Holidays in Puerto de La Cruz
...Enjoy One of the Most Vibrant Towns of the North

Holidays in Puerto de La Cruz: Tenerife is famous as a beach tourism destination. 

For some years quality tourism has gone down considerably, but now the concept is recovering and this is shown in the general infrastructure on the island.

Many tourists who are keen on sun, warmth, beaches and parties head to the south of the island, and they obviously find all that and much more there. Puerto de la Cruz (in the north) offers almost the same in a pleasant location where you will spend your ideal holidays in a very authentic part of the island near the most symbolic towns to visit in Tenerife.

If what you want is to have some cheap holidays in Tenerife, El Puerto is a perfect place in the north of the island to save money and enjoy all that the town has to offer.

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Holidays in Puerto de La Cruz - Many Reasons for You to Come

You can find many places to visit in Puerto de La Cruz and nearby, as well as several attractions and things to do in Puerto de La Cruz and in the north of the island, beaches and quality accommodation at affordable prices.

Below we list you some things in favour of choosing holidays in Puerto de la Cruz:

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Holidays in Puerto de La Cruz... in the water

  • If you want to surf, we would recommend that you go to the María Jiménez and Martiánez beaches. But if you want to go to others with good waves close to Puerto de la Cruz then you should definitely go to Playa del Socorro (Los Realejos), where they have even held some international surfing competitions, and the Playa de Los Patos (La Orotava), although until they decide to improve access to the beach you should be extremely careful if you decide to go there.

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Holidays in Puerto de La Cruz... on foot

  • For walking, we would recommend the Paseo de San Telmo which connects with the avenue via El Lago – Lido Martiánez and ends up at the Martiánez beach. Few promenades on the island are as charming as this one. If what you want is to enjoy some marvellous panoramic aerial views of Puerto de la Cruz then go to the Mirador de la Paz, where tranquillity and a beautiful sunset are guaranteed.

Holidays in Puerto de La Cruz... places to visit

  • Being on the north of the island, you are very close to some of the prettiest towns in Tenerife such as La Orotava, Icod de los Vinos and Garachico. Each one has its own charms, but they are very similar in essence. The cultivation of bananas and vineyards are abundant in this area.

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Holidays in Puerto de La Cruz... touching your palate

  • The gastronomic offering in Puerto de la Cruz is wide and varied, and we would recommend that you particularly visit the area of Plazo del Charco and its surroundings. If you want to leave the tourist area then just minutes away you will find Santa Úrsula, La Orotava and Los Realejos where you can find some of the best guachinches on the island with laughable prices and flavours which excite the palate. If you have a car then even better, and in that case we would also recommend that you go to La Victoria with its long tradition of wine and large number of small local restaurants where they serve succulent plates of Canary Island food.

Holidays in Puerto de La Cruz... carnival!

  • Carnivals are the big holidays in Puerto; in particular El Coso, which is always celebrated on a Saturday in February or March, and the festival of the Virgen del Carmen, whose big day is 16th July which is when her embarkation is celebrated and the town pours into the small dock area by the beach.

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There are Disadvantages, but Nothing to Ruin your Holidays

Of course that you will not have only pros. There are also some disadvantages:

  • Especially in winter, the climate in the north has been somewhat unstable in the last few years (to do with climate change) and the temperatures at times drop to around 18 degrees centigrade. Although it must be said that the sea makes the temperature much milder and it is common to see the snow-capped Teide and the beaches full of people enjoying the sun and winter tans.
  • If what you’re looking for is a party even in the morning, and many foreigners, then you should go to the south. In Puerto local young people go out but it is an opportunity to get to know people of the island.

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Come and Spend your Holidays in Puerto de la Cruz...

We think that now you have a more realistic idea of Puerto de la Cruz, one of the first tourism locations in Europe which has been adapted to new circumstances and tastes, but which also maintains the special demeanour of its small coastal towns.

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