Outing under the cliffs with El Cardón NaturExperience

Sea kayaking in Los Gigantes skirting the cliffs is one of the most gratifying experiences we have had in Tenerife. It's an activity which you can easily get involved in with your friends. In addition, you can observe the grandeur of nature compared with the insignificant size of human beings from another perspective.

Prices and times for sea kayaking in Los Gigantes


The price for adults starts at €20 for the two-hour activity. The summer season consists of May to October, going out every Saturday and Sunday at 11am. In the other months you can go on outings in groups of more than 10 people. There are also routes from Masca beach.

Meeting point for kayaking in Los Gigantes

The El Cardón NaturExperience guides gave us basic instructions about what we had to do at the time of departure. This included how to row and how to get back into the kayak if we fell or decided to swim. They provide all of the materials you need, including self-bailing tandem kayaks. There is also a support vessel accompanying you at all times on the excursion.


We were around 15 people and we met on the jetty, leaving our belongings in boxes provided by the company. We put on life jackets and the guides helped us to get into the kayaks. Fábio, Noah (in the middle of the kayak) and Pablo, my father, went in one kayak. Casandra (my cousin) and I went in another. Leo, my mother, lay sleeping on the beach as she had a headache and wasn’t very keen on rowing.


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Those who don't want to take part in the sea kayaking in Los Gigantes can wait on Los Guíos beach.

An outing in a kayak skirting part of the Los Gigantes cliffs

Initially we found it a bit hard to find the right rhythm to row in a coordinated way. It was just a question of committing a few errors before we got the kayak going in the right direction. It was overwhelming to see the size of the cliffs just 50 metres away from us … Truly impressive.


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The only thing you need to participate in sea kayaking in Los Gigantes is to know how to swim. It may also help to know how to coordinate with your partner so that you don’t zig-zag in the kayak.

Halfway through the outing, we were given the opportunity to snorkel and swim. The cleanliness and transparency of the water in the area are wonderful. During the break they also offered us something to drink to rehydrate and recover a bit of energy.


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While we were rowing, Sinué showed us some details on the cliffs. They reach 600 metres in altitude in some places.

When the break ended (after a little accident) we headed back to Los Gigantes marina. We decided to change rowing partners at that point. When we got to the marina we waited at the entrance so that we all arrived together.


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We advise you to take as few things as possible with you when sea kayaking in Los Gigantes. One girl left her watch with one of the guides while she swam because she wasn't sure it was water resistant. When he returned it to her it slipped and fell into the sea. Unfortunately, despite diving several times she couldn’t recover it.


We all left the jackets and collected our clothes and flip-flops. When we were ready to go we took a group photo. If you go sea kayaking in Los Gigantes, don’t forget to check the official El Cardón NaturExperience Facebook page. They post the photos from the excursion so that you can have them as a souvenir.

Another anecdote with El Cardón

It seems like every time we do an activity with El Cardón NaturExperience something happens to us. It has always turned out to be funny and without serious consequences, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth mentioning. During the break while sea kayaking in Los Gigantes, Fábio, Casandra and I decided to swim in the water. It was so clean and translucent, who wouldn’t have wanted to get in and swim a bit?


In the meantime my father stayed in the kayak looking after Noah … Suddenly my cousin Casandra decided to lean on one of the sides of the kayak to be silly with Noah. What she didn’t realise was that my father was slightly leaning towards the same side. It caused the kayak with my father and Noah in to capsize, throwing them straight into the water.

In the first few seconds of confusion, Fábio helped Noah. He had received a little bump on the head from the kayak and was a bit frightened by the situation. Meanwhile, I helped my father get back into the kayak.


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To get into the kayak you have to propel yourself with your arms as if getting out of a swimming pool. You will be hard-pressed to get into the kayak by lifting a leg up to it.

As soon as the guides realized they came over and helped us 🙂 The whole accident was recorded on the GoPro which I had strapped to me, but as it was across my chest you can’t see much so we are going to edit the video to show the best bits 🙂 🙂

How to get to Los Gigantes marina

You should head for Los Gigantes marina, which is found by following the main street through the town to the very end in the direction of the sea. There is a car park at the marina.


Calle Poblado Marino 38683 Acantilados de los Gigantes

Final comments from the authors on sea kayaking in Los Gigantes

For a long time we have wanted to do a famous, popular activity like sea kayaking in Los Gigantes by the cliffs. Finally in September we were able to do it and it was much more fun than we imagined it was going to be.


It was great, although the sun wasn’t out the whole time. If you are a bit slow they wait for you until you get into a rhythm, so there’s no stress. For Noah the moment of falling into the sea was a bit traumatic (he remembered it for a few weeks) but in no way serious, and we tried to play down the matter and he took it well. Now we remember it like any other experience in Tenerife and really look forward to repeating it as soon as possible.