Loro Parque Tenerife
All you need to know to visit one of the best zoos in the world ...

At Loro Parque Tenerife you and your family will have a unique experience in contact with some of the most beautiful animal species known. This is a place where you can have fun, spend some relaxing time with your family and learn a lot ... really a lot.

The project of Loro Parque Tenrife officially began in 1972, with a selection of parrots, created by the German businessman Mr. Wolfgang Kiessling and his father.

Panel with some pics of the beginning of Loro Parque

Initially there were about 150 parrots on show in an area covering about 13,000 m².  That moment marked the first show of parrots in Europe.  After more than 40 years in existence, they have expanded their facilities to approximately 135.000 m² and have received over 40 million visitors during this time.

Prices and purchasing tickets

Although it seems hard to imagine, Loro Parque Tenerife is busy all year long, and at times completely full, especially with tourists coming from other European countries and from the peninsula, and with lovers of nature and wildlife. This one of the top places to visit in Tenerife - definitely a MUST - so you will certainly enjoy every minute of it.

The normal adult price (January 2015) is €34 and children 6 to 11 years are charged €23.  Children under 6 are free of charge. 

Purchase your Loro Parque Ticket and Save Time

Beat the queues and purchase your ticket to Loro Parque now! You have the option to select the tours and also to buy the twin ticket with Siam Park

UK visitors: Loro Parque Tickets + € 5 Voucher per Person

If you are an UK based visitor, why not benefit from  a special offer when purchasing a Loro Parque Ticket? Buy the ticket and get a voucher of €5 to spend in the park.

The Twin ticket is a ticket that gives you access to both Loro Parque and Siam Park, two places that you should inevitably visit and enjoy while in Tenerife. We, from Tenerife Travel Secrets, think that the Twin Ticket is only a good thing:

  • You will pay less than if you buy both tickets separately (individual adult ticket costs €34, in each of the parks, but the price of the twin ticket, including Loro and Siam is €58. For children the twin price is € 39.50 instead of €46). If your child or children are under 6, they don't pay the entrance fees anyway;
  • If you are based in the UK, when purchasing a twin ticket you could benefit from free coupons or vouchers to be spent at Siam Park and Loro Parque;
  • Both tickets contain the same identification code, which is extra safety in case you lose one of them, and are activated with the fingerprints of your index finger;
  • Loro Parque Tenerife and Siam Park are among the best attractions in Europe.

Opening hours at Loro Parque Tenerife

We arrived a little later than it is advisable to visit the whole park - we got there at around 11am.  We had a free visit, which helped us discover many of their little secrets and beautiful attractions.  It was a great time and we have even taken our 2-year old son, who enjoyed every attraction to its fullest.  The park is open from 8:30am to 6:45pm throughout the whole year without exception. 

Tenerife Travel Secret

If you want to maximize the entry price for the visit to Loro Parque Tenerife and all the shows, we strongly recommend you arrive no later than 9:30am.  Since it is open every day of the year, you might not need to queue at the entrance or for the attractions for a long time. Nevertheless, in the busiest periods of the year (like Easter, the summer months from June to September, and Christmas), it is advisable to arrive about 20 minutes before the shows begin, so you can enjoy them in the places with better view.

Depending on the time of the year, the spaces for the presentations tend to be fully occupied

Restaurants and bars at Loro Parque Tenerife

Casa Pepe is the right place if you just want to taste typical Spanish dishes and tapas. It has capacity for 150 people.

At Pizzeria (this is where we ate because it was closer to the Sea Lions area) you can enjoy typical Italian dishes with pasta or pizza made there and then – you can see the preparation while waiting. We asked for a menu that included the pizza of our choice, a drink (wine, beer, water or soda) and fruit. The truth is that, even though there were a lot of people ordering food there, the quality was very good. 

The dishes served in the restaurants and bars at Loro Parque are delicious

Choza de Los Duques is a self-service buffet with a wide variety of dishes and salads. It has a total capacity of 232 people.

Grill Patio del Loro serves grilled dishes and has capacity for 285 people.

At Café Vista Teide you can have any refreshing drink while enjoying the views towards the admired volcano El Teide.

Bambú Bar is the right place for kids with the children's menu. It is also near Kinderlandia.

At Café Bar El Puente (located on the bridge leading to Mercado Gambiano) you can stop for a few minutes to regain strength and continue the visit to the park.

Café Bar Thai is located at the entrance-exit of Loro Parque Tenerife (at the Thai village) and there you can have a small snack or refreshments after such a full day.

Entering the park and its protection philosophy

The entrance of Loro Parque Tenerife is very idyllic.  It seems that instead of being on an island in the Atlantic, we have immediately moved to Thailand.  On the left-hand side there are three elephant-shaped statues made from plants. Two large cockatoos are guarding the stairs that give access to the Thai palace and to a world of peace and tranquility where birds, mammals and other animals reign. 

As already mentioned we were not very early at the park, so we did have to wait a bit to get in, therefore it is recommended to get there early, so that way you can enjoy in full all shows and animals without having to rush or leave attractions behind to due lack of time. 

After the entrance you will access the Thai Village area located in the middle of a small lake filled with koi carp, and on the right-hand side you can enjoy the sound of a small waterfall.  A small wooden bridge takes you to a zone where you can take a photo with some parrots, and at the end of the tour you can buy the photo for about €5 per copy.  We could not resist buying it because, besides the fact that we were all looking really good in the pic , the colours of the parrots were spectacular.  So we have another picture from Tenerife for our family collection.

