Hotel Ritz-Carlton Abama

... Luxury from the Mount to the Beach

Personally I felt that the hotel Ritz-Carlton Abama, formerly known as Abama Hotel Resort, seemed immense, but it also gave us the impression that the attention to detail is simply fabulous. The hotel is divided into two parts: the Arab-inspired citadel, which is the central area (where we started the visit), and four rows of villas which are tiered towards the beach.

Hotel Ritz-Carlton Abama tiene un lago interior simplemente espectacular

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The property, if you look from the mountain towards the coast, goes from the golf course, over Las Terrazas de Abama and the tennis courts towards the hotel, continues through the houses and arrives at the beach.

Vista del hotel desde el campo de golf Abama

Although it is such a big hotel, with what’s on offer you don’t feel overwhelmed or like it is full, even though at times there are nearly 1,000 people. 

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The hotel was opened in 2005, under the name Abama Hotel Resort, and almost from the beginning the hotel has been operated by Ritz-Carlton. Only from 2014 could the relationship between the hotel and the name and logo be made public.

Entrada principal del hotel Abama

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Origin and Creation of the Hotel Ritz-Carlton Abama

The architect Melvin Villaroel (who also designed the Sheraton La Caleta and Jardín Tropical, but in white) tried to build a construction focused around Feng Shui - buildings with rounded corners, lots of vegetation to create a special combination, waterfalls which flow into lakes, and fire represented by the red painted on the walls. The life and greenness contrasts with the red on the buildings.

Vista general de la plaza del sol y del lago interior del Hotel Abama

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The main entrance area where the main lake is found (Koi Carp Lake) is called Plaza de Sol. The bridge was made to follow the route which the sun took on the day when they started construction on the hotel.

Curioso detalle del puente y el día en el que se empezó a construir el Abama

In order to know why is it called Abama, we invite you to continue investigating our box of secrets J

General and Communal Services at the Hotel Ritz-Carlton Abama

In the hotel Ritz-Carlton Abama there are seven swimming pools. The central pool looks like a lake, is very comfortable for families and has an incline like being at a beach. There is a smaller pool with a more relaxed atmosphere near the Los Chozos beach, which is usually used by families with young children. In contrast the El Mirador swimming pool is for adults only (accessible by any hotel guest).

Zona de la piscina detrás del restaurante Los Chozos
Desde esta piscina se puede ver un ascensor acristalado del que se tienen vistas panorámicas a los hoyos 11 ó 12 del Golf Abama.

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The area where the hotel Ritz-Carlton Abama is located is particularly sunny, so you will be able to enjoy all of the swimming pools and the beach equally without a problem.

Piscina familiar cerca del restaurante de Los Chozos

The Jardín Persa is located in the right wing of the hotel (facing the sea). It is a very calm, intimate area. In its gardens you’ll find aromatic plants and a somewhat reserved swimming pool, among other things.

Jardín Persa

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From the Jardín Persa there is one of the best panoramic views in the hotel, and particularly so at sunset. It is a perfect place to disconnect, read, etc

Las vistas del Abama están listas para enmarcar

In the hotel there is a 2,500m2 spa and a general events area. To move around the resort you can go by buggy or on a mini train.

Un tren facilita el acceso a los huéspedes a diferentes puntos del resort

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The mini train takes guests to the different parts of the hotel every 15 minutes in high season and every 30 minutes in low season.

Even though the beach is within the resort area it is not a private beach. It is difficult to access (so is quite peaceful), as there is no parking near the beach so you have to walk to and from it.

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There is a cable car exclusively for hotel guests to access the beach. The sand was brought from elsewhere.

Para acceder a la playa los huéspedes pueden usar el funicular

All the water which is used for irrigation and to fill the swimming pools in the resort is treated at a desalination plant.

Restaurants and Dining Areas

The gastronomic options at the Hotel Ritz-Carlton Abama are varied. The hotel offers accommodation, breakfast and half board.

En cualquiera de sus restaurantes la comida que se sirve es simplemente deliciosa y muy bien presentada

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It is the only European resort with three Michelin stars: MB has two and Kabuki has one.

MB (Miguel Berasategui) is a very exclusive restaurant, open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday. It has various parts, like the entrance area for having a drink, and the area for private dinners. From mid-June to mid-July it is usually closed for holidays.

En MB te recomiendan el mejor vino para el plato elegido

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The wine cellar at MB is the one which has the most wines from the Canary Islands. During the dinner tasting menu they vary the wines which they offer, according to what will best accompany the food they offer.

Abama Kabuki is a mix of Japanese Mediterranean fusion. It is closed for the month of September (when we visited).

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Depending on where you are sitting in the restaurant, they use cuisine from that place. For example, they use local fish but with Japanese techniques and that is what usually attracts people, as well as the delicious flavours.

