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Have you ever gone paragliding? Are you curious or planning to do this activity in Tenerife? I’m going to share with you about my first experience of paragliding with HappyFly Tenerife. Ever since I was young, I’ve been curious to feel the freedom of paragliding or bungee jumping. Finally, now a bit older, the courage (and Amando’s skill) pushed me to navigate the skies in the south of Tenerife.


In order to try paragliding, I got in touch with HappyFly Tenerife a few weeks before I was going to be in Tenerife. We agreed that we’d speak again a few days beforehand to decide which day would work best. I sent Amando a message first thing on Tuesday. He told me he’d checked the weather and that same day at 1pm would be a good time. Otherwise, we’d have another chance on Saturday. I didn’t even give it a second’s thought. I immediately said “Go on then! Let’s go today and then I won’t think about it anymore”.

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The weather is the deciding factor for this experience. It isn’t possible to say months or weeks in advance whether you’ll be able to do the activity – whether you can go paragliding or not will be decided on the day. It’s prohibited if there’s low cloud, and the wind is (obviously) an essential factor.

Starting the experience with HappyFly Tenerife

I only had three hours to educate myself (although I was almost there anyway 😊), prepare, take the car and go to the area near Taucho where we’d agreed to meet. I gave my son a kiss and sent a half-emotional, half-joking message to my partner... When you have to rely on the instructor and your own skill or technique don’t guarantee your safety, you can start thinking allsorts 😊


To be honest, I noticed I wasn’t feeling myself. I was a bit tense while driving south, but I was as calm as can be expected. I arrived at the meeting point at 1pm and Amando and his group were waiting for me in their van. I got in and we went off to the place where people jump from.


And Let's Fly!

I put on my helmet and Amando attached the paraglider. Then it was time to fit the harness and he started to give me the necessary instructions for the launch. It turns out that the launch is the most technical part. Within a few minutes I realised I’d have to wait until the wind was blowing in the right direction (although the instructor knew that). I’d also need to take long strides in the direction he’d shown me.


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HappyFly Tenerife will explain everything to you with no frills at the right time (in my case, when they were attaching the paraglider to me). They avoid technical terms or theory lessons that would only serve to confuse you, especially when it’s your first jump. They simply explain what you need to know so you don’t get confused.


The launch was very calm and, because there was a crosswind, we had to go sideways. Initially I found it difficult to walk because the wind was pushing me backwards. But as soon as the wind was at 12 o’clock I was able to walk forwards and jump. The truth is that by the time I realised it I was already flying – I didn’t even notice I’d started! It was the most unexpected and smoothest thing I’ve ever experienced.

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It was such a tranquil experience. If the conditions are good, you can get height on the thermals and fly under the south motorway to the golf course or beach. Nothing is guaranteed, but HappyFly Tenerife always try to give you the best experience.


The flying time depends on the weather conditions because you can fly higher and further (the beach or the golf course of Costa Adeje) if the wind is coming from the right direction. I personally thought the flight was brilliant, and the most memorable part was flying over the ravine. Flying over the motorway caused some interesting thoughts to cross my mind... But it was bearable, like everything in life 😉

The feeling of landing was more vivid than anything. It was such a fun experience and being in the air was pure tranquillity. For a first time paragliding, I’d recommend it. 


Final Comments from the Authors to HappyFly Tenerife

The experience was much better than I’d imagined, and I personally think everyone should try it. Who am I kidding though? I tackled the experience from a professional perspective, because we try all the activities to be able to recommend the best ones, as many of you know. But I’m not 20 years old anymore, and I avoid putting myself at risk ‘unnecessarily’ as much as possible 😉


Of course, if you’ve never gone paragliding before, you’re going to be at least a little nervous before jumping. But we think that the experience can be perfect with HappyFly Tenerife. I liked the personal and friendly treatment I received, the confidence that Amando gave off, and above all that I got up the courage to jump. The idea of this article is to challenge ourselves a bit more, and why not? Flying can be one such challenge in Tenerife.