Hotel Spa Villalba
...Peaceful Scenario and Marvelous Location

The Hotel Spa Villalba is located just 5 km from Parque Nacional del Teide, in the town of Vilaflor, 22 kilometers from the coast. It is at 1,600 meters and it is surrounded by stunning pine forests of the Parque Natural de la Corona Forestal and in an area of great floral wealth and where endemic species can be found, such as the Pinzón Canario (Canary Finch) or the bird Pica Pino.

The hotel was opened in 2004 and the building was inspired by the traditional Canarian architecture, combining elements of the natural decoration, like wood and stones, in order to give harmony with the surrounding nature. It is an ideal place for relaxing and quiet holidays.

The entrance of the Hotel Spa Villalba already give a hint of the Canarian influence in the architecture

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Vilaflor is 1,600 meters high and is the highest Spanish town. Being at this level above the sea, it is an ideal place to practice certain sports to increase oxygenation.

A very suitable hotel to those who want to enjoy sports around nature, like biking and senderismo in general, as well as for those looking to get away from the tourist crowds and just relax for "recharging the batteries". For the reason that this philosophy entails, the Hotel Spa Villalba do not allow guests under 14, since up to this age it is more than natural that the kids prefer to be completely active, as opposed as those guests that prefer to listen only to the sound of nature.

Green surroundings of the Hotel Spa Villalba

Common Areas and General Facilities at the Hotel Spa Villalba

Upon entering the front door, the reception will be on your left. There you can already see the plants decorating the area, giving you an idea of a small courtyard inviting you to get in the mood of the common areas. Since we visited this hotel during the Christmas season, every area was decorated with great taste and attention to detail.

The reception area gives access to the rear of the hotel through a spectacular and colourful glass door.

The logo of the Hotel Spa Villalba is a small bird Pica Pino (a kind of woodpecker endemic to the island) as it is very common to see and hear them in the area.

The entire hotel has free WiFi, but the guests can opt to use the computer located at the reception also with free internet connection. In general, the rooms and common facilities of the hotel are non-smoking.

In the main reception you can also find bathrooms that can be used by the guests in general and a storage room to store suitcases or any belongings whenever the guests need. On your right you will find a hallway leading to the games room available to all guests, where you can find tables to play chess, cards, checkers, ludo, etc. Following the same hallway there is a multipurpose room, where you can watch TV or hold meetings. Almost opposite you have the living room with fireplace – a cosy, bright and beautifully decorated place for those winter days when you can read while resting quietly in one of the comfortable sofas.

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La Vendimia Restaurant

Walking down the corridor you will access the charming dining room, also decorated with refined and discreet taste, genre paintings and colourful windows. The restaurant, called "La Vendimia", serves breakfast (which is always included in the price of the stay at the Hotel Spa Villalba), lunch and dinner, and events are also held there. Furthermore, the restaurant has access to the outside terrace that offers beautiful and incomparable views of the pines in the area. All meals can be served in this terrace as long as the weather conditions hold for it. The dishes that are prepared have the essentials of the Canary gastronomic roots, but also adapts to all kinds of culinary required by guests (for instance you can request meals suitable for vegetarians, vegans, allergies, etc). La Vendimia also has a wide selection of wines, especially from the Bodegas Reverón.

The balcony area (shaded in a beautiful wooden pergola) faces the rear of the hotel. Due to its location it is a quiet area, brimming nature with the view of the pines and where the noise of the small water channel through the patio gives a feeling of maximum relaxation. This area, with native flora (including the Canary cedar that is in danger of extinction), completely blends with the wild nature of pinewood of the forest.

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Rooms at the Hotel Spa Villalba

The hotel has 27 comfortable, spacious and bright rooms. All of which have been decorated to the last detail by the owner of the hotel, Dolores Sebares, with a refined taste that blends perfectly with the rural atmosphere that permeates the property and surroundings. All furniture used in the decoration of the hotel are of high quality and beauty, apart from possessing a style that gives character to the hotel. On the other hand, the discreet wallpaper helps to create a relaxing and elegant environment.

Of the 27 rooms, 25 are double with large terraces, except two that don’t have the terrace. The other 2 rooms are junior suites. The suite named "Tajinaste" (because in the months of May and June the flower tajinastes bloom right in front of the room, bringing more beauty to the place) consists of a reception area with sofa and table, TV (that in the near future will be replaced by flat screens) with satellite, writing desk, wardrobe and large balcony with table and chairs. The other junior suite has a Jacuzzi and essentially has almost the same layout as the one described before. The rooms also have air conditioning, minibar, telephone and bathrobes for the spa.

