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In February 2015, Josué (one of the creators), Ana and the rest of the group which makes up La Orotava en Ruta met with me at their new offices.

La Orotava en Ruta proposes a totally unique experience to get to know the landmark buildings in one of the most historic towns in Tenerife. They are excursions which help you to delve even deeper into the bare stone of the buildings.

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The content of the routes is usually decided by researchers and historians, who as well as teaching you will go into detail about certain curious aspects and interesting stories.

Type of Routes with La Orotava en Ruta

La Orotava en Ruta offers a wide variety of routes on the north of the island at competitive prices. It is possible to find tours given in Spanish, some in English and soon in German. The planned route usually lasts between an hour and a half and two hours, and in general there are spaces for ten people. Ask about the options that they offer if you decide to do a private tour and then it can last as long as you want (as long as you can pay :) ).

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The tours which La Orotava en Ruta run at the moment are in La Orotava and La Laguna, but slowly they are widening their offering to other towns such as Santa Cruz de Tenerife and they already have historians documenting them. In their future plans there is also an archaeological tour which would last all day and visit different points on the island.

If when you want to do the tour you are unable to, you can always buy the audio guides, which allow you to discover the curious details of whatever interests you, but at your own speed and so that you don’t miss anything, for the competitive price of €5.

Tours of La Orotava

The old town of La Orotava is classified as a historical-artistic and monumental site, and the patrimonial interest of its buildings makes it essential to visit. The town is socially divided into two parts: the Villa de Abajo (where the powerful families and those with a good social position lived) and the Villa de Arriba.

1. Tour of the roads of Pinolere (traditional trails) – On this tour the intention is to get to know the traditional world of Pinolere and how it has been conserved until now. Tour, museum and aperitif for €10.

2. Tour of the windmills of La Orotava (memories of gofio and water) – This tour invites you to learn about the culture of gofio, its origin the transformation of the windmill and traditional hydraulic systems.

3. Tour of the places of death in La Orotava (discover the afterlife) – this tries to explain how the town’s inhabitants have understood death and the afterlife.

4. Tour of the carpet of La Orotava (the festival of flowers) – Decorating the streets in Corpus Christi is a very deep-rooted tradition in La Orotava. The guide will delve into the detail of its origins. €7.

5. Tour of Freemasonry in La Orotava (discover the mystery) – On this tour you will discover that Freemasonry was very important in the town at the end of the 19th Century. You will retrace the main locations of this activity, in particular the Mausoleum erected in honour of the mason Diego Ponte del Castillo.

6. Tour of the historic memories of La Orotava (a forgotten time) – You are invited to get to know the places where some of the most important acts of the Second Republic and the Civil War took place in La Orotava.

7. Tour of the hay lofts of La Orotava.

Tours in La Laguna

1. Tour of La Laguna of the 16th Century (a journey to its origins) – On this tour you will learn about the origins and founding of La Laguna, the reasons why it was selected, the fights against the Guanches and how the first colonists settled there. Tour and aperitif for €10.

2. Tour of the secrets of La Laguna (themed route) – you will find out the secret stories of the city: the public execution square, the secret crypt, the witches’ dances, the story of the sandwiches, or the miraculous painting of San Juan. €5.

3. Tour of Enlightenment and Science in La Laguna (thought and reason) – On this tour you will be able to learn about the influence which the movement had in the Canary Islands, who the protagonists were and which were the most important places.

4. Tour of the historic memories of La Laguna (a forgotten time) – This tour discovers the city in the time of the Second Republic, the Spanish Civil War and the first years of the France Regime: its protagonists, the political seats, the social meeting space, the places of conflict and also the scenes of repression.

5. Tour of the places of death in La Laguna (discover the afterlife) – On this tour would will get to know the tombs of illustrious people such as the pirate Amaro Pargo, the indigenous chief Fernando de Guanarteme, the crypt of the Counts of Salazar, the supposed tomb of the Governor and the San Juan Cemetery.

6. Photo walk, Convents and Treasures of La Laguna – The perfect cultural activity of lovers of photography where you will be able to learn to use your camera at the same time as getting to know the story of the old La Laguna convents.

Tours of Puerto de la Cruz

Tour of the places of death in Puerto de la Cruz (discover the afterlife) – This tour explores the assassination of James Morris, the famous tombs of "La Chercha" cemetery and other crimes of the city. Tour and aperitif for €10.

Dramatised Tours with La Orotava en Ruta

Another type of excursion you can do is a night-time dramatised tour which takes place on certain Fridays at 9pm in La Orotava, with a minimum of 15 people and a maximum of 30. The theme is showing the occult side of La Orotava with curious stories and less well-known facts.

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This tour studies the occult side of La Orotava, with curious stories of things that have happened (or that people have said have happened) in the town at different points.

Final Comments from the Authors

Soon we will do one of the tours with La Orotava en Ruta and then we will be able to confirm first hand this enriching and different experience which is a walk through culture. At Tenerife Travel Secrets we believe that doing this kind of activity not only helps you to have a clearer idea of the care and value of the historic and cultural heritage which many of Tenerife’s towns have, but also helps you to understand why local people act in one way or another. It is a really enriching and enjoyable experience to learn something new every day.

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