Golf in Tenerife is one of the options that many visitors, from Spain and other parts of Europe mainly, take when deciding where to practice, learn or simply improve their golfing skills.

The pleasant climate of Tenerife, especially in the south of the island, the breathtaking views – surrounded by the ocean, nature, volcanoes and mountains, and the high-level structure of the golf courses, bring an excellent value for golf holidays in Tenerife, specifically, and in the Canary Islands.


Each of the golf courses in Tenerife has its own uniqueness and that’s one of the reasons why several amateurs and professionals come to the island.


About the Courses for Golf in Tenerife

In Tenerife there are 9 golf courses, all different sizes and with different features.

  1. Golf del Sur (San Miguel de Abona) is the only course on the island which offers three different courses (or 27 holes) so that you enjoy a very varied game.
  • Golf Costa Adeje is an aesthetically beautiful course where the colour contrasts and good weather are constant.
  • Buenavista Golf Course (Buenavista del Norte), a tranquil and beautiful course designed by the famous golfer Severiano Ballesteros (‘Seve’) in one of the least exploited areas of the island, transports you to another time where there is no need to rush.
  • Golf de las Americas (Playa de las Américas) is close to the Playa de las Américas resort area and is very conscientious about the environment.
  • Centro Golf Los Palos (Arona) is the ideal course on the south of the island for beginners or for improving your short game as it has hardly any slopes.

  • Real Club de Golf de Tenerife (Tacoronte) is the second oldest Spanish golf club (1932). It has lots of local wildlife and a definite incline (one constant on the island).
  • The La Rosaleda Golf Course (Puerto de la Cruz) has 9 holes, with a par of 27. It is perfect for learning and gaining confidence in your short game, as well as enjoying a chance to relax.
  • GolfTfe10Rosaleda

  • Abama Golf has spectacular views out to sea and La Gomera island, although it can be a tricky course (which makes the game more interesting).
  • GolfTfe11

    Golf in Tenerife - General Prices

    Prices vary according to the season when you choose to play golf in Tenerife. As is the case all over Europe, when the weather is cool the prices are higher (so between October and April), while they fall considerably between the months of May and September.

    If you want to know exact prices for other options, either click on the links for the courses which we have described (and visited) or feel free to check in the official websites of the golf course you are interested.


    How Does Tenerife's Climate Suit Playing Golf?

    Any time of year is perfect for playing golf in Tenerife. However, don’t forget that although the climate is favourable almost all year round (23°C on average), golf is an outdoor sport and on the island it both (occasionally) rains in the south and (more frequently) in the north.

    In general the courses on the island are booked up for 95% of the winter season (October to April) because of the consistently pleasant temperatures. But it could be a good option to maximise value for money by visiting Tenerife’s golf courses between May and September, as during those months the temperatures remain stable and don’t go much above 30°C.


    How Far From the Airports the Golf Courses Are Located?

    Tenerife has two airports, located in the south of the island – Tenerife Reina Sofia Airport, and in the north of the island – Tenerife Los Rodeos Airport. There are many connections to and from both airports to several parts of the island and the hotels well located for you to play golf in Tenerife.

    Infrastructure Offered at the Golf Courses

    Usually the courses have a Club House where you can relax, have a drink, eat while you wait or end your game by chatting about the day with your friends/colleagues.

    They also almost all have a clothes/souvenir shop and an equipment hire store, as well as a Driving Range, Chipping Range, practice area or training school.


    Most hotels offer transfers to the courses (advanced booking required), but hiring your own vehicle would offer more freedom and you’d be able to park easily in the course car parks.


    Nationalities, Playing Only Golf and Other Activities in Tenerife

    During the winter, European golfers dominate all of the courses on the island, and are mostly German, English, French, Belgian, Nordic or, more and more, Russian.

    In general, those who come to the island to play golf want to maximise the number of rounds they can play and perhaps want to try as many courses as possible to add variety to the game. If you do want to be loyal to one course in particular or to stay in one part of the island, we recommend that you buy a pass (3, 5 or 10 rounds) which most of the courses offer.


    If you want to do another sport or visit somewhere else and in doing so see a bit more of the island, you should visit ‘Things to do in Tenerife’ or ‘Places to visit in Tenerife’ to plan your holiday hassle-free in advance.

    Competitions, Tournaments and Conferences

    Many of the courses of golf in Tenerife have been the setting for big international competitions. The contrast between the courses and their surroundings is particularly eye-catching, as many of them have the sea at the bottom.


    Handicap and Course Rules

    In order to go out on the course of golf in Tenerife, you must have the minimum required Handicap (36 for women and 28 for men). You must show a certificate to prove your Handicap, as without it they may not permit you to play and you might not get your money back. We would therefore remind you not to forget that certificate.

    Each golfer is given a card with space for four players where there are details about the course, the distances (between professionals, men or women), the immovable obstructions and obstacles, the general rules and the more specific ones relating to the features of each course …


    For instance:

    • Players can be in groups of four and must dress according to international golfing etiquette (avoid denim trousers, for example).
    • Players should arrive half an hour before starting the game or they could be told off for being late and, in some cases, told to book another slot if there is availability.
    • Each club has the option of giving preference to professionals on its course.