Learn Spanish in Tenerife

We have few foreign friends who have come to learn Spanish in Tenerife, as well as to escape a bit from the cold European winter and have been so in love with the island, that finally decided to live in it ... and go to visit their home countries every now and then.

Coming out of the tourist areas, such as Costa Adeje and Playa de Las Americas, one of the issues they found on the island, is that, many of the locals inhabitants of the Canary Islands speak little or no English. So there was no other choice, but to learn Spanish in Tenerife.

Our friends agreed that to learn Spanish in Tenerife is particularly easy, not only because they needed to interact with the locals, due to the “pressure” factor, but also because they felt that the accent is somehow easier to understand and pronounce, compared to other places in the mainland. One of the main differences is that the Canarians in general, but particularly in Tenerife, do not pronounce the "Zs" and "Cs", as they do in the peninsula. Those letters are pronounced as “Ss”. But it is also important to note that, even though those words are not pronounced as in the mainland, does not mean that the locals don’t know how to differentiate the spelling. In that end, it just means that is a bit more difficult to learn how to spell some words correctly. The grammar is the same as the one followed in the Iberian Peninsula though.

Another advantage to learn Spanish in Tenerife is that the local people is very open and will for sure make all the efforts to understand you. And when you are partying among local friends, they might even make some cracks about your accent… but don’t feel shy, it is just a friendly way to welcome you and make you feel at home. The North of the island is where you will find more local people, and the South more international visitors, so certainly the North is highly recommended for that purpose. Also take advantage of festivals of the island and “guachinches” (traditional local restaurants) to approach the natives in a conversation. The perfect way to have some laughs and learn the language.

And last but not least ... don’t you think learning a language on an island where there are a high number of days per year of sunshine and warm weather will motivate you even more? That is one of the best reasons that our friends have given us.

Being a typical holiday place, there is a large number of people on the island constantly, no matter what time of year you decide to go. Therefore, it is not difficult to find courses or private lessons that suit your stay or economic convenience.

Personally we think Tenerife could be an interesting place to approach the Spanish culture in its broadest sense, without the stereotypical Spanish bullfighting or flamenco dancers, since you can’t find the first, and the second only in dance schools specialized in flamenco. There is an enormous variety of traditional folklore to enjoy and learn (dances, sports, own customs, food, etc...).

Besides the beautiful weather of the island (of course there are also low temperatures during winter, but not comparable with the European continent), you can save some money with taxes, since in the Canary Islands you will paid the IGIC (7% ), much lower than the VAT (21%).

But apart from the private classes and at school, you can always choose an online course to learn Spanish in Tenerife. A good way to learn in your own pace and with a lower budget.

Whatever is your choice, the important thing is to start the classes, and soon after enjoy this beautiful island feeling just like another local.

Mucha suerte!

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