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... Fun with the Farm Animals in La Orotava

Getting to La Granja Verde Tenerife was particularly simple for me, as I had been there before when I was quite young. I made this visit with my parents and my son, Noah, so I enjoyed it with my family, which we would really recommend doing :)

Vista general de la Granja Verde

The entrance has a strange ramp flanked by wooden arches which lead directly to the cafeteria area, where a bit lower down you can see the area where the white peacocks and some goats are located.

Zona de entrada de la granja
Zona tranquila del restaurante Cordón de Uva de comida tradicional canaria

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What is especially interesting and I liked the most about La Granja Verde Tenerife is the freedom with which children can roam (without being in danger) in the open spaces around the farm in general.

Los niños en la granja se sienten en total libertad

La Granja Verde Tenerife, Its Animals and Crops

In contrast with others, this farm was created with the idea that it would be visited. For that reason it was structured and adapted to be visited and understood in an enjoyable way, be it by adults or children.

La Granja Verde fue diseñada para que fuera visitada y sus paneles informativos son muy ilustrativos
En la Granja Verde se encuentran las 16 especies de fauna autóctona de Canarias - Cabra de Tenerife Norte

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The area within the farm where the animals are located is conveniently in the lower part of the property, so that when you arrive you can enjoy the restaurants and gardens without having to pay to enter the farm. You can tell that they are two concepts which don’t impose on each other, although if you combine them you will come out ahead J

La zona de los animales y los cultivos se encuentran en la parte baja de la propiedad

Many of the animals which can be found at La Granja Verde Tenerife are in danger of extinction, so they are under special protection. You will find a small representation of La Palma goats, Majorera donkeys, La Palma sheep, a family of black pigs and other typical farm animals, like a Canary Island cow, chickens and rabbits.

Los animales de la granja son una gran curiosidad para los niños
Vaca basta o canaria

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There is an official catalogue of indigenous farm animals, and at La Granja Verde you will find the 16 breeds of farm animal catalogued in the Canary Islands.

Oveja palmera
En la granja verde encontrará muchos tipos de cabras canarias - Cabra Majorera

On the other hand there is a series of animals which give fun rides around the farm to small children (cost not included in entry ticket), such as Canary Island camels and ponies. Noah had a special connection with the ponies, which he tried to feed some strands of grass which he found on the ground.

Los ponis se convirtieron en los amigos de Noah en nuestra visita a la granja verde
En la Granja Verde encontrará camellos canarios y dar paseos sobre ellos

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There are also llamas, but obviously these are not intended for the active entertainment of visitors.

Las llamas son muy territoriales, pero también muy curiosas

There are up to 150 different types of crop divided into seven fruit tree orchards, two vegetable gardens and another for aromatic/medicinal plants.

En la Granja Verde hay unos 150 diferentes cultivos
En las diferentes huertas se producen diferentes tipos de verduras, hortalizas y frutas

The whole collection of crops is a very interesting extra, especially for children. There is a greenhouse, a dung-heap and even an area where worms are ‘bred’. In another part, there is also an area where groups get the opportunity to try agricultural techniques.

Noah estuvo investigando como era el movimiento de este gusano negro

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The green box is a very economical and sustainable option, particularly thought up for those people who go for quality products. It gives the option of buying a box of vegetables, fruit or seasonal products at a very affordable price.

En las huertas de la granja verde se puede aprender cómo se cultivan diferentes tipos de verduras

Hours and Entry Prices

It is open every day from 10am to 6pm (5pm on Sundays).

Entry for adults costs €11 and for children (aged 4 to 11) €7. Resident adults pay €8 and resident children €5.50. A camel ride costs €5 and a pony ride €4.

La granja verde está abierta al público casi todos los días del año

Restaurants and Events at La Granja Verde Tenerife

La Granja Verde Tenerife has two completely different concepts in its two restaurants, and they serve different Canary Island food.

