... "a natural way of living"

The motto of the hotel La Quinta Roja is ‘a natural way of living’ and therefore you will find accommodation which is committed to the area where it is located, to its culture, history and customs. They usually host lots of Europeans who want to get far away from what they know from home, and who are looking for something authentic. The guest who stays at la Quinta Roja is usually someone who likes hiking and being in contact with nature and the culture of the area. For this reason and many more Garachico is the ideal starting point.

Origins of the Hotel La Quinta Roja

The house at the Hotel La Quinta Roja was built in the 16th Century by the first Marquis of Quinta Roja, Cristobal de Ponte y Llarena. The house is a sort of architectural palace in traditional Canary Island style and forms part of the historic grouping in the town of Garachico. In more recent times, the house was bought in 1994 and restored by the current owners, keeping some unusual details visible.


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While the restoration of the house was carried out they made various discoveries, above all in the ceilings, as many of them were found to be dark under a plasterboard layer. Upon restoring them, they were able to discover a beautiful artisan ceiling, as was the case in the standard double room 201 – Violeta del Teide … a real wonder of woodwork.


In 2001 it was opened as rural accommodation with two ‘palm trees’, although it can also be found as a 4 star hotel. As we already said, activity there is focused towards a tourist who is attracted by culture and interested in maintaining close contact with the authenticity and nature of the area.

General services of La Quinta Roja

When you enter La Quinta Roja, almost the first thing you find is the patio. This is the ideal place to disconnect in a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere threatened only by the water which falls from the fountain in the centre.


In the spacious restaurant they offer food from the region with other external influences. Guests also have other dining options near to La Quinta Roja. The opening hours are 7am to 11pm.


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Breakfast is very varied and extensive … 5 types of bread, marmalade, fresh fruit, fresh natural juices, etc. All of these ingredients and more make up the delicacies for the guests and recharge you for a full day around Isla Baja.

The restaurant area looks more spacious because of a pleasant terrace from where you can see part of the Plaza de la Libertad. There you will find a small pond with at least 5 medium-sized turtles.


A small wooden staircase on the second floor leads to the welcoming and simple vantage point which has unrivalled views of the village. It is simply beautiful and so tranquil.


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They have a ‘take one and leave one’ reading service – a trend which started in Seattle. Paloma, the owner of this little paradise, brought it to her hotel after she stayed in the United States a few years ago

Rooms of the hotel

The Hotel La Quinta Roja has 20 rooms. The rooms located in the lower part are the standard doubles, although there are also two of those on the second floor.

In the upper part (second floor) are the double plus rooms, which all have street views. The Sauce room even has a private terrace.

The Junior Suites have views of the Plaza de la Libertad and are quite spacious at 45m2.


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On the other hand, the rooms are also named after native plants and flowers like Barbusano, the Tenerife broom, Bencomia, Jara, Acebiño, etc

Extras at La Quinta Roja

The Hotel La Quinta Roja allows guests with pets. When entering the reception area there is a shop which specialises in mountain sports and souvenirs from the area. On the lower floor when you cross the patio you will find a reading/internet room and another multiuse room.


On the hotel’s rooftop terrace you will find a sauna, solarium and Jacuzzi with beautiful views of the Plaza de la Libertad and its surroundings. They also offer free access to the municipal swimming pool which is next to the sea, as well as the natural pools in El Caletón.


Getting there

It is very easy to get to La Quinta Roja. From Puerto de la Cruz (or the north airport) head towards Garachico and follow the Avenida Tomé Cano (the road by the sea). Turn left onto Calle Calvo Sotelo and continue straight on until the Plaza de la Libertad. You should park wherever you can, as the Plaza de la Libertad has restricted access for vehicles.


Final comments from the authors about La Quinta Roja

Garachico has that particular charm which makes it easy to forget any problem or daily stress (at least for people who come from elsewhere 🙂 ). That combined with the experience which we got from our short visit lets us assure you that at La Quinta Roja they offer a delicate service to their guests and their attention to detail is notorious.


We liked how freely Paloma let us in on the secrets of this ancient palace in the north of Tenerife, which has also turned out to be part of my family’s legacy. I personally believe that staying in any of their rooms must be a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience. How many times will you be able to say that you’ve stayed in a 16th Century house?