound of the sea and the promenade. Located in the emblematic Paseo de San Telmo, and visited mainly by island residents, but also by some foreign visitors as well.

Playa Martiánez

It is located beside Lago Martiánez and perhaps the most emblematic beach of Puerto de la Cruz, with black sand and some wonderful walks that will make you enjoy the spectacular views of the cliffs of Martiánez and the north coast, in addition to a wide range of leisure options, hotels and restaurants. This beach is very popular with surfers and bodyboarders.

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Puerto de La Cruz - Attractions and Activities

Magnificent view of Lago Martiánez

Its historic center mixes a nautical origin (having been the main port of La Orotava) and location of hotels of all types, considering the touristic spot that has always been. Therefore we also recommend you to visit these sites and historic buildings of the port:

  • The Plaza de El Charco which connects to Paseo de San Telmo and its Chapel by a pedestrian street running through the square and the Iglesia de la Peña de Francia;
  • Following the lead after passing San Telmo you can keep walking down the pedestrian walk of Martiánez, which borders the pool complex of Lago Martiánez, and then towards the beach Martiánez;
  • La Casa Miranda, the former hotel of the La Marquesa and the Casa de la Aduana (Customs House) are also worth visiting.

As a coastal tourist spot, many of its activities and traditions are closely related to the sea, however it is essential to visit and enjoy:

  • The Jardín de Adaptación Botánico (Botanical Garden) with a wide variety of plants and vegetable species from South America, Africa and Asia;
  • Jardines del Tahoro (Gardens) and its casino;
A couple of birds from Loro Park
  • Loro Parque is one of the required places to visit, and more so if you travel with your family, as the contact with nature during the time you are there is wonderful and totally worth it. We recommend that you spend a full day with your family or friends to enjoy all the activities offered at the park, as well as enjoy the show with the dolphins, whales, sea lions and parrots in general, and see the behavior of penguins, tigers and its wide variety of primates. The entrance to the Loro Parque is 33 € for non-resident adults and 22 € for children (6-11). Canarian residents have other prices. This park is easily accessible as it is located only a few hundred meters from the beach María Jiménez, which is the last beach of the whole of Playa Jardín;
  • Lago Martiánez: In the area of Costa Martiánez is located this artificial lake with more than 27,000 cubic meters of seawater with various swimming pools for adults (four) and children (three). It was created by the Canarian artist Cesar Manrique and is a mixture of traditional Canarian architecture with unique sculptural elements combined with the beautiful nature. It is a striking center for tourism, and its bars, restaurants and kiosks give the complex a special vitality and luminosity;
  • The traditional festivals (fiestas) of Puerto de la Cruz are during summer, and like a good fishing village it venerates the Virgin of Carmen on July 16 with a very crowded Embarcación de la Virgen. The interesting thing about these festivals is that you can feel the fervor to their Virgin and the desire for party the Puerto inhabitants usually convey to their visitors.

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Puerto de La Cruz - Getting There

If after reading all that Puerto de la Cruz can offer, you want to spend a short break in this traditional place, you can reach the town by renting a car at the north airport of Los Rodeos (the closest airport). You then drive through the Autopista del Norte (North Highway), head towards La Orotava and take the right exit towards Puerto de la Cruz.

The most convenient service though, is the public bus service of TITSA (if you buy the bono-bus, the fares are cheaper and more than one user can take the advantage of it), but if your idea is to visit the island, you can rent a car at affordable prices.

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