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...Exploring Nature in an Exciting Way

18 years… since 1996 Patea Tus Montes is pure adventure. The project was born from a group of students who followed a program promoted by Casa de Oficios y Turismo Rural del Ayuntamiento de La Orotava. Initially the idea of ​​the name of the group came in an analogy of “Patear los montes de La Orotava”, which translated would mean something like "Walking in the mountains of La Orotava”, thus the final name Patea Tus Montes. Over the years the idea of Patear has been extended from La Orotava to the rest of the island and the neighbour islands of La Palma, Hierro, La Gomera and Gran Canaria, as well as some parts of the peninsula in Spain and Portugal.

Patea Tus Montes - The Blossom almond trees tour

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Patea Tus Montes Also Means Recognition...

Since 2004 they have been receiving a deserved public recognition with national and local prizes for their hard and innovative work in the fields of tourism and adventure trails (senderismo). For example, received a Special Mention to the Best Product of active tourism in Spain at FITUR 2004, with the activity of “Salto del Pastor Canario” (Jump of the Canarian Shepherd), with the aim of getting to understand a little more this and other traditional Canarian sports while conducting the activities of hiking (senderismo). Also, at FITUR 2011 received another Special Mention for the activity called Ruta de Titanes (Path of the Titans), that go through the places on the island where it was recorded the popular 2010 film by Louis Leterrier, Clash of the Titans.

To contact Patea Tus Montes and reserve some (or maybe many!) of their activities you should call the numbers (+34) 922 335 903 or (+34) 608 641 675, or contact by e-mail (

Tenerife Travel Secret

To get in touch with Patea Tus Montes I wrote an e-mail and Carolina was responsible for helping with more details about the activities and schedules. I have to say that the communication was very fluid at all times. She was very friendly and provided me with all information I needed to participate in some of their activities. The warm treatment with their clients is already a signature of the company, and gives them a lot of credibility.

After so many years of excellence in active tourism, they have many loyal adventurous customers, from the Canary Islands especially, who not only tested their activities, but also repeated them few times. But they also receive several hikers from other countries with whom can communicate without problems in English.

Patea Tus Montes - always working very hard to take you up

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Patea Tus Montes perform many kind of activities. Below a quick review of some of them:

  • Hiking to the top of the volcano El Teide, throughout the year, also exclusively for the customers who request in advance;

Patea Tus Montes - hiking to the top of the volcano
Patea Tus Montes - Well done! You are in the top of the volcano

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  • Senderismo: thanks to the varied landscape in Tenerife (ravines such as Masca, volcanic areas, coastal routes, and trails at more than 2,000 meters high in the area of Las Canadas) is especially easy to make a journey of contrasts and beauty. There are trails for all difficulty levels and ages, both day and night;
Patea Tus Montes - hiking in Anaga
Patea Tus Montes - hiking in Las Canadas del Teide

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  • Canoeing or Sea Kayaking: this is the star activity when there is good weather. It has slowly gained many loyal practitioners. The great advantage of this activity is that with the paddle you can access places impossible to reach on foot. Patea Tus Montes has 10 double kayak (up to 20 people) and everything necessary to ensure the safety of the participants. The activities are held in the area between Los Gigantes and Punta de Teno (south-western), coast of Radazul, the beach of Las Teresitas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (southeast area) and Costa Adeje (south), and always if the weather and sea conditions are favourable (perhaps one of the few activities that can be performed when the heat from the Saharan desert reaches the island);
Patea Tus Montes - Sea Kayak in Armeñime
Patea Tus Montes - Sea Kayak group

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  • Climbing: in an unmatched scenario for this activity (sometimes performed in the Parque Nacional de Las Canadas del Teide) a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 participants can participate with all necessary materials. Every month at least one climbing is organized. Depending on the location the difficulty level can change. Some of the places where this activity is held are: Cañada de Capricho and Los Cachorros (Teide National Park), Mesa de Tejina (La Laguna), Arico (South) or the most spectacular La Catedral (maximum 6 participants for this last one);
Patea Tus Montes - Climbing in La Cañada del Capricho

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  • Mountain Biking: with 11 bikes and helmets available for rental, you can perform almost any route in the forest network of Tenerife. Every Friday of the year Patea Tus Montes organize various routes depending on the level of the participants. In case you have your own bike you can request only the services of José María Pérez, mountain biking guide;

  • Canyoning / Rappelling: with a maximum of 14 people and minimum 5, with all necessary material, you could discover the beautiful ravines of Tenerife using the technique of rappelling. Nowadays this activity is performed in 6 different canyons: Barranco de Los Arcos and Barranco de Chimoche in La Orotava); Barranco de los Carrizales in Teno area; Barranco del Río in Arico; Barranco de Erques and Barranco de La Puente in Güímar.
Patea Tus Montes - rappel in Los Carrizales ravine
Patea Tus Montes - rappel and fun in Los Carrizales ravine
Patea Tus Montes - rappel in Los Arcos ravine

