Hotel Sol Parque San Antonio

... a Hotel with a Botanical Garden Included

The Hotel Sol Parque San Antonio is a hotel with lots of charming gardens and corners. It seems incredible that the Sol Parque San Antonio is from 1968, but no-one would guess because of the great state in which it’s been kept. It was not intended to attract masses, as prevails in hotel construction nowadays, but for aesthetic pleasure.

Sol Parque San Antonio tiene unas vistas espectaculares al Teide desde casi cualquier punto del mismo.

The hotel Sol Parque San Antonio is located in Puerto de la Cruz and, although it is near to the main road, when you enter the hotel tranquillity and silence take over. The gardens have their own wildlife which invite relaxation while listening to birdsong of blackbirds, among others.

Los jardines interiores del Sol Parque San Antonio tienen una amplia variedad de botánica típica de la Macaronesia.

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Originally it was a farming area where banana trees were planted. When building the Hotel Sol Parque San Antonio, it was decided to make it as if it were a colonial-style residence where it would be possible to enjoy this direct contact with the gardens.

On the other hand, a great advantage of the building having been constructed before the 90s is that the rooms are extremely large. For everyone’s comfort (and especially those with reduced mobility), there is an access ramp at the entrance.

Sol Parque San Antonio es un hotel adaptado para cualquier tipo de familia y persona.

Common Areas and General Facilities

The maximum height of the hotel buildings is 5 floors, although the normal height is 3 floors. The reception is very light and spacious with a nice welcome sign in three languages.

La zona de la recepción del Sol Parque San Antonio es amplia y muy luminosa.

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They have recovered and restored antique furniture (tables and chairs) which are of great artisanal value in order to give a more elegant feel, but at the same time modern, with unifying details in the reception.

At the moment there is one buffet restaurant where breakfast and dinner is served. Near to it, there is direct access to the Taoro Gardens.

El restaurante sirve los desayunos y cenas diariamente.

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While you are eating breakfast or dinner, you will be able to enjoy some spectacular views towards the Teide and over the hotel’s interior gardens, which are particularly special from a small open-air terrace in one part of the restaurant.

Si estás tomando tu desayuno desde la terraza del restaurante del Sol Parque San Antonio, la vista es simplemente deliciosa.

From 10am to midnight, there is a bar near the pool which offers a fast-food buffet, which is a particularly good option in summer. 

Zona del bar de la piscina.
El bar de la piscina ofrece diariamente un buffet de comida ligera.

The Cactus Bar opens in the afternoon/evening, and it currently has very fresh, functional décor.

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The performances which are put on in the hotel are of a public nature, as anyone can attend and enjoy them. The Beatles performed exclusively there, we’ve been told … The best in the Canaries.

Rooms at the Hotel Sol Parque San Antonio

As we have mentioned previously, the 252 rooms are generally particularly large and have spectacular views of the garden or surroundings (including the Teide volcano). Even so, there are 27 rooms which do not have a balcony and are attic rooms, although their advantage is that they are bigger and cheaper than the others.

Las habitaciones abuardilladas de Sol Parque San Antonio son más amplias y en muchos casos con unas vistas prodigiosas.

We visited a beautiful room (redecorated in 2012 and soon to undergo new changes to its decoration) in the La Residencia building, which has 90 rooms with plasma TV and all basic features.

Habitación redecorada del Sol Parque San Antonio.

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If you have children, family or friends with you, there are connecting rooms and other very large ones which can accommodate 4 people (2 adults and 2 children).

Another big advantage to the majority of the rooms at the Hotel Sol Parque San Antonio is that the balconies have great views. You can even see the sea or Puerto de la Cruz from some of them.

Preciosos jardines y una magnífica vista exterior es lo que se puede disfrutar desde muchas habitaciones del hotel.

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Getting up in the morning and seeing the different changes in colour of the sunrise over the Teide is spectacular. At night you can also usually see a starry sky, as, even though you are in Puerto de la Cruz, you are in an area with little light pollution.

La zona donde se encuentra el hotel es muy tranquila.

We visited another refurbished standard double room with beautiful cappuccino-coloured walls and decorative elements, which give the room an elegant and relaxed feel, perfect for different holidays.

Las habitaciones del Sol Parque San Antonio son extremadamente grandes.
Vista al jardín desde la terraza de una de las habitaciones.

Although we couldn’t visit any because the hotel was nearly 100% full to capacity (which is what happens when you visit in September …), there are superior rooms with two separate areas and a balcony.

In general, the Hotel Sol Parque San Antonio is undergoing a process of reform which is in line with the current needs and demands of its clients.

En Sol Parque San Antonio hay algunas habitaciones que tienen su propio espacio con jardín.

Extras at the Hotel Sol Parque San Antonio

Near to the La Residencia building, there is a hall where different companies run their activities. When I visited there was a group doing radiotherapy, mud therapy, massages, etc. – whatever the customer wanted.

The gardens have a large showing of Canary Island and Macronesian wildlife. They are identified by name, so that the guests can enjoy the beauty of this particular botanical garden while learning at the same time. You will even be able to find a little house with ducks in one of the corners.

En los jardines del hotel puede encontrar pájaros de varios tipos.

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The garden is very well looked after and is an aspect which is valued. They therefore manage to offer an extra feeling of tranquillity. In turn the interior views of the gardens combine with the privileged exterior views including the Teide in all its splendour, and that happens almost anywhere in the hotel.

In the near future it will be possible to hold events in a hall which is in the high part of the current restaurant, which is also undergoing refurbishment. From its terrace the guest will be able to sit and calmly enjoy views of the valley.

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For all of those interested in reading, there is an English library in a little old cottage behind the pool buffet area. It is part of the hotel, with a beautiful garden – an ideal place for a particular ceremony.

Getting There

The Hotel Sol Parque San Antonio is located in Puerto de la Cruz (on the north of the island) on Carretera de las Arenas. Having passed the entrance to the Jardines del Taoro, continue straight and take the first entrance/street on the right, where you will find the Hotel Sol Parque San Antonio.

Hotel Sol Parque San Antonio - Carretera de las Arenas, 38400 - Puerto de La Cruz

Final Comments from the Authors

Being from La Orotava and always ‘going down’ to Puerto de la Cruz for walks or to go to the beach, I can say that I have seen the Sol Parque San Antonio all my life. What a great opportunity it was to be able to visit it. I sincerely loved the pool area and its gardens … Being there relaxing in this oasis of peace has to be the high point of some peaceful holidays.

On the other hand, what luxury to say that from your room (or from the hotel) you can see the Teide, and you really see the Teide up close J That is one of the great advantages of the hotels in Puerto de la Cruz (and in particular the Sol Parque San Antonio) – being close to the most iconic and pretty places on the island, and being able to enjoy them at any moment during your stay … Honestly, staying in a hotel like this one has to be total luxury at a very affordable price J

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