The Dula y Pipa restaurant is the main restaurant on the farm and centres around current Canary Island cuisine, particularly aimed at those who want to investigate further the new gastronomic areas which Canary Island cuisine is driving towards. It also has a wide selection of Canary Island wines.

El restaurante Dula y Pipa es la opción vanguardista de la cocina canaria en la Granja Verde

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The cuisine they cook at La Granja Verde Tenerife tries to emphasise that the biggest attraction are the products from the garden which they produce themselves as well as other local produce, to promote internal consumption.

El interior del restaurante Dula y Pipa en la Granja Verde tiene un bello artesonado de madera
En frente del restaurante Dula y Pipa hay una bella terraza con vistas

The offering of food and events is combined at the following restaurants and venues. In any of the following three settings you can hold whatever type of celebration you like, where there will also be a certain additional guarantee that children will enjoy it and be safe. If you ask they can even include a supervisor who will entertain them after the meal has finished.

Zona de la terraza donde se pueden realizar eventos

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On Sundays brunch is served for those who want to enjoy the rest day by getting up late and combining breakfast with lunch (from 10:30am to 1pm).

Almost as you enter La Granja Verde Tenerife you will find yourself at the Cordón de Uva which is a bar-restaurant, and when they open the placards on the sides of the terrace it becomes an event venue (with capacity for 300 people). It mainly serves light, traditional Canary Island food.

Al entrar a mano derecha puede ver la zona del restaurante Cordón de Uva
El restaurante Cordón de Uva tiene un bello jardín que puede ser usado para eventos

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The Cordón de Uva specialises in traditional Canary Island food for those who are in Tenerife for the first time and want to taste classic dishes. The star dish is the ‘rancho canario’.

The rustic pub called Jamalula has capacity for 30 people. Finally El Gallinero is a garden area which fits 70 people and where the white peacocks can normally be found.

Sala Jamalula

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Even though they have animals at La Granja Verde Tenerife, they are never eaten

La Granja Verde with Children

As I mentioned at the start and you can see in the photos, Noah came with us on the visit and without a shadow of a doubt I’m sure that any other child could enjoy this pleasant experience at the farm and meeting the animals completely. Noah, being 3 and a half years old, was particularly attracted to the animals, but I suppose that older children (aged 5-7) would find a visit to the gardens extremely interesting. At the end of the day, not all children have the opportunity to be in close contact with animals and vegetable gardens/orchards which provide food for our consumption.

Para los niños es toda una experiencia estar en contacto con la naturaleza
En la parte baja destinada a los animales hay una esquina donde se ha creado un pequeño laberinto

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Did you know that many children (particularly those who live in a city) are surprised when you tell them that the milk they drink comes from a cow or goat? … There you will be able to see their reactions first hand

Los niños (y los adultos) aprenden mucho en la visita

Getting There

Coming from Santa Cruz or the airport on the motorway, head for the entrance to La Orotava and after turning right you will see the first sign which will lead you straight to the car park and main entrance to La Granja Verde Tenerife.

La entrada de la Granja Verde

La Granja Verde - Trasera Camino del Torreón, 2 - Ramal de La Orotava - Tenerife

Final Comments from the Authors

I still remember very fondly the first time I went to the farm where La Granja Verde Tenerife is now located, El Zoolandia, where I first saw snakes and even rode a pony. It was a school trip and my first time at a zoo – a very exciting moment in my childhood. Therefore I can imagine how special it was for Noah to visit La Granja Verde this time and to be able to be so close to the animals and even stroke the piglets and ponies …

Sin duda alguna la experiencia cerca de animales siempre es muy enrriquecedora para los niños

At Tenerife Travel Secrets we recommend a visit to La Granja Verde Tenerife for that respect and balance between modernity and Canary Island nature.

A Noah también le gustaron mucho los burros majoreros de la Granja Verde
Con los niños siempre hay risas y fiestas

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