La Orotava, Saturday, 9:15am ... Surprisingly, we'd already had breakfast and were ready to go out. Forestal Park Tenerife is located in the area of La Esperanza. To avoid any mishaps, we decided to go on the northern highway to La Laguna. That road is primarily used by locals to get up to Las Cañadas via Izaña or the La Tarta viewpoint.

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From the north of the island, you can get to Forestal Park Tenerife by going around Las Cañadas del Teide. When you get to Portillo, you should head for the area of La Esperanza.


The park is one hectare and is in a protected landscape area. It's a privilege for us to work/try out an activity in a place like that. But being in a protected landscape area raised a problem. It was only solved when it was understood that the management of the woodland area could orient it towards leisure.


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The area around Forestal Park Tenerife is protected land and those Canary Island pine trees were planted 100 years ago. The management are responsible for keeping the area clean, the pine needles swept, the flora, vegetation and facilities under control and, obviously, the park secure.


Arriving at Forestal Park

When you arrive at reception, they will give you a sheet with the conditions for participation. This is to make sure that you stay safe and look after any children who are with you. The instructors will get guests kitted out and fit the harnesses. Afterwards there's a talk about safety for all participants who are assembled at the same time.


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Activities started in Forestal Park Tenerife in 2012. Safety is paramount, and last year they introduced a harness system which attaches to participants' bodies in two places.


Forestal Park Tenerife has two types of trail

The family trail is made up of three parts (reaching a maximum height of 13 metres). This doesn't include the briefing, when the instructor explains how to get onto the rides and use the zip wires.


This trail is designed for children and beginners. It also suits people who aren't sure they want to do the activity or are a bit afraid of heights. There are lots of activities which get progressively higher, harder and more demanding. There's no maximum age for participation, but children have to be at least 6 years old or 1.10 metres tall.


The sports trail consists of six parts, which aren't in any particular order of difficulty. This trail includes the longest zip wire in the Canaries (at 230 metres long). It takes around three hours to complete in total, depending on your fitness level.


The first bit is an initial point of contact. The second is simple. The third is the highlight of the park, because you reach 30 metres above the ground. This is the highest point in the park - there are even some vines so you feel a bit like Tarzan. The fourth part is very technical, so it requires balance and for you to be in good shape. The fifth has the longest zip wire in the Canaries (at 230 metres long). And finally, the sixth requires you to climb a ladder and then a climbing wall above that.


Operation of Forestal Park Tenerife

100-150 people can do the activity at once during high season, although it all depends on how the trails flow. Groups are made up of at least 10 people. You have to remember that the activity can be hard at times because it operates with metal throughout. Forestal Park Tenerife usually opens at weekends and on bank holidays.


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In winter it's rarely open. Forestal Park Tenerife is at 1,400 metres above sea level and faces northeast. This means it's at exactly the altitude where a sea of clouds forms, so it can be quite cold and wet. Make sure you go well wrapped-up.


The instructor explains everything in an initial briefing. The supervisors all speak English and Spanish, and some also speak other languages, such as Italian, Russian and Romanian. Don't worry if you speak a different language – the activity is easy to explain because it's so visual. There's always a supervisor watching from the ground to make sure that the activity goes off without a hitch.

On the hour, every hour, there's a talk with an average of 35 people. The most popular times tend to be 11am, 12pm and 1pm. We recommend arriving half an hour before the time slot you've been assigned to.


Comments from the authors about Forestal Park Tenerife

We did the family trail, because it was our first time trying this kind of activity. To be honest, at first I felt a bit afraid to let myself go and jump into nothingness. But later we were really motivated to apply all our skills and improve constantly as we moved through the trail. The tests weren't particularly difficult, but some of them weren't as simple as they looked either.


Our supervisor encouraged us to try the 230-metre zip wire from the sports trail as an added bonus. It really was very exhilarating and now we're prepared to fly higher. Next time in the tirolinas bajo la luna we'll definitely do the sports trail and climb to 30 metres above the ground (without getting vertigo!). We honestly feel so excited to go back and push our boundaries a bit more.