Apartamentos Parque Santiago

... a large variety of options for a very competitive price 

This year we were able to pay a visit to the Parque Santiago apartments, as in 2012 when passing through the area Fábio fell in love with it after eating at one of the restaurants next to the huge 1800m2 swimming pool at PS IV. Pablo showed us around the whole complex on a pleasant September afternoon.

Vista panorámica de la piscina de los apartamentos Parque Santiago desde el Bar Vitaminas

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Parque Santiago (III and IV) is quite a uniform complex with only a road dividing it and as a guest you are free to roam completely freely.

Vista panorámica de la piscina de los apartamentos Parque Santiago IV

Origin and general features

The construction started on in 1985, at that time the area had few apartments and restaurants, so the project was a commitment to this region as a touristic engine of the area.

Los apartamentos tienen una localización privilegiada en primera línea al mar

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The area where Puerto Santiago is located was a field of salt mines; there was nothing more there.

The complex has been developed in different blocks. Although it is located in a coastal area, with a high level of salt in the atmosphere, its buildings and facilities are well cared for.

El estilo de los apartamentos es muy playero, con mucha vegetación autóctona típica de los jardines canarios

The guest will find basic apartments which are typical of the Canary Islands, with a calm, welcoming environment at affordable prices. A varied experience is provided, with honest, exquisite and intimate service.

Los apartamentos Parque Santiago son un pequeño paraíso a un precio muy asequible

Common services at Parque Santiago

The reception areas are spacious and have some armchairs where you can sit if you have to wait. As an interesting aside, they have some mosaics explaining a number of crucial moments in Tenerife’s history.

La recepción es un lugar acogedor y entretenido a quien esté atento a los mosaicos de los mostradores

As a guest at PS, you have access to three immense swimming pools with filtered, treated salt water, one of which is heated to 34°C from October to May. The hammocks, Jacuzzi and hats are included for free.

Las hamacas, yacuzzi, sombrillas,… son servicios gratuitos
Vista general de la piscina principal de los apartamentos Puerto Santiago III

The atmosphere in the communal areas was extremely calm and relaxed (even though there were lots of children) among the gardens with varied indigenous flora. We even joked that maybe they were actors who had been hired for our visit J. There are activities aimed at families, adults, children, etc. but they don’t affect the tranquility for those who just want to relax (gym, yoga, massages, …).

El gimnasio y sala de masajes están ubicados en un precioso quiosco acristalado
El ambiente en las zonas comunes de los apartamentos Parque Santiago es muy tranquilo

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Tranquillity is an essential part of the philosophy at Parque Santiago, the only think you can hear is the sea.

Within the two blocks you will find a multi-use room, massage area and two gyms: one very intimate one in the middle of the main circular building at PS IV and the other in a glass building at PS III, both of which can be used freely from 8am to 6pm (timings vary according to the season) and without a reservation. There are also specific areas for children which we will summarise in a separate section later.

Interior del gimnasio

Restaurants and supermarkets

The wide offering of restaurants means that guests can vary their meals a lot and not just have the option of cooking in their apartment. The selection of bars and restaurants is enormous and all of them are open to the general public. Here we will explain the main ones:

Interior de uno de los pubs que puede encontrar en Parque Santiago III

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There is not a single hotel complex in Tenerife with a gastronomic offering like you will find at Parque Santiago.

Khong Tsa – fans of Asian cuisine will feel at home in PS III, with this restaurant particularly focusing on Cantonese food.

Atlántico – the chicken with mojo picon received special recommendation from Pablo for being delicious. This restaurant is next to the swimming pool (at PS III – PS III) and has very competitive prices as well as very tasty meat and fish.

En el restaurante Atlántico entre otros platos nos recomendaron el pollo con mojo picón

La Trattoria Pizzería – this is in front of PS IV, where you can enjoy very yummy, big pizzas.

Vitamina – also in front of the swimming pool in PS III, this restaurant focuses mainly on freshly-made fruit drinks and fast food, like sandwiches and burgers. We can vouch that they are very good and filling J.

Exterior del restaurante italiano La Trattoria
Bar Vitaminas... segunda vez que hemos comido allí

Ucanca – this is the bar where you can have breakfast in front of the swimming pool in PS IV.

Gula – since 2011, this has been the commitment by Parque Santiago to haute cuisine at very accessible prices and is in PS IV. The menu varies quite regularly. You can see how the food is cooked and the show while they prepare. 

Terraza exterior del restaurante Gula, es la opción gastronómica de alta cocina de los apartamentos Parque Santiago
La decoración del restaurante Gula es muy sencilla y elegante

Arrozal – this is also in PS V and there is a wide variety of rice dishes, meat and fish.

Faro – this offers fish and meat meals and is in PS V. You can also celebrate events for up to 100 people there.