We invited my parents for the tour, since, even though they live in La Orotava (not far from there), they had never visited Loro Parque Tenerife. What better occasion to get to know one of the most spectacular zoos on the planet than with their grandson?  The truth is that we could have not imagined that it would be such an amazing experience for them ... and we are glad to have been somewhat responsible for that visit and that they will always remember it so fondly in their hearts. 

Dad and Grandad proudly enjoying the day with our little Prince

Loro Parque Foundation

In 1994, Loro Parque Fundación (international non-profit institution) was established to protect the birds, cetaceans and their habitats.  It was intended to protect animals that were particularly endangered and educate the visitors of the park that we must respect animals in general and the Earth in particular.

You will find, next to the animal enclosures at Loro Parque Tenerife, some large panels reporting their natural habitat, what their conditions are, which ones are endangered, what is being done to prevent their extinction, and other interesting facts.  Everyone knows that many animals are in danger of extinction, but it is remarkable that there are several companies and organizations in the world working hard to take care of them.  Also, if we, as visitors, and our children, realize the large number of animal species that are endangered, maybe we will become more aware of what to do to protect them and perhaps even help somehow.

An example of the protection activities of Loro Parque Foundation is with the species “Guacamayo de Lear” (Lear's Macaw), which is a bird that lives in a small arid zone in northeastern Brazil. In 2001 this species was considered as "critically endangered" with only 246 species.  After learning about and understanding better the situation, the administrators of Loro Parque Fundación, along with other companies, started funding the protection of that species in 2006. Now the level of threat has decreased to “Endangered” – with an estimate of over 1,100 species recorded in 2011. 

The “Cotorra de Finsch” (Grey-Headed Parakeet) is another of the many projects that Loro Parque Fundación has taken action on. The Foundation has invested about 4 million euros and has been implicated in protecting its natural sanctuary in Phu Khieo, Thailand, as per the request of His Royal Highness, King Bhumibol. 

If you are interested in helping Loro Parque Foundation in some way, we invite you to visit their website at www.loroparque-fundacion.org.

Inspiration, opening and development of the facilities

Since the first show with parrots in 1972, Loro Parque has become a landmark and world leader in respect to the conservation of parrots.  Every four years, since 1986, an international conference of experts in these birds is hosted at Loro Parque Tenerife.  The logo, of course, is parrots around an orca whale tail.

Loro Parque is very much concerned with the impact that climate change will have on the animal species, so it has spent almost a decade promoting the production of clean energy through solar panels on the south of the island of Tenerife.  The annual production of electricity from those panels offsets 100% of the consumption at Loro Parque Tenerife and it also means that over 2,000 tons of CO are not released into the atmosphere each year, which gives a small contribution to the somehow fragile ecosystem of the Planet. 

At the entrance of Loro Parque there is a bust depicting Prince Mahidol of Siam (father of the current Thai King, His Majesty King Bhumibol of Thailand), who, in 1913, visited Tenerife and was so amazed by its natural beauty, that he started making drawings of the island in his journal.  To take the representation of the relationship of Tenerife and Thailand even further in the park, a small Thai village was built at the entrance of Loro Parque where you will easily feel transported to a world of total respect for nature.

Interaction with the animals of the park

One of the main characteristics of Loro Parque Tenerife, and that makes it unique, is that it tries to promote to its visitors a sense of responsibility for the protection of the animals, as well as knowledge. A kind of education while entertaining…

The welfare of the animals of Loro Parque is one of the priorities always

While some of the animals are living quietly in their enclosures, there are others with which you can interact much more, such as dolphins, orcas and sea lions. And to ensure their health and welfare, there are five basic rules that are always followed before the spectacles, without exception. So the animals are giving their show:

1. Free from hunger and thirst;

2. With no thermal or physical discomfort;

3. Free from pain, illness and injury;

4. With freedom to express their normal behavior;

5. Free from fear and distress.

These five principles ensure a beautiful and unforgettable show, and a unique experience for visitors.

It is noticeable that the animals also enjoy a lot the moments of presentation to the visitors

Getting there

If you are going by car to Loro Parque Tenerife, you have to go to Puerto de la Cruz, towards Playa María Jiménez. There is no specific area to park cars, so you have to search along the road for a free space.

If you are in the south, especially in Los Cristianos, Playa de Las Americas or Costa Adeje, there is also a bus line taking you to the north of the island, to Loro Parque. Reserve your place at least 48 hours in advance and check the days, times and itineraries offered on their website http://www.loroparque.com/pdf/bus_service.pdf . As of January 2015, the adult price is €13.50, children from 6 to 11 years pay €8 and children up to 5 years can go free.

Tenerife Travel Secret

Tenerife Travel Secrets believes that the most comfortable way to get to Loro Parque, if you are in Puerto de la Cruz, is to use the Free Express Train taking you from Plaza Reyes Católicos every 20 minutes to Loro Parque. The last train from Loro Parque to Reyes Católicos is at 18:45 hrs (one way).

Loro Parque - Avenida Loro Parque, S/N. 38400 Puerto de La Cruz, Tenerife

Final comments from the authors

We certainly spent a fantastic day at Loro Parque Tenerife with our toddler and his grandparents. Even though we were collecting information to write this article for the visitors to Tenerife Travel Secrets, we definitely enjoyed every minute.

Each and every aspect of the park seemed to be carefully studied: from the space provided for the visitors to the park, to the interaction with the animals and the educational way of showing visitors why we need to take care of those beautiful animals.

And we can assure you that every cent of the ticket is totally worth it - no wonder this is one of the best zoos in the world. And even better: you can have a reasonable discount when buying the tickets of Loro Parque together with Siam Park.

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