Hotel Jardines de Nivaria

... a luxury garden inside a luxury hotel

Hotel Jardines de Nivaria doesn’t just have that name because it is pretty and attractive, but because in reality it is an authentic garden of native Canary Island subtropical flora, which combines waterfalls, a variety of trees, palm trees, etc. to create an authentic paradise garden.

Vista panorámica del Hotel Jardines de Nivaria

General features of Jardines de Nivaria

Jardines de Nivaria is the flagship hotel in the Adrián group and was built in 1997 with a clear Art Deco style. Many guests have high expectations when arriving at the hotel and those at Jardines de Nivaria do as much as they can to make sure there is no disappointment. That's what makes of this one of the best luxury hotels in Tenerife.

La cúpula interior del hotel es simplemente espectacular
La decoración interior que recuerda al art-decó es realmente particular y elegante

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Doña Aurora was in charge of decorating the three hotels in the chain. The Art Deco style of Jardines de Nivaria seems particularly special to us and its design is unconventional compared with the type of hotel decoration you usually find in Tenerife.

Impresionante cúpula multicolor y bella decoración en general es un buen resumen del hotel Jardines de Nivaria

The Jardines de Nivaria is proud to be a family hotel. Proof of that is that many of its employees have remained linked to the business for many years and its owners are in the habit of spending time at the hotel. In a way that helps, because there is a constant concern for offering a very good service and looking after everything.

Al ser un hotel familiar hay una constantemente preocupación en ofrecer un muy buen servicio y que todo esté bien cuidado.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons why the Jardines de Nivaria has so many repeat customers, as they appreciate the family treatment which is on offer. The three hotels also have Travel Life certification, are in the Hall of Fame on Trip Advisor, and have received countless awards.

Bella plaza interior y el bar Tiffany visto desde el primer piso del hotel

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Due to the constant focus on offering an excellent service and continuing among the elite of the best hotels in Tenerife, the hotel will close for four months in 2016 (May to August) and will undergo general refurbishment.

La piscina principal del hotel

Communal areas and general services

The hotel consists of a main building and 5 blocks with up to 5 floors. The blocks are called Adeje, Masca, Guajara (1 room), Ucanca and Taganana.

Zona de entrada del bloque de habitaciones Masca
Los jardines del hotel son frondosos y extensos

In the lower part of the main building past the reception you will find the spectacular a la carte Restaurante La Cúpula which serves artisanal, creative food.

Restaurante La Cúpula del hotel Jardines de Nivaria

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The dome was made in Burgos and is composed of 12,000 pieces. It represents the equinox, the constellations and stars which can be observed in the sky above the hotel on 21st March. It is a really special detail J

La cúpula del Hotel Jardines de Nivaria contiene muchos secretos y detalles que observar

The Restaurante La Cascada is at the main pool. It has an outdoor terrace and a waterfall, and the sound of the water falling from it into the swimming pool is very relaxing.

El restaurante La Cascada tiene algunas mesas rodeando una zona de la piscina

The Bar Galería is located in the entrance, on the left of the reception. There is also the Tiffany Piano Bar, and among the different halls they have (where you can hold general events), the Armstrong Dance Hall offers live music.

Piano Bar Tiffany del hotel Jardines de Nivaria es estéticamente espectacular
El estilo decorativo del hotel Jardines de Nivaria traslada al huésped a una época de lujos, elegancia y ostentación

The Restaurante Solandra (which is the main one) has a terrace and offers themed buffet dinners multiple times each week.

El restaurante Solandra es el principal del hotel
Preciosa imagen del Restaurante Solandra

There are many decorative pieces of furniture and sculptures throughout the hotel, some of which (like the chestnut seller and the dog) were made especially for that purpose by the Burgos sculptor Bruno Cuevas.

La escultura de la castañera del escultor burgalés Bruno Cuevas

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In a nod to Canary Island traditions, there is a passageway leading to the Masca block where there are many details and elements of Canary Island arts and crafts.

Hotel Jardines de Nivaria has a small spa (Aequor Spa) in the entrance area with all sorts of booths for beauty treatments (manicures, pedicures, appliances, etc.) and facial treatments. There is a Turkish bath, sauna, Jacuzzi, cold water baths, and they give massages in the swimming pool.

En el spa se intenta realizar reservas personalizadas, generalmente para dos personas.

Being a small spa, the atmosphere is more intimate and welcoming, and it is convenient to book in advance so you don’t have to wait (although it may be that there is no-one else and you can go in straight away).

Vista general de una parte del spa

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There are different places in the hotel where you will be able to find small libraries with books which have been left by their guests. It works on an exchange basis

The terrace where the solarium is has views straight out to the Fañabé Beach and the sea. This area was widened in 2014 and they replaced the window box with a glazed railing.