Restaurante Faro se encuentra en la zona de ocio cercana a los apartamentos Parque Santiago

All of the restaurants are supplied by the supermarket in PS V and in turn the supermarket receives lots of fruit and vegetable products from the organic farm which belongs to Parque Santiago.

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At Santiago everything is recycled. If the leaves fall from the palm trees, they are used as fertiliser on the farm which is in the upper part of Los Cristianos. If the fruit isn’t in its optimal state, it is blended in a machine and used to conserve other fruit, so there is no need to add anything artificial.

El supermercado de Parque Santiago es de los más completos de Playa de Las Américas

Rooms and apartments

There is a total of 732 apartments split into studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and 3 or 4 bedroom villas for those who want more spacious or exclusive holidays with family or friends.

Las habitaciones son simples, pero muy funcionales

The rooms in the apartments are in essence very similar and mostly practical for the needs of the guests. They have all the basic services for an agreeable holiday. Generally all the apartments have enviable views.

Baño de uno de los apartamentos
Vista parcial desde la terraza de uno de los apartamentos

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Parque Santiago offers some of the lowest prices in the Playa de las Américas area and another reason for their high occupation rates all year round.

Zona de la entrada y cocina del apartamento

The guests from the different apartments can use all of the communal areas in the whole complex.

Vista panorámica de la piscina desde la terraza de uno de los apartamentos Parque Santiago III

Extras at the complex

Parque Santiago is located on the beach front with direct access to the promenade. The beach which is in front of Puerto Santiago is one of the best places to surf in Tenerife. It is also an ideal place to hire a bike or enjoy a sunset with privileged views towards La Gomera. In certain areas there is even lots of space for guests and walkers on the promenade to relax and enjoy.

Vista general de los apartamentos Parque Santiago desde el paseo marítimo
Las vacaciones son más tranquilas desde un banco mirando hacia el mar

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On the seafront between PS III and IV you will stumble with a statue of St. James.

Discreta escultura de un apóstol Santiago en las cercanías de los apartamentos

The different blocks offer a variety of services to the public. In PS III there is a small shopping centre with several shops.

Santiago V is the leisure zone with mini golf at accessible prices, a free cactus botanical garden and a very well-stocked supermarket.

Terraza exterior del restaurante Gula de los apartamentos Parque Santiago IV
Terraza exterior del restaurante Faro de los apartamentos Parque Santiago V

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That is the best supermarket in the coastal area of Playa de las Américas.

Paseo marítimo cercano de los apartamentos

Parque Santiago VI is located on Avenida Chayofita (2km from PS III) and is for those who want to buy design pieces, everyday items or leisure things aimed at families and young people. It has a very special square for children with a mini-train which they can ride from the apartments.

Vista general del Centro Comercial Parque Santiago VI al atardecer

Parque Santiago with children

In PS III you will find a spectacular water park for children with lifeguards, which is completely free for guests. There is an area with artificial grass for children and it is also a closed space.

Zona recreativa acuática para niños en la zona de los apartamentos Parque Santiago III

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Children wear an identity bracelet, but parents must also be in the water park.

Además de zona de piscina infantil y toboganes, tiene una zona de parque con juegos

In PS IV there is a children’s play area, and in PS V you will find a mini golf where even very young children and adults will enjoy playing with varying difficulty levels.

En el edificio principal de Parque Santiago IV tiene una zona infantil

Lastly in terms of the offering for children, in Parque Santiago VI there is a huge children’s play area surrounded by cafés and a supermarket, so children can enjoy themselves while the adults relax or buy things they need for their holidays.

Centro Comercial Parque Santiago VI tiene una zona de ocio infantil
la zona infantil del Centro Comercial Parque Santiago VI está muy cerca de algunos bares donde los padres pueden observar atentamente a sus hijos

Reserve the night

Getting there

From the motorway, head for Playa de Las Vistas and when you arrive at the right end facing the sea, take the Avenida Las Américas. When you get to the end of that road, you will see Parque Santiago III on the left. PS III, IV and V are very well located in front of the Las Caletillas y Cabezo Grande beach, near to the Golden Mile, Hard Rock Café, etc.

Vista panorámica de los apartamentos desde el paseo marítimo

Apartamentos Parque Santiago - Avda. Las Américas, 2 - Playa de las Américas - 38660 Arona

Final comments from the authors

Parque Santiago wants to instil the idea that in Tenerife you can live however you want, that your holidays should be your own holidays, with the guarantee of you having unforgettable times no matter what your tastes are. They work very hard to give the guests the best services as close by and as comfortably as possible. 

Vista general de la piscina principal de los apartamentos Parque Santiago por la tarde
Nuestro almuerzo de comida rápida en el bar Vitaminas
Terraza exterior del restaurante Faro

Finally, a bonus is that it is a privileged place which is usually blessed with the sun all year round, so it is perfect for summery holidays in January :).

Preciosa vista general de Parque Santiago IV desde el paseo marítimo

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