The secret behind the curtains

Put simply, we have focused the articles on Tenerife Travel Secrets for three types of reader:

  1. Those who want to see details about accommodation and activities in photos (at least 15 per article).
  2. Someone who is looking for differentiating or unique details which can help them decide between one place and another, and can simply read the Tenerife Travel Secrets boxes.
  3. Finally, those who want to know lots of details (above and beyond the basic and obvious) and want to read a nice anecdote or two about what may have happened to us, in which case we invite them to read the whole article.

Who writes the articles for Tenerife Travel Secrets?

As you will already have been able to read in our ‘About us’ section, Fábio is from Brazil and I (Ruth) am from Tenerife. Our circumstances in life brought us together in London, and after a few trips around Europe we got married in Denmark. We have lived in Belgium (where our son Noah born) and Austria for the last few years, so clearly we have not lived permanently in Tenerife.

Obviously when writing for a website about Tenerife, we shouldn’t just base it on our knowledge, but also on our (recent) experiences, so we try to visit the paradise twice or three times a year. When we go to Tenerife, we usually spend a month and we devour information by doing visits, activities and experiences which we would like our readers to enjoy in the same way as we do. Of course it all depends on what you are expecting from your holidays and your tastes (or budget).


With Fábio being ‘foreign’ (although he already considers himself from Tenerife 🙂 ) he brings an objective point of view to the articles on Tenerife Travel Secrets. As I am from Tenerife, what the island has to offer seems to me to be the best in the world, so I need someone who can ‘keep my feet on the ground’ 🙂 You will therefore also find that small subjective touch in one way or another in the texts which we write and share with you.


What do we talk about in the articles for Tenerife Travel Secrets?

We mainly focus on what you can do in Tenerife. The island is a small land mass with a large number of activities and very varied options. As a brief example of this variety of activities and events, we invite you to periodically visit our monthly schedule where you will find out about all the activities which we know about and think that people who visit or live in Tenerife should not miss out on.


On the other hand, we only write articles, comments or descriptions (about hotels, accommodation, active tourism activities, theme parks, etc.) when we have visited or done the activities and they meet a minimum standard which allows us to support them by recommending them to you.


Tenerife Travel Secret

We always try to be very honest about our opinions and, above all, objectives. We know that, if we recommend a certain activity or accommodation, our opinion becomes the guarantee that you will enjoy it and not feel let down.

To be very clear about the concept, there is not a single activity or hotel which we have described which has not been visited in one way or another; that is our promise to you. At the time of doing the visits or stays there hasn’t been a commercial agreement with the hotels or activity companies on the island; we have simply tried to deliver everything which is interesting to us, which can offer some satisfaction, and above all which can generate a positive experience or feeling for those who try it.


Tenerife Travel Secret

We always try to be very honest about our opinions and, above all, objectives. We know that, if we recommend a certain activity or accommodation, our opinion becomes the guarantee that you will enjoy it and not feel let down.

Soon we are going to add a small symbol to help you know what time of comments you’re reading – ‘visited’ or ‘experienced’.

  • If it is "visited" then it means when we went we looked round with someone who knows the hotel or gave us an introduction to the activity described, but that because of a lack of time (on our part) we were unable to try it ourselves. The compromise is to visit it in a sort period of time.
  • If it is "experienced" then we tried that activity or stayed in that accommodation.

The Tenerife Travel Secret which are separate

The main intention when writing our comments in the Tenerife Travel Secret (in singular) is to facilitate the decision between one place and another, according to what you want from your holidays. Therefore we will put things in the Tenerife Travel Secret boxes to help you decide in a more objective way what you want to enjoy and what you will find.


Tenerife Travel Secret

In each article (or at least, we try in the majority) you will find some blue boxes, which we call the Tenerife Travel Secrets boxes, within which we try to inform you of small secrets or curious details which we often discover during our visits, stays or experiences.

In some cases we cannot reveal the secrets which we discover, but we believe that leaving some details for you to discover yourselves is interesting, and of course it is that which will make your experience truly unforgettable.


Tenerife Travel Secret

On the other hand, there are other Tenerife Travel Secret boxes (also in singular) which are in red. In this case, they are indications or recommendations which we believe you should know, but they are never secrets. They are details or common considerations which we had in mind when we tried the activity or visited a specific place.

Final comments from the authors about "How we write articles for Tenerife Travel Secrets"

The final comments always turn out as a more personal, subjective summary about what we’ve covered in the article in general. In some articles there are little anecdotes, but it is this last section where we really give our opinion.

We love Tenerife and we want you to also love it passionately and like mad. We want you to enjoy it and get to know the real Tenerife. We want you to overcome the stereotypes of sun and the beach, so that you can discover this marvellous island in the middle of the Atlantic, with many secrets to find out and share.