En diferentes zonas del hotel se han sustituido jardineras por cristales para ganar vista

The hotel’s swimming pools are all heated. The main salt water pool is heated to 29°C all year round, while the freshwater one is at 25°C and the Jacuzzi is 34/35°C.

Vista general de la piscina del hotel Jardines de Nivaria

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The showers for washing before going in the pool are the same temperature as the water you’ll be swimming in, so you won’t get a cold shower J

Vacaciones en el borde de una piscina
Un lugar privilegiado donde descansar y refrescarse

Rooms at the Hotel Jardines de Nivaria

At the hotel there are 271 rooms, although after the refurbishment in 2016 this number might increase (particularly the number of presidential and royal suites). 

The views from the rooms vary between the sea, the pool and a small golf course, but all of them give a calm atmosphere without noise.

Las vistas de las habitaciones varían hacia el mar, la piscina y un pequeño campo de golf, todas ellas en un ambiente tranquilo, sin ruido.

Comfort Double (standard) – (we visited 3) this is very big with an imitation wood floor, dressing room, bathroom (almost the same throughout the hotel) and a spacious balcony.

La habitación doble Comfort que es la standard es muy amplia
Elegante y moderno baño de la habitación doble Comfort

Superior Doubles – (we saw 1) previously there was a balcony garden but to improve the view they changed it for glass. The door was moved forward, making the bedroom bigger without taking away space from the balcony. The dressing room is especially spacious.

Habitación doble superior del hotel Jardines de Nivaria

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Every room has an internet access point, and you can connect up to three devices.

There are different types of suites (family, junior, superior and superior duplex) with some high level basic services. The majority of the suite-type rooms have sea view.

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Also anyone who books a suite has the plus of being able to choose their breakfast a la carte in the Restaurante La Cúpula or on its terrace, choose the time their room is cleaned and get a newspaper.

Royal Suite – from the terrace there is a simply exceptional view (especially at night) over a large part of the Costa Adeje and Fañabé Beach. The bathroom is very spacious, there are two rooms, a desk area and a living/dining room.

Vista panorámica de Costa Adeje desde la terraza de la suite real... pero que el día no nos acompañó con sol
En la suite real no le faltará ningún detalle

Presidential Suite (the biggest) – this has a Jacuzzi in the bathroom with a window to the balcony. Rod Stewart stayed in this room when he was in Tenerife once.

Imagen general de la suite presidencial

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In all of the communal areas of the hotel there are lots of natural orchids and it caught our eye that there were also some in every room which we visited. Another interesting fact here is that there are few gardens around the hotels Jardines de Nivaria and Colón Guanahaní, to where the flowers are transplanted, so they can recover to be used again as soon as they bloom.

Zona de la recepción del hotel

Extras at the Hotel Jardines de Nivaria

There is a small golf course between the Guajara block and the main swimming pool. Hotel guests get special discounts at the majority of golf courses on the island.

Vista general del hotel Jardines de Nivaria y su pequeño espacio para el golf

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Once one of the guests turned out to be a golf course builder and he said that, although it is small, it is quite good.

Near the spa area there is a small children’s play area. It is a hotel which accepts all types of guests including families with children, but there is no entertainment for them (except live music), so they guarantee that there won’t be much noise. It is also not considered a family hotel per se (like Roca Nivaria, for example), as there is no mini club where you can leave your children and have time without them.

Parque infantil y paneles descriptivos de las plantas más representativas de los jardines
El día estaba nublado, pero la temperatura era alta, cualquier excusa es buena para disfrutar de la piscina

Getting there

Fañabé Beach is just in front of the hotel, so follow the signs from the motorway which show how to get to the beach.

Fachada exterior del hotel Jardines de Nivaria

Hotel Jardines de Nivaria - c/ París s/n, Playa de Fañabé, Costa de Adeje - 38660

Reserving the night

Final comments from the authors about Jardines de Nivaria

Many of the guests stay for a few weeks (particularly in winter) and even for whole seasons to avoid the European winter, which we can understand … If we could we would also stay there forever J

Bar Galería
Visión espectacular de la cúpula y el bar Tiffany del hotel Jardines de Nivaria
El tamaño de algunos de los árboles que hay en el hotel Jardines de Nivaria es simplemente increíble

Above all we loved the tranquillity which you feel in any of the corners of the garden, and although the day was rather cloudy (we have an excuse to return and take better photos J), we felt that being able to enjoy a few relaxing days disconnecting in Jardines de Nivaria must be like going to a luxurious, comfortable paradise.

El hotel Jardines de Nivaria está rodeado de vegetación autóctona
Zona exterior del spa
Dar unos golpes de golf es posible en el hotel

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