... a charming hotel in the north of the island

The house of the Hotel San Roque Garachico is from the 17th Century (built by the Ponte family) and the Carayon family bought it from the Briel family in 1992. After years of refurbishment, it opened its doors in December 1994. Back then it was branded as an absurd project… An innovative adventure for the 90s. A luxury hotel in an old house - totally revolutionary then – but now they can confirm that it turned out well.

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Currently (2015) they are in the process of improving both the services that they offer to the guests as well as the staff. They want to evolve along the same meticulous lines which have always characterised them and also give extra special motivation to those who have worked at the hotel.


General services

The Hotel San Roque Garachico has some ideal facilities in an unbeatable setting. It is the only hotel in Garachico with a swimming pool.


The hotel offers bed and breakfast or half board (breakfast and dinner). The Restaurante Anturium is in the pool area and Danny Nielson is the chef who has a great career. His style is innovative and elaborate haute cuisine dishes.


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Even it is a small hotel there is a breakfast buffet, but anything which the guests order (eggs and bacon) is made on the go.


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In 20 years there has only been one complaint and it was discarded because, after looking into it, it was clear that the client was not in the right.

Works of art and the Hotel San Roque Garachico are linked in a very particular way. The following works which we describe are the ones which caught our attention the most, but there are other examples of artists’ work there.

La centinela by Mikel Navarro is an aluminium fountain which has no screws holding it together. It is on the central patio where it contrasts with the classical building.

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Carmen Calvo captured the history of the house (with its tower which was used to spot boats which arrived at the port of Garachico) in her work La muerte de una Estrella es un ojo – lots of little observing eyes in the tower. In contrast we found El niño dormido by José Noguero in the same location, which gives a bit of sweetness to the constant observation by the work of Carmen Calvo.


Rooms at the hotel

In the Hotel San Roque Garachico there are 20 rooms which are different types and all decorated with designer furniture.


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On one occasion, when being shown one of the rooms (Duplex Suite), some guests of the hotel San Roque Garachico were surprised to see a Le Corbusier divan, a real gem of furniture design, which is hugely appreciated by experts.

The standard double rooms are 20m2 with everything you need for a comfortable, pleasant stay. Each one is in a different colour and has furniture by Rennie Mackintosh.

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The duplex room is 35m2 spread across two floors, with the bedroom on the upper floor benefitting from additional illumination via a skylight.


The Junior Suite is 40m2 with an innovative detail that the Jacuzzi is within the bedroom itself. It has colourful walls.

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Everything in the Junior Suite is by Rennie Mackintosh and to emphasise the difficulty sometimes involved when working with designer furniture (not just because of the price), we were told that the brown armchair there took 4 months to arrive at the hotel.


The Duplex Suite is 45m2 spread across two floors and is very light.

The Suite La Torre is the jewel of the house, not just because of its location and intimacy, but because of its three floors and its very particular design which allows you a complete panoramic view of the area, sea and mountains from the bed itself 🙂 in the upper part, it also has an exclusive conservatory.


Getting there

It is very easy to get to the Hotel San Roque. Garachico From Puerto de la Cruz (or the North Airport) you should head towards Garachico and once in the town go to the Avenida Tomé Cano (which is the road near the sea). Turn to the left onto the Calle Calvo Sotelo and take the first left onto the Calle Esteban de Ponte. You’ll find the hotel on your right.


Hotel San Roque - Calle Esteban de Ponte, 32, 38450 Garachico

Final comments from the authors about Hotel San Roque Garachico

I still remember when they opened the first luxury hotel in Garachico … In the north it was an almost social event. Now that I have had the opportunity to visit it I understand that without a doubt this hotel could belong to any select group of hotels with its charm and character.


Personally this visit gave me more than I could have imagined, because I met an old school friend (Alejandro, the sales manager) and the calm atmosphere at the Hotel San Roque Garachico invited a look back at teenage years and odd anecdotes 🙂 This is a bit like what you might feel if you stay at a charming hotel with history like the Hotel San Roque, in such a moving place as Garachico in Tenerife.