Restaurante El Mirador, specialising in rice in general (wet rice, paella, …) and fish. El Mirador opens for breakfast (a la carte or buffet), lunch and dinner (children can be taken there for dinner, but only until a certain time).

El restaurante el Mirador es el lugar perfecto para empezar el día
Desde el restaurante las vistas son simplemente espectaculares

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In summer, the restaurant is more focused towards the viewing area, where the atmosphere is really perfect. The El Mirador terrace is a true luxury with some spectacular views of La Gomera, especially at sunset.

El restaurante el Mirador es el lugar perfecto para una cena al atardecer

Restaurante La Veranda (in the Citadel) offers a buffet breakfast (7:30am to 10:30am) and has a terrace which leads to the swimming pool. In the centre there is a station with warm dishes, with cold sections at the sides. Breakfast in this restaurant is the busiest place in the hotel during the day.

Restaurante Los Chozos is a pool bar with more informal food but also elaborate dishes. It is always open for lunch, and in high season even for dinner and/or breakfast. The decoration in the restaurant is inspired by the Pacific.

Restaurante Los Chozos sirve comida más informal, pero según nos comentaron excelente

The following three restaurants are included in half board:

  • The Restaurante Verona specialises in Italian food and is open for dinner.
  • Pampa Grill (Steak House) is the perfect restaurant for meat lovers, with the grill open to the public so that you can see how they cook.
  • Tapas & Wine Bar specialises in Spanish food and wine.
Restaurante Verona del Ritz-Carlton Abama sirve comida italiana
Pampa Grill es el restaurante perfecto para los amantes de la carne

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They usually ask that you book in advance for the restaurants, particularly in high season, in order to avoid disappointment or that you can’t eat at the time you want.

Tapas & Wine Bar sirve comida española (versión tapas)

In the following three bars, you will be able to relax with a drink:

  1. Lobby Bar is located on the terrace leading to the reception area, from where you can see the Plaza del Sol. It is open all day with live music at night. Surrounding it you will find various boutiques with everything you need on your holidays, from exclusive items to daily basics.
  2. Cubanika is the bar set in La Habana in the 40s, with cocktails, mojitos, a terrace and live music at weekends.
  3. Sports Bar, with an informal and sporty atmosphere, opens in the afternoon. On its TV screens you will have the opportunity to watch different types of sports.
Lobby Bar se encuentra al pasar la recepción del Ritz-Carlton Abama
Sports Bar sirven copas por las tardes

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The intention is that all of the hotels in the group have the same cocktail list (9 are from the official list and 11 have been especially created for the Abama), so if a guest likes a particular cocktail they can have it made the same way both in Tenerife and New York

Cubanita es el perfecto bar del Abama para tomar cócteles

The Pool Bar in the Restaurante El Mirador offers lighter, faster food. At the Abama beach, the Beach Club opens at midday with light food, perfect for when you are on the beach.

Club Level, Luxury to its nth Degree

The Club Level was opened in November 2014. It is a more exclusive area with a more personalised, detailed service for its guests. There are 19 Deluxe rooms, two suites and the Imperial Suite. All of the rooms have a sea view. The club room is open all day and five times per day they offer different types of food. Unlike the Tagor Villas, children are welcome here.

From the club there are some marvellous views of the golf course.

Maravillosas vistas del golf desde el Club Level
Desde la sala del Club Level se puede ver el campo de golf

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It is possible to enter the hotel Ritz-Carlton Abama (check in/check out) in this area without having to go to reception. Club Level is really one of the best kept secrets at the Abama, as it is a small hotel within a larger one.

El Club Level es un lugar ideal para relajarse

Rooms at the Hotel Ritz-Carlton Abama

In the hotel Ritz-Carlton Abama there are 469 rooms; in the citadel there are 321 and there are 148 villas. All of them have Nespresso coffee machines and other common basic services. The rooms are split into:

Deluxe Double Room with ocean or resort views which are a minimum of 50m2 and have a terrace.

Junior Suite (we visited 1a, which was recently renovated) is very spacious with a large closet. The bathroom is standard for all, with a shower and separate bath. The living area and terrace are quite spacious.

Preciosa Junior Suite del Abama con vistas a La Gomera
Zona de lectura de la junior suite

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The sun goes down over La Gomera and the sunset is very pretty, particularly in September.

Las terrazas de las habitaciones generalmente son muy amplias

The one-bedroom suite is 80m2 with views of the ocean, golf course, citadel or swimming pools.

There are four rows of villas, but the concept is different as it is not an individual house as such. In each row of villas there are 36 rooms and a swimming pool. The decoration of the rooms is the same as the rooms in the main building, but being away from the main building is more exclusive.