A striking and special feature is that each bathroom of the Hotel Spa Villalba is decorated with tiles and flooring of different colours and patterns. In turn, the shape of the furniture of the bathrooms evoke a romantic era, yet very functional and practical. They have all the extras you need for a comfortable stay (such as heating, hairdryer, magnifying mirror, etc).

The penthouse suites are the quietest of the hotel, and also possess the most privileged views. The only disadvantage is that the wireless reception is not as good as in the other rooms. Those are usually chosen by guests who seek tranquillity at all costs. In the bathroom of those rooms, there are no bathtubs due to the smaller space, therefore you will find only showers, which are much more practical and consistent in respect of the environment by generating less waste of water .

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Spa Villalba

The entrance to the spa is on the left from the entrance of the building, next to the main reception, downstairs. At the reception of the Spa Villalba you will be offered a bathrobe and towels, as well as a brief explanation of the thermal circuit. The hotel has one massage therapist with whom you need to make an appointment for any of the treatments available.

Some features of the Spa: Turkish bath with essences of mint, relaxation rooms with water beds, relaxing music, cold water pool, crushed ice, thermal showers, dry and wet sauna, Jacuzzi, two circuit pools – one at 30-35° C and the other at 11-15 ° C, whirlpool.

The pool is heated to about 25° C and it is dynamic, because when the weather is favourable, especially in summer, it is possible to open the glass door that overlooks the pine forest adjacent to the hotel. The feeling of relaxation and blend with nature is then at its maximum. No question that is a great experience because it's like swimming in the same pine forest. The pool has several jets of pressurized water that massages the back, neck and legs, and it connects on the outside with a sunbathing area.

All hotel guests have free unlimited access within the duration of the stay at the Spa Villalba. If you want a massage with essential oils, please consult the price list and make your reservation in advance.

The Spa schedule is from 12:00 to 20:00 hours on weekdays and Saturdays, and from 10:00 to 18:00 pm on Sundays.

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Other Services at the Hotel Spa Villalba

All hotel guests have also free unlimited access within the duration of the stay to the gym. It has several machines and fitness equipment, various types of weights and television to entertain while performing the routine.

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Another detail that makes this hotel unique in Tenerife is that inside it has a climbing wall. All the necessary equipment for this activity is provided by the hotel.

Indoor climbing wall at the Hotel Spa Villalba

Hotel Spa Villalba collaborates with Canarias Senderismo, which organizes various excursions in Tenerife. The hotel also supplies plenty information to guests about possible excursions, hiking, etc.

Upon prior request you may have the service of transfer from the airport. There is one taxi driver from the town of Vilaflor that is always assisting the hotel with the transfer of their guests. And once in the hotel you can rent a car with the company Oasis.

In the reception of the hotel you can purchase products from the Canary Islands as well as book a visit to Bodegas Reverón (winery), that is established in the area.

On the other hand, if you want to have your private or corporate event in a unique location on the island, you can certainly ask for a quotation and visit the Hotel Spa Villalba to confirm if the facilities and services will supply your needs.

Winter is the season that the hotel receives more guests, since it is a prime location, as mentioned before, for being in one of the highest villages in the whole Spanish geography, with up to 1600 mts above sea, and a perfect place to make excursions in the Parque Nacional de Las Cañadas del Teide. That does not mean that it is not a good place to visit during summer. Quite the opposite, during that season you will certainly enjoy a peaceful and refreshing holiday near the pine forest.

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To reach this charming hotel you should get to the town of Vilaflor de Chasna and if coming from the south of the island turn left on Carretera San Roque. This road has a high inclination, and for that, you can enjoy spectacular views from there.

Hotel Spa Villalba is very much visited by British, German and Russian tourists, and the Group that owns the otel has also other properties in Los Cristianos, such as Apartamentos Oasis Mango, Hotel Andreas, Apartamentos Reverón and Reverón Plaza.

Hotel Spa Villalba – Calle San Roque, s/n. 38613 Vilaflor de Chasna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife

Tel: +34 922 709 930  

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Final Comments from the Authors

If you want to be surrounded by nature and in a peaceful location this is the place to be. If you want to stay close to Parque Nacional Las Cañadas del Teide, and El Teide, this is also the right choice. It is a really special situation to enjoy the Spa while appreciating what the location can provide, including the pine forest just next to the hotel. We certainly recommend the Hotel Spa Villalba also for those who enjoy practicing outdoor activities and sports. 

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