Golf Costa Adeje
...Beautiful Views and Good Weather All Year Long

On the occasion of visiting Golf Costa Adeje we went to the interview with our son Noah. This was a challenge given he was nearly three and especially active, on top of having the innate curiosity for his age. Joni was the one who showed us the course and took us around in one of the buggies which gave us a good oversight of the whole course.

Our excellent tour guide Joni’s story is very important in that chance can take you in the direction his life has taken … he started working at the Golf Costa Adeje golf club on a temporary basis and as the years passed his position became permanent and his fondness for and dedication to this beautiful sport grew.

Golf Costa Adeje was created almost by chance and finds itself in one of the best locations on the island.

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Originally the area where this golf in Tenerife is now located was a banana plantation and the original irrigation system remains in some parts of the course as proof of that, although it has been damaged by the passage of time and one ball or another.

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Prices at Golf Costa Adeje

Prices vary according to the time of year. From May to September (low season) playing 18 holes costs €59 (€20 for juniors). From October to April (high season) playing two rounds costs €96 (€30 for children).

If you know that you will want to play on more that one day you should definitely buy a pass (prices again vary according to the time of year). You can also play either 18 holes or just 9, with a buggy or trolley, with your own clubs or rented ones … it’s always your choice.

May-Sept 2015Oct 2014 - April 2015
Championship Course (Par 72)  
Round of 18 holes€59€96
Pass for 5 rounds€250€400
Pass for 10 rounds€450€750
Round of 9 holes€35€45
Pass for 5 rounds€155€200
Los Lagos Course (9 holes - Par 66)  
Round of 9 holes€18€33
Pass for 5 rounds€80€120
2nd round for 5 rounds€10€15
Junior (-16 years old)  
Round of 18 holes€20€30
Pass for 5 rounds€80€115
Round of 9 holes€12€20
2nd round for 5 rounds€51€75
Golf classes  
30 min./1 person€35€35
50 min./1 person€50€50
50 min./2 person€60€60

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Climate in Costa Adeje

Europe is only a few hours away by plane and in winter the cold (and in many cases the snow or rain) prevent you from fully enjoying continental golf courses. For that reason Tenerife is one of the closest destinations for European golfers. The Golf Costa Adeje is one of the most visited courses in the Canary Islands thanks to its pleasant climate.

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The climate in the Adeje area is considered to be one of the best in Europe, as it has very few windy days, almost no rain and non-extreme temperatures, which all helps those wanting to play golf at any time of year.

Most visitors come from England, central Europe, Nordic countries (Norway in particular at the moment) and Russia.

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Opening Hours

This golf in Tenerife course is open every day, all year long, from 7am to 8pm.

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General Information

It is expected that a normal round of 18 holes will take about 4 and a half hours, and a quick round would be around 4 hours. And without any lakes, you will never lose your ball in the depths of one.

The vegetation around the course is international with some glimpses of native wildlife.

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It is considered to be the 7th best golf course in Spain, and very good for both beginners and professionals.

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Facilities at the Golf

There is a large outdoor parking area at the entrance to Golf Costa Adeje. The Club House is colonial style and an intense red colour. It consists of one floor where the reception and clothes shop are located. Access to the cafeteria and restaurant is very easy and is on the left as you come from the car park, and has a large terrace where you can enjoy the pleasant weather and some tasty dishes and refreshing drinks.

From the refreshments area you can get to the course without a problem. On the third floor of the main building there is a terrace with a trellis where you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the course and the Adeje coastal area. In the area to the right of the building you will find the club room, where the golf bags of those who want to leave them are kept, and the bathrooms which are large and very clean. There is a practice area adjacent to the main building.

The building is designed to be able to accommodate almost any kind of event, from golf tournaments to general celebrations.

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Courses at Golf Costa Adeje

As soon as we left the Club House we were in the electric buggy area which Joni proceeded to explain to us. Clearly our son was the most excited about the experience, and at one point he tried to drive on his own …

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The Golf Costa Adeje electric buggies have solar panels and GPS systems which tell you about the course you are approaching. It is the first golf course in Spain to use this system.

The Costa Adeje course is located in such an uneven area, which is quite common on an island like Tenerife which has a very particular topography.

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The most distinctive feature of the course is that it overcomes the unevenness of the terrain with terraces made of stones. This is a reference to the terraces used on the island (in the past and now) for farming, for growing crops like potatoes, tomatoes and bananas.

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Championship Course

The course is generally made up of grass and volcanic sand which does not affect the golfer’s game in any way. The bunkers are white sand, so in certain places the colours of the course (green, black and white) contrast strikingly with the sea, the mountains and the sky (which is cloudless almost all year round).

The design of the course is good for the average amateur golfer (who should have been playing for at least a year to fully enjoy the course), and it is attractive mainly because of its infrastructure and because its holes create a fun game which does not frustrate the golfer.

The Championship Course offers 18 holes at par 72. In general, golfers play in groups of four, which makes the game more dynamic and competitive.

Hole 4 is one of the most distinctive on the course, because of the contrast with the sea and the sky … a real visual gift. Hole 5 is also very aesthetically pleasing.

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The reason why there aren’t any fences or limits around the course is that the Golf Costa Adeje course is in a protected area.

The walk around the course is very enjoyable and pleasant, perhaps because of the air you breathe due to the proximity to the sea and wildlife, with the majestic view of the mountains and surroundings … a unique experience.

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Originally, as we have already mentioned, the course was a banana-growing area. In fact there is a little house which reminds you of that with a small garden growing bananas and other vegetables. The fruits which grow there can be collected by golfers and on certain occasions the management given some clients small gastronomic gifts (bananas, pumpkins, etc.).

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Campo Los Lagos

These 9 holes with par 33 are the most recently created and are next to the practice course. They are more technical holes, but shorter ones. The views of the sea and its 6 lakes makes the game quite attractive and fun, where those with high handicaps can enjoy more than one round of golf.

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Golf School - Practice Course

There is a practice area for beginners. This course is 45,000 m² and has three starting points at different altitudes. To get to the school you can use a lift which has enough room for a buggy, and Course C (the school) is free to use.

At Golf Costa Adeje there is also a practice bunker, two putting greens and chipping greens.

There are three professionals (who speak Spanish, English, French, German and Dutch) who will help you to learn this interesting sport or improve your level.

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Fitting Centre

This centre, which is unique in Tenerife, is on the Golf Costa Adeje practice course and allows you to change and adjust rods and irons and personalise them …

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Getting There

Access to Golf Costa Adeje is quite simple. You should take exit TF-79B and follow the signs which also lead to Royal Garden Villas which is just opposite. It is at Urbanización Los Olivos in Adeje.

Golf Costa Adeje - Finca Los Olivos - Calle Alcojora, S/N. 38670, Adeje, Costa Adeje - Tenerife

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Final Comments from the Authors

It was an unrivalled experience for us as we shared it with our son, but if we’re being honest then if you want to fully enjoy golf you should go without small children J We aren’t professionals (nor very learned in this sport), but we loved this course because of its beauty, the colour contrast and nature around the course. It is an experience which shouldn’t be missed.

A child or teenager won’t have a problem playing golf, provided they meet the minimum required handicap. Normally a golfer under 10 years old does not need a handicap to be allowed to play golf, but a child can go out on the course if accompanied by this father who is a golfer, although he must take responsibility for what goes on on the course. Age isn’t considered, just handicap. To get to the minimum handicap requires skill. After three months of practising you can go out on the course with your golf teacher.

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