El baño de la Junior Suite del Abama

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the Hotel Ritz-Carlton Abama is continually undergoing a process of renovation and improvement as they receive many repeat guests, so they try to give the impression of being new or a different place but with the same services and assistance which has made them want to return

The second row of villas is Tagor Villas, which are the same size and have the same sort of room as the others, but they are only for adults. They offer a service exclusively for those in that pool, a concierge at their disposal and a private buggy for the duration of their stay. They can also have breakfast in the Restaurante El Mirador.

Zona de entrada de las Villas Tagoror

We visited one of the rooms in the Tagor Villas, and just opposite the entrance to the villas there is a parking area for buggies. There is 24 hour room service.

Las habitaciones de las villas Tagoror tienen acceso directo a una piscina privada

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The direct access to the private pool caught our attention. It is like a small lake along the whole villa area. The constant sound of water makes it a very relaxing, calm atmosphere.

Detalle de la piscina privada de uno de los grupos de villas Tagoror

There are bigger suites (Royal, Imperial and Presidential – 277m2) with really exclusive services.

Extras at the Hotel Ritz-Carlton Abama

As there is a great variety of plants, a botanical tour is offered for guests during high season (twice per week). It goes down very well when they explain why there are particular plants and what their names are. They also offer a general ‘express’ tour so that the guest knows how to get around the hotel Ritz-Carlton Abama.

La riqueza botánica del Abama es númerosa

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In the whole resort there are 90,000 tree specimens, palm trees and 300 different species of plants. The contrast of the volcanic rock, the sea and all the flora which has been planted in the gardens means that the hotel Ritz-Carlton Abama looks very eye-catching.

Ritz-Kids, Hotel for Kids 

Ritz-Kids is huge and very eye-catching. There are different areas for entertainment and activities through which the children learn something about the destination while having fun, like for example with the wildlife which you find on the island (pilot whales). The club is for children aged 4 to 12, and the youngest have to be accompanied by an adult.

Ritz-Kids es el complejo infantil más grande que hemos visitado

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In the main reception area there is a part where children can check-in, where they are told about all the activities which are on offer to them.

The timetable from 10am to 6pm is free and between 6pm and midnight (if booked in advance and at additional cost) they can organise activities for any child. They can even eat at the mini club.

Ritz-Kids - zonas de actividades (talleres, juegos, vídeos,…)que varían según la ocupación infantil del hotel

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Each Ritz-Kids in the group chooses 15 activities from the programme offered by the Ocean Futures Society of Jean-Michel Cousteau (with whom they have an agreement), related to the four pillars which they promote: water (making the most of this resource), environment, culture and earth.

The club (being so big) is divided into areas: Planet Room, crafts, cinema, lego, relax and garden (football, bouncy castles, water toboggans, etc.). Every hour there is a new activity, and they are adapted according to the season and number of children staying at the hotel.

Sala de los planetas del Ritz-Kids del Hotel Abama

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The Hotel Ritz-Carlton Abama has an agreement with Loro Parque and once a week they connect to learn more about a specific animal (even in summer they can choose), asking questions of the keeper like how they sleep, what toys they play with, what they eat, if they use blankets, etc.

La gran extensión verde pertenece al Ritz-Kids Abama donde los niños juegan a fútbol y otras actividades al aire libre

In high season there can be some 80 children in the club (with 1 entertainer per 8 children) and they usually follow the programme of activities strictly (there are also slots for free time or breaks), dividing the children by age. If a child does not want to do a particular activity, they try to adapt it for them.

How to Get to the Hotel Ritz-Carlton Abama

From the south airport you have to head towards Adeje and then towards Playa San Juan/Puerto Santiago/Los Gigantes. At the roundabout take the TF-47 and after 8.7km you will find the Hotel Abama on the right.

Vista general del edificio central del Hotel Ritz-Carlton Abama

Hotel Ritz-Carlton Abama - Carretera General, TF-47, km 9 - Guía de Isora,  38687

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Final Comments from the Authors

Our summary is that the Hotel Ritz-Carlton Abama is an incredible place. It has genuinely been a real problem to choose the information which we have offered you (in trying not to make the article too long) and above all the best photos … They were all beautiful J

The hotel is very well looked after, with very charming details. You will almost certainly feel like you are in a unique, relaxing environment.

The Hotel Ritz-Carlton Abama is surely one of the best luxury hotels in Tenerife.

Preciosos detalles del cabecero de la cama de la Junior Suite
El hotel es un auténtico vergel

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Abama (as it was called by the Guanches) is a plant which is commonly found in the area. Etymologically it is believed that the word comes from the Arkan language (common in some parts of Ghana) and the meaning of it is ‘children of the earth’.

El lago interior del Ritz-Carlton Abama es simplemente encantador
Zona de la recepción del Hotel Ritz-Carlton Abama
Vista general de las Villas Tagoror

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