Playa de Las Americas
Touristic Centers in the South of Tenerife

Playa de Las Americas is one of the most touristy places located in the south of the island of Tenerife. The area lies between the two municipalities of Arona and Adeje.

This spot was almost completely deserted in the 60s, but seeing the potential for tourism and the favourable climate (which most of the year registers about a 25°C average temperature and sunshine), a hotel boost began that has not stopped right up to the present day with many developments in structure and entertainment.

Playa de Las Américas

Therefore, the origin of Playa de Las Americas was left to chance as it emerged, so to say, out of nowhere. Playa de Las Americas is one of the three most important tourist resorts on the island of Tenerife, along with Costa Adeje and Los Cristianos, in which there is an intense tourist life and a wider range of hotels than most places in Spain. Also, thanks to a certain guarantee of sun almost all year round, the beaches are usually full of people eager to get a good tan. We recommend, though, for you to drink bottled water when in Playa de Las Americas. The reason is that the water in the south of Tenerife is heavy, as opposed as to the north where the quality of water is excellent.

Playa de Las Americas- Hotels

The variety of 4 and 5 star hotels is vast and of exquisite taste. The hotel and apartment structures are varied and adapted to all types of budget, needs and tastes. From the promenade, it’s possible to spot many of the most impressive hotels, such as those that evoke the glorious Roman times, or others with a Canarian or Mexican style.

Apartamentos Parque Santiago

This is one of the most popular hotels in the south of the island. Reason is that it has very comfortable apartments, facilities are great, location even better - in front of the ocean and just next to some great attractions at Playa de las Americas. So, when booking the place, it is better to do it very much in advance...

The Mediterranean Palace - 5-star

Located in Playa del Camisón, this has decor and colours which remind you of the warm atmosphere of the Canary Islands. The standard room rate is just over €100.

Europe Villa Cortés Gran Lujo - 5-star

Hotel Villa Cortés

Located right in front of the Playa de Las Americas beach. The style is very elegant and suggests a Mexican Hacienda. The prices for a double room range from €250.

Hotel Palm Beach Club Tenerife

The hotel is conveniently located in front of Playa de Troya and has recently undergone in a revitalisation of the building. It is a complex of apartments where you can relax during your holidays with everything at your disposal as if you were at home.

Hotel Cleopatra Palace - 4-star

Located in front of the Playa del Camisón. The style is more lavish, replicating the large Roman palaces. The price for a double room starts at €114.

H10 Hotel Conquistador - 4-star

Hotel 10 El Conquistador

Just 5 minutes walk from the beach. Its style is more modern and edgy than many other hotels in the area. The price for double room can start from €123.

In all types of accommodation found in Playa de Las Americas the energy focuses on tourism seeking a break from the big city, well-deserved peace and enjoyment of the surroundings or the calm beaches nearby. The big hotels are usually surrounded by beautiful and exotic gardens with large swimming pools that easily achieve an atmosphere of calmness. But equally there are hotel deals for kids and family fun.

Playa de Las Americas - Beaches

The Tenerife beaches of Playa de Las Americas have all the necessary components for spending a fantastic day in a relaxing family environment, or for enjoying the many offers for water activities with friends or partners. In addition, to ensure the enjoyment of bathing, the beaches have been improved in recent years with imported sand, better access and improvements to their facilities. So you can find a wide variety of beaches for many tastes: easy access, others a bit more relaxed (although that is an impossible achievement in high season), choppy waters for lovers of surfing ... Below we detail a bit the most important beaches in the area:

Playa de Torviscas

Beach with fine grey sand, serving as a dividing line from the area of Costa Adeje. It is a beach visited by many tourists all year long, no exceptions, mainly for its calm waters.

La Pinta

This is a shell-shaped beach of golden sand and calm waters - as are all beaches in the area that is adjacent to Puerto Colon.

Playa del Bobo

Beach of golden sand and calm waters, which contributes to the safety of bathers who visit it throughout the year.

El Camisón

This is a 120m long artificial beach, with golden sand, where bathing conditions are always excellent as it has a breakwater to protect the beach from wave currents. This beach is the dividing line from the area of Los Cristianos.

Playa del Camisón

Playa de Las Americas - Attractions and Activities

On the other hand, Playa de Las Americas, as any respected tourist resort does, offers a wide variety of water activities and nightlife.

  • There are many water parks in which the fun of kids and adults is fully guaranteed. If you have a full day with your family or friends to enjoy the area, we recommend you visit Siam Park Tenerife, where you will enjoy all the aquatic activities in the park like a child. The entrance fee is €32 for non-resident adults and €21 for children (3 to 11 years). The parks are easily accessible whether you decide to come by car, or by public buses with regular services, sometimes even free of charge;
Waterslide at Siam Park
  • If you prefer non-water sports, we recommend the Golf Las Américas, where you can enjoy golfing, with great views and beautiful lakes. Or you can simply enjoy a couple or family outing across the very long Paseo Marítimo, which goes through all the hotels near the sea;
  • The variety of discos, clubs, bars and terraces, always very close to the sea and to a beach atmosphere, offers 24 hours of entertainment for young and not so young ... a wonderful party atmosphere with music and entertainment venues. The prices of their drinks and snacks (mostly) are very competitive with the prices found in other European countries. One of the best-known party areas of Playa de Las Américas is Las Verónicas, full of bars, discos, restaurants and shops, in which people enjoy the entertainment indoors and outdoors every night.

Playa de Las Americas - Getting There

If after reading all the alternatives sought for in Playa de Las Américas you are interested in a well-deserved vacation, you can get there by renting a car from the South Airport (the closest to this tourist spot). Then take the south highway TF-1 heading towards Los Cristianos.

The most convenient service, on the other hand, is the public bus services TITSA (if you buy the bono-bus, the rates of the trips are better and it can be used by more than one user) and if you are late we recommend you take a taxi - a convenient and faster service.

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