...Discovering the Beauties and Traditions of our Neighbours

Why do we recommend a Tenerife La Gomera trip? Although we believe that Tenerife can have enough activities and new places to visit to fill a whole month, we suppose that there are people who want to maximise their holidays, visiting another island close to Tenerife.

El Hierro, La Palma, La Gomera and Gran Canaria are usually comfortable options which are relatively economical to visit over two or even three days. Of these four islands, La Gomera is the most popular to visit from Tenerife. There are daily boat connections which require a journey of less than an hour and a half by ferry. The advantage of a Tenerife La Gomera trip is that you don’t have to be there two hours beforehand like you would if you were to catch a plane, and you can take your own car.


The advantage of combining Tenerife with La Gomera is that your holidays in Tenerife will give you the opportunity to visit an island on which tradition has combined flawlessly with leisure and the demands of tourism, and your short (or long) visit to La Gomera will give you the opportunity to enjoy a very traditional island, a tranquil, relaxed atmosphere, a friendly population and a cuisine which is different from that of Tenerife. It is possible to say that you will almost have two holidays for the price of one.

Tenerife La Gomera by Boat

If you want to travel to any other island from Tenerife with your rented vehicle or without it, the boat or the ferries are the most economical form of transport to have a calm, entertaining crossing while enjoying the marvelous views of the Canary Islands coasts.


Ferries go from Los Cristianos - Tenerife La Gomera twice a day. Clearly the prices vary according to the season, how far in advance you buy the ticket, whether you are a Canary Island resident or not, if you are taking a car, etc.


Tickets can be bought online via the official websites, from travel agencies, at the port, on the boat or by filling out the below form.

The following companies are responsible for giving us a ride to the other islands, including Tenerife La Gomera:

Fred Olsen – connects San Sebastián de La Gomera with Los Cristianos (Tenerife) every day of the week.

Naviera Armas – connects the Los Cristianos Port (Tenerife) with San Sebastián de La Gomera three times daily with a journey of more or less an hour.

How to Get Around La Gomera

We recommend that you take your car, so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover beautiful corners which are not that easy to reach without transport.


If you don’t have a car for the journey Tenerife La Gomera, another option is to hire a car in San Sebastián de La Gomera with Auto Europe, so to have a selection of the best offers from the specialized car rental company.

There are also organised groups which will permit you to visit the small island on buses of varying sizes, which will guarantee that you don’t miss the important places to visit and the unmissable experiences.


If you are in good enough shape, another option is to hire a bicycle or motorbike (or take your own).

Finally, on some occasions there are active tourism groups which organise guided tours, walking through beautiful natural settings in the Garajonay National Park.


What to Do in La Gomera

One essential visit would be to the Garajonay National Park, an example of vegetation from the Tertiary Period which is quite rare to observe these days, and the Alto de Garajonay.


The town of Agulo has a great history, as well as some beautiful views of the island of Tenerife and its majestic volcano El Teide.

The Hermigua Valley has a large concentration of Canary Islands palm trees and you will also find the Bosque de Cedro there.


We went to eat at the Valle Gran Rey. I remember that eating freshly-caught fish there was a delicious experience.

Don’t miss a demonstration of Silbo Gomero, the only whistled language in the world. Perhaps you could even write a few beautiful words for your partner and they will whistle them for you, as my grandfather did for my grandmother for their 40th wedding anniversary … With a bit of luck she will understand something between whistles...

We haven’t been to the Mirador de Abrante yet, but our friends who have visited have told us that it is a modern restaurant and that the glass lookout point is not suitable for people with vertigo.


To see the natural monument which is Los Órganos de La Gomera you will need to go by boat or on an organised excursion from Valle Gran Rey, and it is best done in September when the sea is calmer.


A journey Tenerife La Gomera with the purpose of a hiking tour to explore the island is also very recommendable. Some companies provide the full-day package which includes transfer, ferry, a hiking guide, accident insurance and a tour exploring the beautiful Garajonay National Park. You can have the opportunity to explore the beautiful surrounding villages, the landscapes, taste the traditional dishes of the local culinary and be in contact with the receptive people of La Gomera.


And last, but not least, the capital of the island, San Sebastián de La Gomera. You can visit the last place that Columbus was before going to the Indies... discovering the Americas... Visit La Torre del Conde, the beach or enjoy the views from el Parador de La Gomera.


Where to Stay on La Gomera

Luxury and up to 4-star holidays at a very good price

  • Hotel Jardín Tecina – for luxury holidays in Playa de Santiago.

  • Parador de La Gomera has some beautiful views of the capital, San Sebastián de La Gomera, from up above.

  • Hotel Gran Rey in Valle Gran Rey is also a good option to treat yourself.

Elegant holidays in a rural location at an accessible price

  • Hotel Rural Villa de Hermigua in Hermigua – accommodation in the middle of the beautiful Hermigua Valley.

  • Hotel Rural Casa Lugo in Agulo.

  • Hotel Rural Ibo Alfaro in Hermigua has a tranquil, clean appearance.

  • The Apartamentos Los Telares, apartments in La Gomera Hermigua also have everything you could need for independent, tranquil holidays.


Final Comments from the Authors

I think the above can give you a glimpse of what you will find in this beautiful island called La Gomera – a neighbour from our lovely Tenerife Island. We believe that if you have the chance to spend one or few days and make the trip Tenerife La Gomera, you will spend unforgettable moments there, with the people, their culture, their warm reception and their natural enchantments. So, wait no longer to buy your boat ticket Tenerife La Gomera, book your accommodation and start to enjoy a few relaxing days on an island which is very genuine in almost every way.