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  • Bungee Jumping (only upon request): just for saying the name I have butterflies in the stomach… If you really want to feel this experience, gather five other friends with you (minimum 6, maximum 12 people) and contact with the guys from Patea Tus Montes. The jumps can be taken any weekday after 16:00 hrs, and are done at Puente de Los Lavaderos (bridge), behind the Hotel Mencey in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. A single jump costs € 20 (price as of January 2014) and includes all materials and the assistance of experienced staff. Under 18 cannot join this activity and each participant must sign a document in which disclaims any liability to the company;

  • Caving: As said in a famous beer commercial “qué suerte vivir aquí” (how lucky to live here)… Tenerife, having a volcanic origin, also offers wonderful volcanic pipes such as Cueva de San Marcos and one of the largest networks of lava tubes in the world (the complex known as Cueva del Viento). Visits can be arranged from Tuesdays to Saturdays.
Patea Tus Montes - caving in cueva del Viento

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Other Activities

Among the different activities the most demanded are the ones of adventure type. But they also have others such as the one crossing the Camino de Santiago. In the last 2 years, this one has been made with a good number of hikers. They are always looking for new activities to surprise assiduous customers, although the island has been pretty much mapped.

Patea Tus Montes - Paint with Light

Currently some very interesting activities had to be excluded from their “menu”, for different reasons, such as the senderismo in La Palma and Madeira, where the high prices of the flights increase visibly the final price of the activity to the hiker. Nevertheless is worth checking with the team of Patea Tus Montes whenever you want to gather a small group for a specific activity, in which you’d need some professional guidance, and ask for a free quote.

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Always Consider the Following...

Safety, as we have already commented, is one of the key points that the team of Patea Tus Montes provides much of their attention. Therefore, in case it rains intensely, in activities such as canyoning, they wait few days for the weather to settle and the conditions of the trail to improve, in order to avoid unnecessary risks. Obviously as a company in the active tourism, that works most of the time around nature, risks are part of their everyday business. It is up to them to ensure that the safety of each participant is in first place (this also implies that if they see a person who is not suitable for the activity, will let him/her know with the utmost respect), along with the insurance that covers each participant individually in case of any incident.

The prices of the activities are quite reasonable, considering that in many of the cases Patea Tus Montes provide the necessary equipment, relevant permits, apart from the insurance for each participant.

Patea Tus Montes - Adventure, but with common sense

The activities in general can have between 14 to 28 people maximum. With the exception of the rappel that allows up to 10 participants, as otherwise you could be waiting for a while your turn, reducing the entertainment. And participants of almost any age can find an interesting activity that can suit them (considering always that their physical conditions are appropriate), but generally the age range is between 20 to 50 years.

Kayaking is the best suited activity for children, as parents can accompany their child in the kayak. Similarly, many schools have applied for various activities aimed for children and adolescents.

In many years of work, Patea Tus Montes had no serious injury or grave accident (except occasional twists or small wounds), largely because if the weather conditions are not suitable, the activities are suspended or postponed, as well as the strict safety controls applied by the guides that reduce risks. One story that was a bit more serious was about a hiker that once got lost in the trail. However it is fair to say that he got lost voluntarily (as the guide informed the whole group to stay close together, like always done as safety mechanism) and decided to stay behind. When he wanted to regain the pace with his companions it was already late. The police was called and some hours later he appeared on their own feet without any problem or injury.

Patea Tus Montes - This experiences will say somenthing different about you

Tenerife Travel Secrets reminds that if you decide to hire a group activity, you should always try to adapt to the rules given by the guide. In the mountains we are all together, therefore try to adapt to the objectives of general interest.

If the weather conditions are not favourable, the activities are postponed or cancelled and the money returned. If the activity has begun and cannot be fully completed because of the weather or any other circumstance beyond the responsibility of Patea Tus Montes, the amount paid cannot be refunded in full, since the activity has generated some costs, such as the minimum insurance costs, which are to be covered. In all cases, José María as primarily responsible for the company tries to settle the matter in a fair way for both the participant and the company.

The number of guides for the different activities Patea Tus Montes usually has along the year, varies with the seasons. In winter for instance they have two official guides, extended to five in summer, as many more people are interested in activities near the sea, like the case of kayaking. Miriam and Nauset are two of those official guides.

Tenerife Travel Secret

Taking advantage of the interview with José María, I asked him what the necessary conditions are for the team of Patea Tus Montes perform an activity. He told me that they always seek to make the experience positively different for both the hiker and the team. When you are doing, so to say, the same all year round, you need to add some surprises and different ingredients to please both the participant and the guide. That way it makes for a funny, genuine and in no way monotonous environment.

Patea Tus Montes - Valentines Day... Fall in love of the nature

We, from Tenerife Travel Secrets recommend our readers to know Tenerife in a more active and adventurous way. With Patea Tus Montes you will be able to discover a different Tenerife, and will be part of a group of friends who will draw the perfect picture to remember one of the best experiences you ever lived.

Thanks to Patea Tus Montes for all the information and photos. Special mention to Samuel García.

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