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The Hotel Palm Beach Club Tenerife has recently undergone in a revitalisation of the building and for that reason bit by bit it is modernising and adapting to current tourist expectations. But in undertaking this update they don’t want to leave behind the things which the hotel has embodied since its origins, which are good service, quality and loyalty towards its customers.

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You can get to the hotel via its main entrance, but also through the Shopping Centre which is opposite the Troya Beach. Between the shopping centre and the entrance which connects it to the hotel there is a small underground square full of vegetation with a fountain and palm trees.

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The Palm Beach Club Tenerife is a hotel establishment in Playa de las Américas. As it was built in 1984, outwardly that is obvious and in some areas of the hotel you can also tell that its construction responds to other architectural norms, but when it comes to the apartments it is difficult to think that they belong to a building which is more than 30 years old.

The Palm Beach Club Tenerife wants to offer holidays as they were in yesteryear, a memorable time which remains engrained in our memory.

The reception staff received me with a wide, natural smile. They were very friendly in showing me that I could wait on one of the comfortable sofas which I found opposite the reception desk. The short wait was quite relaxing on those sofas, so if you arrive at this paradise worn out from your journey we invite you to start your pleasant holidays sitting peacefully.

Communal Areas

The water in the hotel pool is heated to 26°C all year round with an innovative filtration system. There are two pools with a Jacuzzi and a separate area where children can play in peace under the watchful eye of the lifeguard (who is usually on duty most of the time when the pool is open). From the hammock area you can hear the murmur of the waves at the Troya Beach nearby. Enjoy the sun or the shade of some of the trees which surround the pool.

In the pool area you will find the Snack Bar Piscina which serves hot and cold drinks, ice creams and a variety of food during the day.

The pool has a bathroom with separate changing rooms for men, women and those with disabilities. For €5 a week you can have a pool towel every day.

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The current head of maintenance is the son of the man who did the job when the hotel first opened its doors. That isn’t the only case of tradition within the staff who are at the service of the hotel’s customers. The majority of the staff (management, reception, pool staff, etc.) have been working at the Palm Beach Club Tenerife for between 25 and 30 years, and you might guess that the working atmosphere is very pleasant. On the other hand they have an added positive which is that they guarantee that the service is excellent (there aren’t any cases of theft from customers), mainly so that the customers take away a good impression and return to the island soon.

In the lower part of the hotel (near the big pool) you will find the Restaurante El Chiringuito, which now serves a wide and varied breakfast buffet every day. Those who want to have breakfast will find a wide variety of fresh products which are changed throughout the morning while breakfast is served (until 10:30am). This selection of products on the buffet also changes throughout the week, so that the breakfast options don’t become monotonous. The pastries on offer are high quality and there is a wide variety of breads and other products in general.

The Restaurante El Chiringuito also serves a varied dinners (complemented by a wide list of wines and made more enjoyable by live entertainment and an à la carte menu).

In the area close to reception you’ll find the Super Lobby Bar where you can have a coffee or a beer while you enjoy the underground garden square which connects the hotel with the Shopping Centre leading to the Troya Beach.

As we have already mentioned, the Palm Beach Club Tenerife has recently undergone a reform and development process to more closely meet the service expectations of tourists these days.

They offer the option of only accommodation, accommodation with breakfast and accommodation with half board, but they are looking into the possibility of including all-inclusive accommodation very soon.

Rooms at the Palm Beach Club Tenerife

The apartments vary according to their location over the 12 different floors of the building. All of them are light, spacious and have elegant, modern decoration. All of the apartments have a bathroom, telephone, flat-screen television, DVD player, air conditioning and ceiling fan, a fully-equipped kitchen (open plan or semi-open plan), living room, balcony and a safe which you can pay to use.

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The Palm Beach Club Tenerife, with its typical architectural characteristics from more than 30 years since its construction, has the obvious advantage that at that time hotel bedrooms were still built with the idea of creating something magnificent. That is what you will find at the Palm Beach Club Tenerife. Where else could you find, for example, 45m2 studios, 57m2 one-bedroom apartments or 63m2-67m2 two-bedroom apartments?

