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Patea Tus Montes has been operating since 1996 and offers you the chance to do an excursion in almost any part of Tenerife. Over the years, the idea of “patear” (to walk) has been expanded from La Orotava to the rest of the island and other places. They have many loyal, adventurous customers who are locals and international tourists alike. They are renowned for their warm attitude towards their clients. 

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The project began as a group of students who followed a program promoted by Casa de Oficios y Turismo Rural del Ayuntamiento de La Orotava.


Activities offered by Patea tus Montes

Patea Tus Montes offer many kinds of activities and they are always looking for new activities to surprise their more assiduous customers (although the island has been pretty much mapped). The prices of the activities are quite reasonable, considering that in many cases Patea Tus Montes provides the necessary equipment and relevant permits for each participant – although insurance is not included. Generally, there is enough room for between 14 and 28 people for their activities and, provided participants are in good enough shape, there are no age restrictions – although the general age range is usually between 20 and 50. We’ve included a quick review of some of Patea Tus Montes’ activities below.

Hiking: thanks to the varied landscape in Tenerife (like ravines such as Masca, volcanic areas, coastal routes, and trails at more than 2,000 metres above sea level in the Las Cañadas area), it is especially easy to embark on a journey that is full of contrasts and beauty. There are trails of all difficulty levels and for all ages, which are run both day and night. They offer hikes to the top of Mount Teide all year round to customers who have requested them in advance. 


Canoeing or Sea Kayaking: this activity is the highlight for children, as their parents can join them in the kayak. The water conditions are favorable in good weather, and the biggest advantage of canoeing and kayaking is that you can reach places that would otherwise be impossible to reach on foot – such as Los Gigantes, Teno, Radazul, Las Teresitas, Costa Adeje and many more.


Canyoning / Rappelling: to avoid over-crowding and to guarantee maximum entertainment value, this activity has a minimum of 5 people and a maximum of 14. All necessary equipment is provided for rappelling, allowing you to discover the beautiful ravines of Tenerife. This activity is organised at Barranco de Chimoche, Barranco de los Carrizales in Teno, Barranco de Erques and Barranco de La Puente in Güímar.

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It might surprise you to see that such a small island like Tenerife has so many isolated and peaceful spots, where you only have the local birds for company.


Climbing: Patea Tus Montes offers an unrivaled climbing experience (which is sometimes organised in Cañada de Capricho, La Catedral and Los Cachorros in Las Cañadas del Teide National Park). A minimum of 6 people is required for this activity and there is enough space for a maximum of 12. All participants are provided with the necessary equipment and materials. There is at least one climbing activity organised per month, and the level of difficulty varies based on the location. Some of the locations where this activity is held are Mesa de Tejina (La Laguna) and Arico (South).


Mountain Biking: set off on almost any trail in Tenerife’s forest network. If you have your own bike, then you can simply request the services of mountain biking guide José María Pérez.

Caving: thanks to its volcanic origins, Tenerife is the home of wonderful volcanic pipes such as Cueva de San Marcos, as well as Cueva del Viento, which is one of the largest lava tube networks in the world. The words from Cerveza Dorada’s famous beer commercial come to mind: qué suerte vivir aquí (how lucky to live here).


Of all the different activities available, the most requested tend to be the excursions. However, Patea Tus Montes also offers other types of activities, such as Camino de Santiago (a trail that stretches from Los Realejos in the north to Santiago del Teide in the south), bungee jumping (only available by request), as well as various hiking and biking options on other islands in the Canaries. If you’re in a small group and would like to benefit from Patea Tus Montes’ professional guide services, then feel free to contact them and ask for a free quote. 

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If you do decide to book a group activity, then make sure to follow the guide’s instructions very carefully. The guides are there for your own safety, so it’s important to listen to them and be considerate of your group’s needs when you’re in the mountains. 


Important Advice

As we have already mentioned, Patea Tus Montes regards the safety of its patrons as a top priority. Therefore, your planned activity or excursion may be cancelled or postponed in the case of severe weather – such as heavy rain. If this happens, then your guide will wait a few days until the weather has cleared before running your excursion or activity. This precaution is taken to avoid unnecessary risks and to ensure all participants get the most out of their experience. Patea Tus Montes are an active tourism company whose activities mostly take place in the wild, so risks are naturally a regular part of their business. Therefore, the guides will always ensure the safety of every participant on an excursion and will politely and respectfully warn anyone for whom they deem the activity in question isn’t suitable. They will also make sure that every participant is insured, in case of an incident. 


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Patea Tus Montes always seeks to make their excursions and activities enjoyable for both the guide and the group. These activities and excursions are run all year round, so it’s important to add some variety and surprises. This makes for a fun, genuine and one-of-a-kind experience every time.


Final Comments from the Authors about Patea Tus Montes

Tenerife Travel Secrets always recommends that our readers get to know Tenerife in a more active and adventurous way. With Patea Tus Montes, you’ll be able to discover a different side to Tenerife, and will be part of a group of friends and an experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Patea Tus Montes is a company that always strives to be creative to ensure that you have the best time possible during your activity or excursion. Since 2004, they have received well-deserved public recognition, as well as national and local awards, for their innovative work on their adventure trails and in the field of tourism. One of the best examples of this is Ruta de Titanes (Path of the Titans), on which participants are taken to every part of the island where the popular 2010 film Clash of the Titans was filmed. And why not? Why shouldn’t you be able to journey across Tenerife and discover the island’s hidden treasures like the explorers of old?


Special thanks go to Patea Tus Montes for all the information and photos, and a special mention goes to Samuel García.