Being a ‘historical’ building, all of its 318 apartments are suites with kitchens and large spaces, both in the bedrooms and on the majority of the terraces, especially those that look out over the beach.

They showed me studio 715 with ocean views from its terrace, which is 40m2 (a conventional junior suite at any high-quality hotel). It is possible to accommodate up to three adults or two adults and two children. To create some privacy they have put a discreet screen which divides the area with the bed and the living rooms area which has a two-seater sofa and an armchair.

The beachfront studios have spectacular views from anywhere in them. These apartments are also 40m2 and have everything described above.

Junior Suites are the one-bedroom apartments with a double bed and are 52m2. They have a kitchen equipped with all necessary accessories and furnishings. The bathroom has a bath and a shower. The flooring in the apartments is marble, and that means that there is an added attraction to walking barefoot around the apartment on a hot day.

The Superior Suites with ocean-front views are 63m2 and we visited number 700, which has ocean-front views and two bedrooms. On opening the door to the balcony, it’s like being within a stone’s throw of the beach, for real, because it is just opposite. The rooms are spacious and light; one of them has twin beds and the other has a double bed. The rest of the apartment shares the same accessories and communal areas as the other apartments we’ve mentioned previously.

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If you request it in advance, you can ask for the fridge in your room to be filled and this costs no more than the products themselves cost at the market.

Extras at the Palm Beach Club  Tenerife Resort

It is a hotel which is very popular with families, but from October to April there is a large number of Scandinavian tourists who tend to stay there for two to three weeks on average.

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Palm Beach Club Tenerife is located in a flat area and access to the beach is easy. Only a few metres away you can enjoy the Troya Beach as well as the Papagayo resort and Monkey Beach Bar, among other things.

There is a mini market with everything you need to put together a good menu in your apartment’s kitchen. As there are many Scandinavian, English and Spanish tourists, they have a small selection of products for each of those nationalities, so that they can enjoy their marvellous holidays with the taste of home, if they wish.

The mini market can be found on the same floor as the reception and connects to the Super Lobby Bar which serves coffee and cocktails.

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Currently it is called the Palm Beach Club, but up until fairly recently it was the Palm Beach Club Resort, and on certain dates (such as Holy Week, during August and at Christmas) some of the apartments which are owned privately (independently of the hotel management) are used. These apartments are known as ‘time shares’, as when they are not being used, the hotel can make use of them (paying a commission to their owners).

An advantage of being a time share property is that renovations are done every four years rather than every 8 or 10 as is usually the case in conventional hotels. For that reason, none of the bedrooms look like they are 30 years old.

The months of May and June are the least in-demand, so that is when you may be able to find the best offers, with the advantage that the weather in this area of Tenerife is 99% guaranteed to be sunny.

In the lower part of the hotel, in the same area as the swimming pool there is a small hairdressers, a gym with different apparatuses and the Children’s Club, called the ‘Crocodile Club’ with an entertainer who organises activities depending on the season.

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If you see somewhere that the Hotel Palm Beach Club Tenerife is only awarded two stars, it is because of bureaucratic issues, but that does not correspond with the service which is offered and which you will receive.

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Access to the Palm Beach Club Tenerife is guaranteed for people with mobility issues thanks to lifts on all floors and ramps in the pool area.

Getting There

The hotel is conveniently located in front of Playa de Troya and has great views of the ocean and La Gomera.

Hotel Palm Beach Club Tenerife - Av V Centenario 11, Playa de Las Americas. 38660 - Adeje

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Final Comments from the Authors

Palm Beach Club Tenerife is one of the hotels whose origin is very close to Playa de Las Americas. Even with the years that have passed since its opening, the hotel has been renewed, so the rooms and general services are in the same standards of other great 4-star hotels. Besides being conveniently opposite the beach it is where you will enjoy a real holiday as when you were little. And you can almost say that you can get to the beach from the same balcony...

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